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シルドフリーデン (Schildfrieden) or The country of Shirudo Furiden (lit. ~Peace of the Shield) is a Demi-human country. It is located northwest of Silt Welt.


They were furious, Melromarc summoned all the heroes against the international agreement. They were agained enraged when the Heroe refused to meet their envoys and was left dissapointed for they prepared for heros welcome, especially for shield hero.During the time Aultcray was acting beyond his authority and trying to arrest the fleeing Naofumi on false charges, Schildfrieden started preparing for war but the Queen was able to quell them. Unlike SiltWelt, they were not that much vigilant.Shildfrieden employs a large amount of Dragons, so their relations with the Aotatsu are favorable.

When Nafoumi  was denied class-up, He considered other nations, at that time Elhart, his trustworthy person recommended Shildfriden in comparrision to SiltWelt. Nafoumi to agreed upon this idea, but situation didn't favour him to go. When every thing was brought to light. Nafoumi preferred to work with Shildfrieden or Faubley, as he hoped for a better treatment and environment in comparission to the one he experienced. But, the queen convinced him to stay in Melromarc.

Nafoumi considered Shildfrieden and Faubley to be a better countries than other nations. especially in comparrison to the conservative Melromarc and radical Siltwelt. Ironically shildfrieden allied with Tact, when he claimed him to  be a choosen Hero.In a way betraying  Nafoumi when his weapon was stolen by Tact. While Siltwelt and Melromarc raised their arms against Tact.

After hearing the crushing defeat of Tact in the hands of Nafoumi, they had a sudden change of heart and a bit of a shuffling of leadership. They placed all the blame for siding with Faubley on a representative. Normally, this would provoke further conflict, but Aultcray proclaimed that fighting waves was of great importance than petty squabbles. Shildfrieden lost the confidence of the both holy and vassal weapon Heroes.They also lost the trust of other nations. Nafoumi predicted that they will tread down in near future, even if they choose to stay aloof in times of conflict.


Shidfrieden was mentioned to be a republic system of goverment with representatives.They structure of which was not mentioned. These representatives were mostly consists of nobels.They are both politically and religiously Liberal nation


Religion of Shildfrieden is not mentioned. They are mentioned to be neutral and fair in treatment to all religion and faith.But still has a deep rooted belief of shield hero, as seen in the name of their country.

International RelationsEdit


Though Melromarc treats Demi-human poorly, they  comparitively have a better relation with them unlike Siltvelt, However this relationship is strained, when Melromarc summoned the Heroes against the internation agreement. This gets worsened when the shield hero treatment was bad

Silt Welt:Edit

Though both of them are demi-human nation, they have some bad-blood which worsened, when SHildfrieden allied with Tact.


They have fairly a good relation with zetbult. some important personals trusted their daughter to the slave merchant of this nation in hopes of setting up a marriage alliance with the shield hero.As nafoumi preffered slaves as comrades,


Being the powerful nation, shildfrieden maintained a better relation with them.This continued even after Tact took control of nation.They allied with him, even if it meant standing against the original Shiel Hero.