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Alternative Names:

  • シルトヴェルト (Silt Welt)


Silt Welt is a country of Beast-men located in the west. It was once under the the control of four great races, the Hakuko, Genmu, Shusaku, and Aotatsu. However, after the war with Melromarc the Hakuko’s forces were greatly ravaged and they, as a race, fell from a position of authority, but they still hold some influence. Those of the Shusaku race tend to be pro Shield Hero radicals while those of the Gemu race are of the moderate faction.


The religion in Silt Welt is a sect of the Four Saints Faith, where they believe only in the Hero of the Shield.

International Relations

Melromarc’s main dispute with Silt Welt is fueled by the human superiority and Demi-Human discrimination practices in Melromarc that contrast with the Demi-Human superiority and human discrimination practices in Silt Welt. They also take issue with Melromarc for being able to summon the Heroes and struggle for control over the Shield Hero.

Balance of Power


The Hakuko were the head of the radical party, however since their king died they have quieted down, but people are wary of whether or not they’ll rise again. They were formerly the most influential race with slightly more control than the Genmu, Shusaku, and Aotatsu races.


The Genmu tend to generally side with the moderate faction within Silt Welt. They are currently one of the 3 most influential races.


The Shusaku supposed to be neutral, but some seemed to be a part of a radical faction within Silt Welt. They are currently one of the 3 most influential races.


Many of those from the Aotatsu race believe in the Dragon Faith as opposed to Silt Welt's major religion, the Shield Faith. They are currently one of the 3 most influential races.


After Melromarc summoned all four heroes a riot broke out.


Their battle abilities seem naturally high, and their movements are nice.

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