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Kanji/Kana Unavailable
Rōmaji Roudy
Race Human
Age Unavailable
Gender Male
Eye Color Unavailable
Hair Color Unavailable
Blood Type
Status Alive
Occupation Bandit Leader
Affiliation Unavailable
Epithet Unavailable
Weapon Unavailable
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel
Web Novel Chapter 36





He and his group try to rob the Accessory Merchant and Naofumi's group only to be stripped of everything they had and their base is scavenged. c36

He and his group accidentally run into Naofumi's group again and before they realize who it is, they make known their intention is to rob them. Because he was ransacked last time, he had to merge with another bandit group and become a lackey. He gave the order to attack with a shaky voice, and he with the newer members of the bandits who didn't know of what happened last time attempted to rob Naofumi's group anyway, but once again they are subdued and stripped of everything they had and their base is scavenged. c60

He and his group try to rob Ren but Ren is able to overpower them, but Roudy escapes. He tries to collect the bounty on their heads, however when he goes to turn them in the remaining thieves claim that they are normal adventurers and Ren attacked them. They almost get away while Ren is being apprehended, but unfortunately for them Naofumi happened to be in the same town at the time with Firo and a few others and tells Firo “Enjoy your meal” implying he'll allow her to eat them. The leader of the small group quickly confesses and explains where their hideout is located on a map. c152

Bandit has an abnormally high encounter rate with Naofumi. In addition, he who was under Ren when he was devoured by his curse.

Bandit was sentenced by the country to forced farm labor after having his level reset. He had no means of fighting. He was in the middle of hard labor in order to make up for his crimes.

Bandit intended on making up for his sins, and returning to his village to live a decent lifestyle.

Naofumi got special permission from the country to take him out of the state prison, after which Bandit's had his slave rights turned over to him, and he had a contract written up. Naofumi took Bandit as a disciple.

Naofumi would specially grant him a class up, and cover raising his level. In addition, Naofumi would give financial aid to Bandit's family. Under the pretense that Bandit was hired by the country, making his folks proud.

Bandit was to target bad merchants who don’t sign in with the Merchant’s Guild, breaking the rules and regulation, sold in other’s territories, and who were backed by the moderate faction of the anti-shield coalition; who were building up wealth and power to get rid of Naofumi. Naofumi would report the routes and schedules for his merchants and peddlers. Bandit would be choosing evil merchants, and taking their cargo.

The Heroes would also go around under the pretense of getting rid of bandits. As a boss with good intuition, he’d manage the operation. If he found a troublesome subordinate or someone getting in his way, the people from Rock Valley would take care of him.

Half of the pilfered goods were used to pay his subordinates, and the other half distributed to unfortunate towns and villages.

Bandit eventually became quite famous. c259




Iwatani Naofumi Amaki Ren





After his level reset and imprisonment, Bandit became Naofumi's slave and disciple. Hence, getting the slave correction ability, and undergoing Firo's Spartan training program.


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