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Ratotil Anthreya
Kanji/Kana ラトティル=アンスレイア
Rōmaji Ratotiru Ansureia
Nickname(s) Rat
Race Human
Age mid-twenties
Gender Female
Eye Color Unavailable
Hair Color Platinum Blonde
Blood Type
Family Unavailable
Status Alive
Occupation Alchemist
Lv. Unavailable
Country 'Unavailable
Affiliation The Shield Hero
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel
Web Novel Chapter 149

Rato is a first described as an Alchemist Master by the Queen and as a Mad Alchemist who focuses on monster experimentation by the Slave Merchant. She is known for causing many problems in Foburei, but she claims that those who were too incompetent to understand her research fabricated lies and exaggerated her mistakes to turn it into something bigger than it really was, like any typical mad scientist character. She tends to jump sporadically from project to project depending on what grabs her interest similar to a certain Tailor.

Rato is said to be a maniac. She is the type of person that gets overly enthusiastic when it comes to research and will do anything and everything necessary in order to further it.

Her ideologies contain multiple contradictions. Discrimination is bad, but turning monsters into weapons is Okay. She wants to modify monsters to be stronger. Leaving the question does she like monsters or hate them?

She has long platinum blonde hair and tanned skin. She seems human based on her appearance and seems to be in her mid-twenties. What stood out stands out most is that she gives the impression of a sultry young lady in a white coat. In addition, Rat has large breast.

The reason she researches monsters and alchemy is because she spent her childhood learning about the science and devoted her life it so she could give power to monsters that came to her of their own accord. For that goal, she has traveled the land and studied various monsters. She has learned and assimilated various sciences and magics. Some may consider it illegal.

With the support of her rival alchemist, Tact exiled Rat from Faubley. The reasons being that their areas of study clashed, so it was quite a trial. His research and Rat’s contradicted one another. She objected to his idea of the airplane, and asked why he couldn’t just use Flying Beasts, or Gryphons.


  • 「Faust Guard」


The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc


Cal Mira Island Arc


Spirit Turtle Arc


Slave Supremacy Arc

When she is first introduced she immediately probed Firo’s body thoroughly. When Firo resisted she backed away and threw a needle at her which was able to subdue her momentarily. Unfortunately Naofumi intervened and stopped her from going any further. Thinking of the possible benefits Naofumi considered recruiting her to his village, but first he asked for her modus operandi to which she responded “My aim? It’s to create powerful monsters of course”. c149

She elaborates on what she meant by "to create powerful monsters". She argues that monsters are discriminated against because they are weak and that they are just as good if not better than humans if they are treated as companions able to combat the Waves of Calamity. In creating strong monsters she will be able to prove such a thing. Hearing that, Naofumi decided that she would likely be beneficial so he said he would allow her to stay and study in the village if she became his slave to which she unhesitatingly agreed, in order to gain Naofumi's trust. c150


World's End Arc


Towards the Legend Arc


Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero


The Valentine of Shield Hero


The White Day of Shield Hero


The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc


Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc


Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc


Loop 6 - Foburei Arc







  • She likes people to hold high expectations of her.
  • She has a strong dislike for dragons.

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