The Wrath Dragon is the manifestation of Naofumi and the older Gaelion's anger and resentment. After Gaelion consumes the core of the older Gaelion, the Wrath Dragon is able to manifest using Gaelion's body as a host. Although it is naturally strong since it is a fully grown dragon, it slowly drains Firo of her EXP to gain levels and it uses the power of the Wrath Series to boost it's stats. The reinforcements performed on the shield greatly increased the Wrath Dragons defensive and offensive abilities. After successfully managing to fail to reinforce his shield, Naofumi along with Sadina, Melty, and Wyndia were able to make it cough up Gaelion forcing it to flee. With thier energy exausted, the quartet didn't have enough power left to finish it off, but luckily Raphtalia arrived just in time to deliver the final blow. Found in 『Chapter 176』 of the web novel.