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After the Revival Festival, Naofumi met with Melty to find out how much profit they had made. When he was was laughing to himself while holding a sack full of gold, the New Seven Sins were unlocked and he suddenly felt dizzy ultimately fainting while feeling a dark power coming from the Shield corroding his emotions and overcoming him. This series is loosely based on the "New" Seven Deadly Sins which includes genetic modification, human experimentation, polluting the environment, social injustice, causing poverty, drug abuse, and financial gluttony.

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Naofumi unlocked this series by experiencing all of the "new" Seven Deadly Sins firsthand. He modified the Bio Plant (genetic modification), accelerated the slave's growth with his shield (human experimentation), used the Wrath Series multiple times who's flames which scorch and curse the earth (polluting the environment), tends to use people for his own gain (social injustice), robs the bandits multiple times (causing poverty), compounds the potentially addictive Yggdrasil Medicine (drug abuse), and finally indulges himself in hoarding unnecessary amounts of gold during the festival (financial gluttony).

Along with the large equipment bonuses and special effects that this shield grants Naofumi, he was also turned into a megalomaniac bent on molding the world to his newly formed ideal. Using the new abilities gained through the shield, Naofumi collects those seeking power as well as those that agree with his ideology and escapes from the "Fake Raphtalia" and Rock Valley in a Floating Sky Fortress created from a modified a Bio Plant. Unfortunately for this new, confident side of him, Naofumi still retains a psychological dependence on Raphtalia's approval and companionship which leads him to create Raph-chan in an attempt to "resurrect" Raphtalia.

Shield Requirements Equipment bonus True power Special effect
Shield of the New Seven Sins (Awakened) 0/0 UR『c272』 experiencing all of the "new" Seven Deadly Sins 「Equipment bonus」

「Gene Modification」

「Human Experimentation」

「Social Injustice = Slave Labor Ability Increase」

「Curse of Poverty」

「Prosperity of Excess Depravity」

「Narcotic Compounding」

「Taboo Alchemy Techique」

「Forbidden Sorcery」

「Study of Seals」

「Cooking of Seals」

「Sleep Mechanical Engineering」

「Core of Magical Science」

sealed 「Bio-Custom」

「Logic of Life」

「Dragon Pulse Contol」

「Magic Up」Emergency Convening」

「Alchemic Correction」

「Harvesting Limit Breakthrough」

「Rapid Growth Supplement」

「Pharmacy Skill Increase」

「Alchemy Skill Increase」

「Ore Creation」

「Magic Gem Production」

「MP Recovery (Extra Large)」

「SP Recovery (Extra Large)」

「EP Recovery (Extra Large)」

「Cooking Skill Increase」