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Tact Arusahorun Faubley
Tact Default
Kanji/Kana タクト=アルサホルン=フォブレイ
Rōmaji Tact Arusahorun Faubley
Alias(es) Unavailable
Nickname(s) Unavailable
Race Human
Title King of Faubley
Age Unavailable
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Gold
Blood Type
Family Unavailable
Status Deceased
Occupation Unavailable

350 (former)

1 (current)

Country Faubley
Affiliation Hero of the Whip
Epithet 鞭の勇者 (Hero of the Whip)

Seven Star Claw

Seven Star Whip

Seven Star Axe

Seven Star Hammer

Seven Star Projectile

Seven Star Cane

Seven Star Gauntlet

Legendary Shield

User Unavailable
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel Volume 16
Web Novel Chapter 312

Initially Tact comes off as a stereotypical genius, and acts like a rather insufferable one at that, however during the fight for survival he reveals that he's very naïve and selfish.

Naofumi and Itsuki theorise that he is in fact a reincarnated individual, meaning his genius is most likely just a result of his previous life's memories. Ren also notes that he acts like the heroes when the first came to the world they're currently in and he shows if nothing else all of their negative traits in abundance. For example he has assembled a massive harem for himself quite similar to the behavior of the old Motoyasu and, though he never had time to actually act on it, the old Naofumi, he even goes out of his way to hurt his male enemies while avoiding hurting women and children under the idea that they're "brainwashed", and likely has no issue killing the men regardless of how mistaken he is, as like the old Itsuki he will refuse to listen when told he's wrong. He is also arrogant and prideful to the same extent at the former Ren and refuses to admit when someone is as strong or likely stronger than him, he will either say he was holding back or that they shouldn't be so arrogant to get just a little stronger. This is despite his own clear arrogance and the fact that said oponent might in fact be easily dominating him in the battle.

In battle he is very childish and quite a hypocrit, after he directly kills five Seven Star Heroes and Melromarc's queen, and indirectly, but intentionally, kills thousands of the Allied Force's soldiers, including Atlas, he complains at Naofumi for killing his childhood friend. Naofumi is quick to call him out on this, noting that Tact did nothing to protect the girl and he was dumb enough to bring her to a war zone between them to begin with, arguing that while he did kill her it's Tact's own fault she died. He at least cares enough about his harem members to shield them when Naofumi dares him to do so however.

He has no problem stealing the Legendary Weapons and Seven Star Weapons from their owners and justifies it by saying that they were unworthy of them, but in reality he appears to be the kind of person who believes high levels and good equipment are everything and he is simply hoarding them selfishly. He went so far as to attempt to conquer the world and unify it under himself for the sake of "saving it" but it's quite clear he has no interest in hearing other people's thoughts about his actions and intentions. 

Tact is a Bishonen, having a well built and in order face. His hair is gold, and his eyes are blue. He looks like a stereotypical foreigner, closely resembling the old Motoyasu.

His clothing consists of a rough jacket and pants. Under his crown is a bandana, that doesn’t fit the look. Also, his hair is cut short.

He is at level 350 and is supposed to be a genius as well as a magic prodigy. However, the genius he shows is just knowledge from his past life and he is only able to use up to Dreifach level ritual magic (no Choral or Revelation Magic). He also has the power to steal the power of the legendary weapons but it's clear, at least in the case of the Four Saint Weapons, that he can only take part of their power as when he stole Naofumi's shield Atlas notes he only got its physical form and the bare minimum of its power. Also despite stealing the Seven Star Projectile it appears that a large portion of its power was transfered to Rishia, so it's likely he can't steal all of their the Seven Star Weapon's power either. Naofumi even indicates he isn't a Hero, therefore not the Hero of the Whip at all as he claims to be, so he can't use any Hero specific abilities such as Revelation Magic, Growth Corrections, ect. Despite spending years in the world he is ultimately also quite visibly unskilled and inexperienced in battle, as Naofumi very easily overwhelmes him when he manages to erase the roughly 230 level gap between them and fight him on equal ground, to the point where Naofumi could actually take the time to look away during their fight.


