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Naofumi had Imia make peddling clothing. Kiel and the others have good faces, so Naofumi thought of making them wear nostalgic Maid outfits, or some clothes that have niche audiences when they go out peddling. The reception was quite good, and earnings increased.

The sight of Naofumi's Demi-Humans travelling the country while peddling has left behind a good image. People are forgetting past prejudices, and learning that Demi-Humans and humans can cooperate to overcome the wave.

Though not as fast as Firo, Motoyasu's Filo Rials are quite fast, so they’re starting to take over the Caterpilland’s jobs. It seems the Philo Rials became more loveable, and sales increased.

Using a relatively cheap Prairie Schooner, Naofumi started his peddling enterprise.