Title Adventurer
Gender Female
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood Type
Status Unknown
Occupation Former Adventurer
Country Melromarc
Affiliation Spear Hero
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1 Side Story
Web Novel none

Rino is a minor character in The Rising of The Shield Hero introduced in a side story of Volume 1she is a small time adventurer whose other details remained trivial.

Background Edit

Rino was a small time adventurer in Melromarc and one of the many, many women Motoyasu flirted with and invited into his party, she accepted this invitation, which ultimately decided her fate.

Personality Edit

Rino is a nice but entirely too trusting girl, when the Spear Hero, Motoyasu, flirted with her she responded enthusiastically and was even more enthralled when he revealed his identity. She ultimately took up his invitation to join his party.

Compared to Malty and the other two girls, Rino actually was quite shocked by their attitudes and couldn't quite understand why they acted the way they did, such as cheering Motoyasu on instead of helping him fight. She also was entirely too gullible and was easily tricked by Malty's lot and sold as a slave, after which Malty simply reported to Motoyasu that she "felt she didn't fit in.

Role in Plot Edit

The Devil of Shield Arc Edit

Rino joins Motoyasu's party after he flirts with and invites her, however she is quickly shocked by the other girl's disposition, as in they'd rather be Motoyasu's cheerleaders than his comrades. Finally, Malty tricked her and sold her to a slave shop at the end of the day and told Motoyasu that Rino left because she felt that she didn't fit in.

Sometime later as Motoyasu is walking through an alleyway he hears her voice, but fails to recognize it due to his delusions preventing him from noticing things that would be bad for his image of his surroundings(refusing to believe his comrades would've sold her as a slave), even when she calls out for help Motoyasu simply assumes it's a professional prostitute acting out someone's fantasy because of the sounds coming from the room and the nature of the shop it's coming from.Her fate after which remained unknown, but she sure to have a dreadful path of suffering and pain.

Trivia Edit

  • Rino's only appeared is a side chapter in the Light Novel version. The side chapter is use to show:
    • Motoyasu's naivety (which turns out to be self-deluding wilful ignorance and not plain idiocy)
    • Malty's sheer villainy (selling a naive girl as a sex-slave, just cause she doesn't want her to be around).
  • She also helps allude to the possible fates of the men and other women who "didn't fit in" with Motoyasu's party according to Malty, with her own fate serving to imply that they're either dead or worse if they did not choose to willfully leave the party before Malty simply got rid of them.