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Alternative Names:Edit

  • リユート村 (Riyuto Village)


Ryyuuto Village is a small village with only one Inn around with a fee was one silver coin per night. The monster material merchants (those who buy and sell monster materials) drop by this place only once every two days. The village lacks a medical shop, so it is necessary to sell cheaper medicine directly to the villagers in order to compete with the castle town's pharmacy imports. Even though they are somewhat isolated they are still able to keep up with important happenings and rumors like The Devil of the Shield's misdoings. There are monsters, medical herbs, and lumber that are easily accessible around town. And that's the gist of it.

The location of the town is relatively close to the formation of the 2nd wave during which Naofumi defends many of the villagers saving their lives. Some of them turn out to have relatives in Melromarc's Castle Town who end up helping him in compensation for his deed.