While ascending the mountain that has turned the land into nothing but barren rock because of the decaying Gaelion near East Village in 『chapter 43』, Naofumi absorbs many poison type monsters they are attacked by. Because of the Chimera Viper Shield already giving a "Poison Resistance" ability all the should be "Poison Resistance" bonuses were displaced. Unfortunately it was not specified what they became.

Shield Requirements Equipment bonus
Poison Tree Shield 『c43』 absorbing Poison Tree remnants unspecified status up
Poison Frog Shield 『c43』 absorbing Poison Frog remnants unspecified status up
Poison Bee Shield 『c43』 absorbing Poison Bee remnants unspecified status up
Poison Fly Shield 『c43』 absorbing Poison Fly remnants unspecified status up

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