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Sadina Default
Kanji/Kana サディナ
Rōmaji Sadina
Race Sakamata (Orca Beast-man subspecies)
Age 23
Gender Female
Eye Color Ocean Blue
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Family Iwatani Naofumi (Husband)
Occupation Fisherman
Affiliation The Shield Hero

銛の勇者 (Harpoon of the Brave)

Hero of the Harpoon

Weapon Harpoon
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel Volume 10, Chapter 13
Web Novel Chapter 157

Being a shrine maiden, she is able to use Dragon Pulse. She’s supposed to be of a race stronger than the Hakuko when in the water. Sadina found her harpoon, in the sea. It is an ornate harpoon that looked as if it were made out of coral, with a nice blade It seemed like it’d been at the bottom of the sea for a while, but it still held its shape.


She acts lazily to prevent others from getting a hold of her, but underneath that, she easily obsesses over things. To summarize, she’s someone you can’t let your guard down around. However, she is also quite caring and responsible when she has to be, and is described as everyone's "Onee-san". RaphtaliaFiro, villagers in Rock Valley, and the people in the other village hold great respect for her, although Naofumi can only see her as a loose person who likes to play around.



In her human form she appears to be like a beautiful traditional Japanese-style woman with long black hair, fair skin, and face that would rival even Raphtalia.


In her Sakamata form, Sadina is quite large in human standards but average sized for her race. She also tends to wear a loincloth.

Serious Battle FormEdit

When Sadina is serious about a battle she'll change into a brown colored monster that looks like a sea lion.


Sadina was once taught Dragon Pulse Order Magic  a long time ago. Sadina was a fisherman. Like Raphtalia’s parents, she was a wanderer who only stopped by occasionally.

During the first wave, Sadina could have escaped into the sea alone, however, she got captured when she tried to protect the children.

It was reveal that she was given divine protection by the Dragon Emperor and is a shrine maiden.

Raphtalia's father was of noble blood lineage, and Sadina was the priestess who controls its blood lineage. To be honest Raphtalia's father hated inheriting his house so he eloped with Raphtalia's mother but failed. Sadina who was helping them received a reset and various things were lost, but there was no dissatisfaction because she had gained a lot of things. She was essentially banished.

At the time of the first wave, she was unable to protect Raphtalia parents. When the wave occurred, she was far away and did not rush over. Because it was too peaceful back then, she had let her guard down. But a few days after the wave happened, she finally returned, but there was no one left in the village. She desperately looked for Raphtalia. She hoped she had surely survived. However, she as a Beastman was not able to approach the dark space of the country. Therefore she became a battle slave in Zeltbur which specializes in slaves and began looking. She was thinking of gaining some money because she had a major connection. It took too much time trying to find a slave named Raphtalia of the Raccoon species. She did find some children from the village though.


Sadina can fight both in close quarters and with magic. She can also use the a wide rage of ritual magic including self-buffing magic as well as Choral Magic. Though slower than Raphtalia, she runs at a speed greater than that befitting her level. Granny said that she was one who could master fighting by instinct so there was no real need to learn Hengen Musou anyway. She can use lightning magic on herself to forcefully increase her own reaction speed to levels equal to the Hengen Musou skill Musou Kassei. She can use echolocation to read movements, so illusion magic isn't very effective on her.


  • 「Saint Aquabolt」
    Unleashes a shining mass of water.
  • 「Faust Aquashot」
    "description here" c
  • 「Enraged Dragon’s Twin Blades」
    "description here" c
  • 「Reverse Prong Attack」
    "description here" c
  • 「Thunder Impaler」
    "description here" c
  • 「Saint Aqua Shield」
    "description here" c
  • 「Draifach Thunderbolt」
    The clouds in the sky begin to grow dark, and lightning flashes between them. The clouds gather around her outstretched Harpoon.
  • 「Dreifach Chain Lightning」
    From the tip of Sadina’s harpoon, several streams of lightning bright enough to cause permanent eye damage.
  • 「Water and Lightning Fusion」
    "Pre-prepared Choral Magic." c302

Harpoon Skills


The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc c1-78

Cal Mira Island Arc c78-114

Spirit Turtle Arc c115-130

Slave Supremacy Arc c131-203

Sadina was a slave of the Slave Merchant in Zeltbull. She was purchased along with three others from Raphtalia's village, and although she wasn't from the village, she claimed to be a wanderer who stopped by it occasionally to visit Raphtalia's parents. After the fight with the Zombie Dragon, it was revealed that she maintained her Orca beast-man appearance through magic, but her real appearance was that of a beautiful traditional Japanese-style woman with long black hair, fair skin, and a face that would rival even Raphtalia. Sadina is later identified by Gaelion as a shrine maiden (add more from c185)

Sadina would often tell the people of Raphtalia's village that if someone could beat her in a drinking contest she would marry that person. As it turns out, she is later defeated by Naofumi when he eats a Lucor Fruit. True to her word, Sadina falls for Naofumi, but she waits for Raphtalia to return from her Hengen Musou training before actively trying to peruse him.

New 7 Deadly Sins c204-357

After all the heroes come gather, around chapter 268-269 of the web novel, Sadina reveals her true background as well as her real relationship with Raphtalia and her parents. Sadina says that Raphtalia and Raphtalia's parents are her reason for living. Apparently Raphtalia's father was a high-born child from a certain hidden village within a secluded country in the east. This particular country is even more exclusive than even the most secluded countries and Raphtalia's parents ran away from it to elope. Sadina cautions Naofumi about the country saying that he should be cautious about them for they might send a priestess or unique ability user like herself to come for his or more importantly Raphtalia's life if he impregnates Raphtalia or learns too much about that country's internal affairs.

Towards the Legend Arc c357-378

Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero c379-385

The Valentine of Shield Hero c386-402

The White Day of Shield Hero c403-409

The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc c410-414

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc c415-455

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc c456-574

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc c575-current



  • Iwatani Naofumi: Sadina appreciates Naofumi for saving the children of Raphtalia's village, especially in regards to Raphtalia herself. She attempts to help him, on Raphtalia's request, to keep Atlas out of his bed, which she does vigilently. However, she herself falls for Naofumi after he defeats her in drinking alcohol, and after Raphtalia returns and she's no longer obligated to detain Atlas, she makes a move on him herself. Naofumi considers her a valuable asset, she is very powerful, reliable and experienced, even in regards to the other allies he has around him. At every attempt she makes to flirt with Naofumi however, she is turned down naturally, she's about the only one to call him out for being dense or cowardly with regards to women, at which point he counters by noting Atlas is so forward nobody could not notice it and that he's just pragmatic with the rest because fostering relationships when they're fighting the waves is dangerous for all parties involved.
    • “Sadina once said, ‘My life companion must be someone who can drink more than me! If I meet someone like that, I’ll never let them go so everyone should be prepared~” Hence, when Naofumi beat her in a drinking competition she set her sights on him.