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First attained in 『chapter 133』 of the web novel, the Spirit Turtle Heart Shield was Naofumi's second most powerful shield prior to that point only bested by the Spirit Turtle Carapace Shield. It has a couple of unique abilities that include 「C Magic Snatch」 and 「C Gravity Shot」. 「C Magic Snatch」 allows the user to steal magic power and 「C Gravity Shot」 is an offensive ability related to the Spirit Turtle Carapace Shield's 「Gravity Field」.

Absorbed Shield Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect
Spirit Turtle Heart Shield 0/45 C

Proficiency 0 『c133』

absorbing pieces of the Spirit Turtle's heart

HP Recovery Increase (Small)

Life Force Enhancement


「C Magic Snatch」

「C Gravity Shot」

In volume 7 chapter 15 of the light novel, ost's sends naofumi the last bit of strength she held onto, becoming the spirit turtle heart shield. By far the best shield naofumi had at that moment, surpassing even the Shield of wrath III. It even had been powered up to an extent.

Shield Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect Exclusive special effect
Spirit Turtle Heart Shield 80/80 AF

Proficiency 100

Blessing of the dragons Awakened/Unsealed Gravity field

C soul recovery

C magic snatch

C gravity shot

life-force up

magic defense (large)

lightning resistance

SP drain nullification

magic assistance

spell support

Energy Blast