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Geographic Location Edit

The village is located near the harbor used to visit to Cal Mira. As people used to live there, the ground is relatively level and ready for agriculture. The village is on the sea, and if you walk a few hours from it, you can reach the mountains.

Camping Plants Edit

A Bioplant that is able to act as a house. These were first used to provide housing for the large influx of slaves coming to the village, and this would speed up the building process. Flowers bloom to form an effective roof, and as long as they give a specific layout, the plant can take on the form of any building.

The flowers absorb light during the day, and can emit magic light at night if needed. They were built to be easily cleared with herbicide and rebuilt if they got in the way. This makes them exceedingly easy to manage.

The slaves had high adaptability, so they readily moved into the dangerous-looking house.

Naofumi planned to use them for temporary lodging, but Kiel enthusiastically claimed a house as her own.

The plants have been altered to take certain commands from Naofumi, and he can create a passageway anywhere. Only he and Rat know of it. It’s a secret function.

The plants have started to become like a forest encircling the village.

Emergency Modification, Door CreationEdit

The plants can be instructed to create a door.

Facilities Edit

Rat's Lab Edit

Rat’s lab, is a large building made of Camping Plant. It’s quite spacious, and has two floors. There is something like a sports playing field inside it as well. She had brought lab equipment with her from the start, so the the lab is now usable. Somehow, the amount of test tubes she has been steadily increasing. Inside of them, various things are floating.

Various magic tools and machines, as well as many large test tubes were liberated from the rebels by Naofumi's forces and given to Rat.

Sadina's Secret Base Edit

The island doesn’t look particularly big. It looked kinda like a crescent island. Sadina lives in a cave-like area. The structure is man-made, and even has windows. This place is regularly maintained, so it should be able to stand against storms.

Like a pirate’s treasure house, Sadina’s secret base is littered with stuff. Gold and Silver, isn’t in high quantity, but there seems to be quite a few magical tools. Sadina brings back items that seem to be worth money to Naofumi, but it looks like these miscellaneous items remain. The amount of money her salvaging has brought him is enough to cover the price he bought her for several times over.

Gaelion's Territory Edit

The territory was originally Firo's , without Naofumi's knowledge, however, due to Ren's house arrest, Gaelion used dragon sanctuary on the area to prevent Ren from using his transfer sword.

Philorial RanchEdit

First built after Gaelion established his territory in the village. It was a small barn built for Piyo, outside of Gaelion's range. Later. on when Motoyasu began raising an massive amount of Phiorials.

Residential Area’s Dining HallEdit

Naofumi installed an auto cooking function into the residential area’s dining hall. With the push of a button, it can instantly make pre-set dishes. The menu is a bit lacking, but at least it’s edible.

Private Residences Edit

Naofumi's HouseEdit

Firo's RoomEdit

Firo was given a room. Naofumi originally thought a Philorial barn would be better, but since Firo had wanted it, it couldn’t be helped. Children’s toys and bright things are scattered all over the place. It looks just like a little kid’s room. Eggs were seen lying around. There seemed to be a bone lying in the middle of her nest. This bone was dragon-ish.

Ren’s Camping PlantEdit

Ren’s RoomEdit

It’s a clean, bare room with a desk and a bed. Imia’s Uncle also taught him some smithing, so there are some broken swords and ores scattered around. On the desk is a notebook he seems to be using to practice writing.

Motoyasu’s Camping PlantEdit

Motoyasu's house is built away from the village, next to the Filo Rial Ranch. He lives there with his initial three. It’s quite a big building. It was designed by Naofumi himself. Though it’s just a temporary Camping Plant-based house.

The entrance leads to a mixed living room and kitchen. It’s much tidier than expected. And from the shared living space, the house divides into four rooms. Each room had something drawn over it: a red feather, a blue feather, a green feather, and finally a spear, each room being assigned individually.

For some reason, there are three sets of locks on Motoyasu's door. Inside is an exceedingly ordinary room, though there are a few Filo Rial goods here and there. It seems there’s no bed, because Motoyasu sleeps while cuddling with Philorials, so a bed is unnecessary. The room is much narrower than the one Naofumi designed in the house’s construction plan. There is some sort of secret passage.

Motoyasu’s hidden room, is colored with Firo. The walls are covered with hand-drawn pictures of Firo, and they even extended up to the ceiling. On a desk is a large stack of notebooks. Scattered around them are drawings of bird form and human form, all forms of Firo. Every corner of the room is sprinkled with Philorial feathers, and their is a life-sized Firo stuffed doll (Philorial form) that has a life-sized Firo stuffed doll (Human Form) on top. The doll’s stuffing seems to be Firo’s molted feathers. The whole room smells of Filo Rial.

When opening the books, a high pitched squeal can be heard from behind. Inside, sketches of Firo are closely packed together. The book collection includes Ero Doujin based on Firo, even one for her bird form. What’s more, his skill is amazing. The male character in these is Motoyasu, and there are tentacle ones as well. This is most likely where Motoyasu keeps all of his pent up desires.

Itsuki & Rishia’s House Edit

The place seems to be cleaned regularly. The rooms are decorated with weapons and armor, and it gives off the impression of an adventurer’s house. Inside of the bedroom is a single large bed. So, they sleep together. It is an ordinary house without anything out of place.

Atlas & Fohl’s House Edit

It looks really well taken care of.

Fohl’s RoomEdit

There’s only a table and a well-made bed haphazardly shoved in the room.

Atlas’s RoomEdit

It somehow explosively full of stuffed animals. There doesn’t seem to be any one special animal that stands out either. It gives off a fancy feeling. Pink wallpaper hung on the walls. There’s not much evidence that the bed was used. Something seems to be floating in the air in this room, like a girl vibe for instance.

Lemo ResidencesEdit

The Lemo created their residences under the village. Despite all the building down there, it hasn’t collapsed even once. For some reason none of the doors are locked.

The other earth slaves all seem to have some kind of special belongings. Much like Firo’s room, despite having been cleaned, they are all a bit dirty.

Imia’s RoomEdit

The inside of Imia’s room is full of drawings of clothes. A dressmaking model stands in one corner, serious work already put into the project it displayed. Some sunglasses Naofumi had made were hanging in the room.

Kiel's Camping Plant Edit

The first camping plant ever made.

Kiel's RoomEdit

Her diary, is full of things like what delicious foods she ate that day, or who she ate with. It’s full of that kind of stuff.

Windia's Residence Edit

She has a very organized room. All of my monsters are cataloged and organized in books by size, shape, and personality, with details written very meticulously on each page.