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Overcoming one's curse allows the user to obtain even more powerful weapons that are part of the 『Blessed Series』. Naofumi, who overcame the Wrath Series after absorbing Atlas' corpse into his shield, unlocked the Shield of Compassion as a result. These weapons are similar to the Curse Series, but much more powerful and seemingly lacking the drawbacks. Although, Naofumi cannot use this series to cast Blutopfer, it immediately cured him of the consequences tied to the technique. This shield also enhances other existing shields in his possession and allows for further reinforcing methods to be applied to them.

Weapon Requirements Ability Bonus Equipment Bonus Special Ability
Shield of Compassion『c305』 absorbing Atlas ... 「Change Shield (Attack)」

「Iron Maiden」

「Meteor Wall」

Benevolent Temptation



All Resist

Spell Support


  • Despite the Shield of Compassion evolving from the Wrath series, the Sin associated with compassion is actually envy, while wrath is associated with patience.