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Rishia Ivyred
Rishia Default
Kanji/Kana リーシア=アイヴィレッド
Rōmaji Rishia Aivireddo
Alias(es) Unavailable
Nickname(s) Unavailable
Race Human
Title Fallen Noble
Age Around 14 (WN)

17 (LN)

Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Green
Blood Type
Family Noble Parents
Status Alive
Lv. 1-100+
Country Melromarc
Affiliation The Bow Hero

The Shield Hero

Epithet 投擲具の勇者 (Projectile Hero)
Weapon Speckle Rapier (former)

Seven Star Projectile (current)

Media Debut
Manga Chapter 33
Light Novel Volume 5, Chapter 6
Web Novel Chapter 94


---Rishia Ivyred

Rishia first appears during the final companion exchange with Itsuki. She belongs to the house Ivyred, a fallen noble family, according to the queen. She is describe as very child-like by Naofumi and seems to lack a definitive role in her group of companions. She plays the roles CQC, Attack Magic, Healing, and Support. In chapter 109 of the web novel Rishia is accused of breaking Itsuki's bracelet he got from the Swindling Merchant which deeply upsets her. Everyone in the party including Itsuki shuns her out of the party to which she responds by trying to commit suicide only to have Firo save her. Naofumi is outraged that she is being falsely accused and asks her to join his party in order to become stronger. She hesitantly does so for Itsuki's sake. She is level 68 when she joins the party so in order to compensate for her lower level she is asked to wear the Penguin Plush.

Naofumi asks her to consider being a slave for the sake of his Slave Growth Correction ability. He also learned of a way to reset her level/stats/class up choice from the queen to which he also offered to do for her. After considering it heavily, she decides to trust him and become a slave. Soon after accepting, a High-class slave crest was engraved on Rishia’s chest. Just like Bitch, after a while it turned invisible. After checking her stats Naofumi noted that although she was level 68 her stats where nearly 1/5 of Raphtalia's.

Originally a daughter of a fallen noble upon being saved by Itsuki, which led to her extreme devotion to him. Upon entering his party she was at the lowest position of the hierarchy and tried to forcefully acquire power against her original potential ruining her growth. After being framed she became suicidal and was then saved by Naofumi, she then seeks new strength to return to Itsuki's side, but remains nervous in the presence of others, using the expression "Fuee" whenever startled or nervous.

Risha scares easily and she is a klutz. 

Rishia was a fallen noble who even had to sell herself into slavery for the sake of money. And the one who saved her from such despair was Itsuki. He became her goal. Her aspiration. Though she did lose to it once and jumped into the ocean, you could also say that she had enough willpower to do such a thing.

Rishia appears to be around 14 years old. Giving off somewhat of a childish feeling. She looks to be brought up well, and her genes look good. She’s petite and doesn't seem suitable for combat.

Rishia was the daughter of a fallen nobleman of House Ivyred. Her family had little money and just barely scraped through. The village they lived in was ruled by a Noble family that was obtaining their funds through illegal means and Rishia’s parent tried to sabotage their operations. But all of their money was secretly taken by those people. All the villagers who also raised complaints against the noble family were silenced. Then, as Rishia’s family had no money left to pay taxes, the Noblemen proposed that they could give Rishia in place of money. They threatened that they would kill her family if her parents didn't comply.

That evening, Itsuki and his companions infiltrated the Villainous Nobles’ Mansion and used the authority of the Hero to put an end to their dealings and save Rishia. Rishia felt greatly in debt to her saviors, and decided to join Itsuki’s party.

According to Risha she has never had any talents, if she had to pick something, magic is her specialty, but Itsuki prefers members who take the vanguard, so when classing up she selected a class with higher close-combat skills. So because she has ignored her strengths and focused on her weaknesses she has been unable to improve. Rishia fights very clumsily. When I think she would stab the enemy with a sword, she recites magic and casts recovery on someone who is injured. She can use all types of Magic and is quite resourceful. She can use a sword, cast magic and preform healing. Rishia was able to break the level cap. By concentrating chi on her eyes. Rishia can see the flow of the energy. The Instructor was so impressed by her enthusiasm that she taught her the Peerless Transformation Style. Rishia excels at maintaining Peerless Activity for a long time. She is capable of Elemental magic, a synthesis of fire, water, earth, and wind magic. It’s apparently hard to control, and there are few people with the necessary magic attributes to use it. The Magic Shopkeeper tried hard to get Rishia to learn it. She said that there were very few people with the potential to use it. But, it is the perfect magic for the Jack of All Trades, Rishia.


