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First attained in 『chapter 133』 of the web novel, the Spirit Sacred Tree Shield gives the formula for and assists in the creation of the Medicine of Miracles, Yggdrasil. As of 『chapter 158』 the full effects of the shield were still unknown, but it seemed to have something to do with a plant. The medicine required ointment, magic water, soul healing water and a few others ingredients to be mixed together into a supernatant fluid with the toxic parts being filtered by exquisite distribution. Simplifying it, it’s sap from a Sacred Tree. The medicine could only be made once at the time due to the ingredients it costs and the risk of failure. It is so difficult to make that Naofumi could barely make one, even with the assistance of the shield. It is an extremely valuable medicine.

Absorbed Shield Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect
Spirit Turtle Sacred Tree Shield 0/40 C

Proficiency 0 『c133』 『c158』

absorbing tree like structures from the Spirit Turtle

Recipe: Medicine of Miracles


Divine Protection of the Sacred tree