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The Pride Series is one of the two sets from the Curse Series claimed by Itsuki. He was revealed to have the pride series in 『Chapter 241』 of the web novel, but the second series was revealed in 『Chapter 244』 of the web novel. After destroying a part of the seal for the spirit turtle and being abandoned by his comrades, Itsuki became emotionally unstable and started fighting in the tournament in Zeltbull for praise. He was later contacted by Witch and persuaded to become a lab rat in order to create replicas of the legendary weapons under the pretense that his new power gained through the curse series was too much for his body to handle so he would rest in a test tube filled with a strange liquid. There was once success, the Dagger of Mob Mentality, that fed off of Itsuki's curse series.

The Bow of Pride's 「Rechtfanatiker!」 cause Itsuki's eyes turn red and begin to give off a suspicious light; then, miasma envelops his body, forming a winged, full-body armor reminiscent of an angel but some parts here and there seem demonic in design. The bow's 「Alleinherrschaft!」 creates countless orbs of light that scatter from Itsuki's body. The orbs take on lion-like shapes in the sky and rain down endlessly upon the target. Like Naofumi and Ren, Itsuki gains access to a torture device with his curse, his being called「Phalaris Bull」which create and locks the target in a giant metal bull, which then fills with fire, or something. 

After using the Curse Series' arms he becomes apathetic, loses his sense of both pride and justice, and unconditionally complies to any order he is given.

Weapon Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect
Bow of Pride 『c241』 Explosion of emotions equivalent to the destruction of one’s heart 「Rechtfanatiker」



  • Rechtfanatiker is german for "Right Fanatics".
  • Alleinherrschaft is german for "Autocracy".
    • Alleinherrschaft may me the second part of the skills name, the first being Gerechtigkeit meaning justice in german. This would make the skills full name Gerechtigkeitalleinherrschaft, "Justice Autocracy".