  • 「Faust Hiding」[1]
  • 「Zveit Elemental Blow!」[2]

Hengen Musou SkillsEdit

  • 「Binding Thrust」[3]
  • 「Musou Kassei」[4]
  • 「Spiral Slash」[5]
  • 「Circle!」[6]
  • 「First Stance, Sun」[7]
  • 「Second Stance, Moon」 [8]
  • 「Third Stance, Star」[9]
  • 「Fourth Stance, Devil」[10]

Seven Star Projectile SkillsEdit

  • Instant Throw (エアストスロー)[11]
  • Second Throw (セカンドスロー)[12]
  • Dritte Throw (ドリットスロー)[13]
  • Tornado Throw (トルネードスロー)[14]
  • 「Erst Throw」[15]
  • 「Zweit Throw」[16]
  • 「Tornado Throw」[17]
  • 「Rolling Spin」[18]

Cal Mira Island ArcEdit

Chapter 78 to 114

Part of Itsuki's crew, but is pretty much the party's pack mule and errand girl. Gives Naofumi information regarding Itsuki's strengthening methods. Itsuki and his party ostracize her for being weak and kick her out of the party while accusing her of breaking Itsuki's bracelt. Joins Naofumi's party after being rescued by Firo after trying to commit suicide via jumping off the boat into the sea. She agrees to become a slave.

Naofumi begins to call her out on her "Fuuueeee" shit. She helps Naofumi fight the Spirit Turtle and gains a bit of confidence but still "Fuuueeee"s pretty often. When the hourglass stops and wave is pushed back 3 1/2 months it's time for her to return to level 1. Her stats barely decrease though. She levels with Firo. She's like level 20ish I think at this point.

Spirit Turtle ArcEdit

Chapter 115 to 130

Slave Supremacy Arc c131-203

Levels with slaves. She's level 28ish I think c137

She's left in charge of the the village’s management and level raising while Naofumi is away pedaling. c139

She is up to level 35 but Naofumi wants her to class up with the others so he says she might have to wait for the others to catch up. c140

Rishia reaches level 40 and is able to class up. Naofumi informs her and the rest of the slaves of the way Raphtalia and Firo classed up and explained that they didn't have a choice in which direction their class up too them, but since they gained stats superior in all fields to most other class ups so it all worked out in the end. He then asked if she would like to do the same at the cost of her choice in direction of the class up to which she declined. c144

She classes up into a "Universal" type as contrasted to her previous choice that focused on close combat with the hopes of becoming part of Kawasumi Itsuki's meat shield rather than directly assisting him. All of her stats grew higher, but not that high in comparison to Raphtalia and Firo's that nearly doubled everything with the help of Firo's ahoge. c145

New 7 Deadly SinsEdit


Towards the Legend ArcEdit


The Christmas of Shield HeroEdit


The Valentine of Shield HeroEdit


The White Day of Shield HeroEdit


The Reset of The Spear Hero GaidenEdit

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc c410-414

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc c415-455

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc c456-574

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc c575-current


  1. It is a low level concealment magic. The range is her, and one other person. The time limit is one minute. The magic calls forth a rain of leaves that wash over them, and cause them to become invisible.
  2. A rainbow mass of light. It gives off a feeling like the Rasengan, which involves a sphere of wind.
  3. description needed
  4. description needed
  5. description needed
  6. The wielder twirls his or her rapier in a full circle, and the blade makes a high shriek as it passes through the air. All projectiles fired at the wielder are mowed down.
  7. The wielder emits light as he or she thrusts her rapier at the opponent. Giving a super-divine power up.
  8. description needed
  9. A consecutive stream of attacks imbued with chi rivaling Female Knight’s multilayered attacks.
  10. The wielder walks towards the opponent, swinging his or her rapier in wide arcs. The tip of the sword glows, leaving black tracks in the air. It an attack that inflicts Blind.
  11. description needed
  12. description needed
  13. description needed
  14. description needed
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  16. description needed
  17. First, Rishia throws three weapons each take on different shapes. A knife, a hatchet, and a short spear. The weapons circle the opponent at a high speed, starting up a whirlwind. It blowing away black aura.
  18. After pouring Chi into it, Rishia throws her weapon at the opponent.