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Alternative Names:Edit

  • シルドフリーデン (Schildfrieden)


The country of Shirudo Furiden (lit. ~Peace of the Shield) is a Demi-human country where the previous shield hero met his end. It is located northwest of Silt Welt. During the time Aultcray was acting beyond his authority and trying to arrest the fleeing Naofumi on false charges, Schildfrieden started preparing for war but the Queen was able to quell them. When she was finally able to meet Naofumi she said that if he would have succeeded to make it there or to Silt Welt the princesses and nobles of various races would likely approach him and create a harem. Anything he would have asked for would have been given to him and if he wanted to conquer Melromarc, the people would have gladly taken up arms and started a war. However, like all countries and political systems, he would have been the target for "unidentified illnesses and unfortunate accidents" from various factions within the country like the last shield hero.

Shildfrieden employs a large amount of Dragons, so their relations with the Aotatsu are favorable.