  • 「Zveit Boost」 [1]
  • 「Zveit Magic」 [2]
  • 「Dreifach Firestorm」 [3]

Seven Star Claw Skills

  • 「Vanzin Claw」 [4]
  • 「Erst Slash」 [5]
  • 「Second Slash」 [6]

Seven Star Whip Skills

  • 「Bind Whip」[7]

Seven Star Axe Skills

Seven Star Hammer Skills

Seven Star Projectile Skills

  • 「Erst Throw」[8]

Legendary Shield Skills

  • 「Shield Prison」[9]

Tact was born into this world a rare super genius. Around once per generation, special people come around who greatly reform this world’s technology, commerce, magic, and many other fields.

He was born into a noble family that served the Faubley royal family, and he managed to master the art of magic at the young age of three.

When he was five, he reformed their process of making paper, and he rapidly revived the industry for book-making in this world. Because of his overwhelming talent, he was constantly surrounded by praise.

At seven, it was alchemy. He absorbed the knowledge of mechanics, and various magical fields, he graduated at the top of Faubley’s best academy, and left to be an adventurer.

He quickly made his name as an S Rank, he won the martial arts tournament in Shield Frieden.

Just before the wave hit, he was selected as the Hero of the Whip.

He has began to research transportation. Taking a design left by past Heroes, for an airplane. Creating a way to fly without using Dragons, Gryphons, or any sort of Magic.

The Rising of the Shield HeroEdit

Devil of Shield Arc c1-78

Cal Mira Island Arc c78-114

Spirit Turtle Arc c115-130

Slave Supremacy Arc c131-203

New 7 Deadly Sins c204-357

Seeing the Pig King as trash that had no right to live, Tact killed him. The only thing the king had going for him was his craftiness, so dealing with him was a bit of a challenge. He ordered the people of the castle into silence.

He tried to kill the Legendary Heroes by exploding Houou, resulting in the death of Atlas and many others.

Tact's harem army, managed to subjugate Kirin, resulting in no causalities.

Towards the Legend Arc c357-378

Side StoriesEdit

The Christmas of Shield Hero c379-385

The Valentine of Shield Hero c386-402

The White Day of Shield Hero c403-409

The Reset of The Spear Hero GaidenEdit

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc c410-414

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc c415-455

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc c456-574

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc c575-current


Tact stole the legendary shield from Nafoumi and invaded Melmorne.Following Trash's plan Nafoumi dragged him to a one to one fight showing tht Tact was indeed inferior to him and nothing more than a common boaster who steal others power.Nafoumi also showed no remorse in killing his harem members for they were on the battlefield, but Tact couldn't digest the loss of his harem, even though he killed countless(including Nafoumi's villagers) for his own delusion.

After Tact's crushing defeat, he was given the most cruel execution which involves forcing Tact to see the demises of his harem. With much agony he stares with hatred towards Nafoumi believing him to be the cause of this. Nafoumi called on his naive thoughts and watched his demise including Tact's soul demises without any shred of emotion, for Tact killed Atla and his villagers without any reason.


Nafoumi suspects that Malty given her virginity to Tact with no solid evidence. Tact resurrected her dead body with the help of Rat's rival. And decided to avenge the holy heroes for her.Malty even encouraged Tact to kill her own mother and Nafoumi's villagers.She even asked him for the execution of the four holy heroes after the conquest of Melmorne.She showed jealousy, when other Tact's harem getting close to him. When things started to go down the hill, she tried to run abandoning him, only to be caught. Loke always, Malty betrayed Tact by claiming all her action to be his brainwashing and that of her being innocent.She berated and beat him, along with other tact's harem sharing her same mindset. Finally, Tact he her true nature and curses of his fate



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