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  • ロックバレー (Rock Valley)

Summary Edit

Rock Valley is a village established by Iwatani Naofumi on the land that was once called Rurorona Village. Before it was destroyed, the land it was built on was Raphtalia's hometown which was a farming village near the sea under the rule of Eclair's father, but it is currently inhabited by Naofumi's slaves.

It's neighboring villages are made up of people who's homes were destroyed by the Waves or who simply wish to have The Hero of the Shield as their lord and live under his reign and protection. During reconstruction many citizens tried to take advantage of the change in power by abandoning children, more specifically demi-human children, near the village hoping Naofumi would adopt them. Similarly, many demi-human adventures would claim to have superiority while within his territory. Naofumi immediately took counter measures to ensure both things stopped.

Eclair Seaetto's father was the last lord to rule over the land before the Waves appeared. He was know to be quite wise and kind towards demi-humans.

Rock Valley became the base of operations for all of the Four Saint Heroes during the later stages of the Waves invasions, with Motoyasu starting a Filorilo farm there and Ren and Itsuki taking up temporary residence under Naofumi's, or more specifically his subordinate's, care to recover from their respective curse series.

The name, Rock Valley, came from Naofumi's own last name Iwatani, to which he complained that there were no rocks or mountains, just a sea nearby, but his complaint was overruled and the name ultimately stuck.

After the death of the mortal Naofumi it is known that Rock Valley became a country of rather large renown and influence, with descendants of Kial becoming the guardians of the God Tree Naofumi created, and was disgusted by, and Raphtalia's descendants becoming royalty.  


Naofumi started instating small taxes in the village. For Imia's Uncle’s workshop, miscellaneous costs relating to weapons and armor, maintaining Rat’s equipment, procuring medicine, and a lot of other things have cut it by quite a bit.