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Pope Design
Kanji/Kana Unavailable
Rōmaji Unavailable
Race Human
Title Pope of the Three Heroes Church
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Country Melromarc
Affiliation Three Heroes Church Radical Faction
Weapon Legendary Weapons Replica
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 14
Light Novel Volume 3
Web Novel Chapter 70

The Pope of the Three Heroes Church masterminded many events, and tried to kill all of the heroes. He believed that the summoned Sword, Spear, and Bow heroes were false prophets and that the Shield Hero was inherently evil.

Taking advantage of the queen's absence, pope proposed the idea of summoning the Heroes for the waves.before which he killed the queen's right hand man who happens to be Eclairs's father, so that the authority rest with Trash, who was at the time gullible. In wn, When Eclairs steeps into stopping the slave hunters from capturing Demi humans, She was branded as of having the Demi-Human Blood and also brainwashed by the shield demon and was almost executed.

He wasted no time in spreading rumors about the Shield hero being the worst and the false claim of raping his comrade throughout the nation, even-before Nafoumi himself came to know about it.He continued his idea of spreading the rumors by setting up fake Shield Heroes to do various crime.But Nafoumi by this time went across the nation to peddle for money, under the guise of Holy saint. Nafoumi was recognized for his activity of the holy saint and people begin to doubt the church's teaching.Sme even begin to stand up for him.The other holy heroes also caused many problems which ultimately shook the belief of the people.After the third wave Nafoumi emerged victorious, causing him and his followers more anxious. They finally plotted to kill the second princess and pin it on Nafoumi. They even proclaimed the supporters of Nafoumi to be brainwashed and convinced the other heroes to kill him.They used the shadows of their support to inform the other heroes of his location.after some suspicion, Ren and Itsuki begins to suspect and started their own investigation, leading the pope to annihilate them first. Later, informed Motoyasu that Nafoumi killed them both leading to a fight between Nafoumi and Motoyasu.

He finally revealed himself and tried to kill them with his twisted logic, but was surprised by the arrival of the other heroes who thought to be dead. But still overwhelmed them, Until Nafoumi used his shield of wrath to kill the pope. After this incident, the queen proclaimed the the ban of the church of three heroes and to follow the new religion of Four holysaint and tasked them to correct all the rumors the previous pope spread about Nafoumi. But, it failed to spread as much as the bad rumors about Nafoumi did.The queen speculate that they didn't kill Nafoumi in the beginning to avoid war with the world and hoped to carry out the murder after the other heroes were strong enough.Due to the Naivity of the other three heroes they thought of controlling them and use them, but failed. He gets his way by making the demi-humans and shield Hero as a mutual enemy. His actions not only put his entire nation but also the world in crisis. His followers escaped their sentences, during the spirit tortoise incident and still continued their extremist action to fulfil Pope's dream, only to fail and executed in open.

He has a twisted personality. He preaches and believes anything of his convenience.He is a fanatic and so are his staunch followers.He made an ambitious plan, in regards to the kingdom.He was going to any extant to defend his preaching of framing the heroes.For whatever reason, he did try to be fair with the holy water trade with Nafoumi.He used his deep connection in the nation to do away with the authority over the kingdom.He was so narrow minded that he calls all of his actions as the will of God. When wielded the replica of the legendary weapon, he proclaims himself the God and any one opposing him as evil.He also claims that his followers who died in the fight against shield hero to be a gifted one of reaching Heave, even though he tried to avoid such fate.After seeing his followers constantly rises from the defeat and pain, he suspects the Pope of brainwashing them and using them.

Legendary Weapons Replica SkillsEdit

Sword Form

  • A shock-wave is produced when it is swung
  • Phoenix Blade:
    Phoenix takes flight from the Pope’s sword. c7-

Spear Form

  • Brionac:
  • Stance of Heaven and Earth Reversal:

Bow Form

  • Hide Arrow:
    The skill creates a large amount of illusion copies of himself. c7-

Shield Form

  • If he changed the replica weapon to a shield to receive Naofumi’s attack, then perhaps his life would have been saved.

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