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Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu Anime

Motoyasu Default

Kanji/Kana 北村元康
Rōmaji Kitamura Motoyasu
Alias(es) キタムラ=モトヤス
(Kitamura Motoyasu)
Race Human
Title Legendary Hero
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 170 cm
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type
Status Alive
Occupation University Student (former)

Legendary Hero

Country Alternative Japan
Epithet Spear Hero
Weapon Legendary Spear
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 2
Web Novel Chapter 2

Kitamura Motoyasu is the spear Hero and one of the four Holy Hero summoned in Melromarc.

Motoyasu is likely the friendliest of the four Legendary Heroes, however, he is incredibly naive and gullible. He is generally a nice person however he is easily fooled by women which causes him anguish. He will listen to anything a woman says without any shred of evidence. When Malty framed Naofumi for rape, despite the fact that she had stolen his money and clothes were given both to Motoyasu, he completely believed her claims and became openly hostile towards Naofumi in her defense.

He is also quite a flirt and a skirt chaser who asks both Raphtalia and Filo to leave Naofumi and join his party the instant he meets each of them. but quick to admit Raphtalia was right to scold him for flirting with her when they were doing a party exchange. He seems to be incapable of believing any woman capable of doing wrong or being evil, heartless or manipulative, and was shocked when the Queen of Melromark cleared Naofumi's name.

He later acts on his own in trying to save Raphtalia and Filo, without their consent, to free them from being Naofumi's slave. Raphtalia is quick to point out the of his actions here.

He is shown to be self-deluding, wilful ignorance and not plain idiocy.He only hear what he wanted to hear and ignored what upsets him. He refused to believe anything otherwise. Example for those includes, his duel with Nafoumi for Raphtalia freedom when he received a slap, instead of a hug and was called out for his hypocrisy, he defended himself desperately claiming her to be brainwashed by Nafoumi.He also refused to believe Malty to have framed Nafoumi, even after seeing all the evidence. He continued to believe in Malty and denied all of the reality.

He doesn't take the fight unless he is completely confident of victory. This shown by his cocky challenges to Nafoumi and that to twice. During his second challenge to Nafoumi he backed down after Nafoumi pointed out his less chance of victory.

His personality took a complete turn after he was under the curse.

Legendary Spear SkillsEdit

  • Shooting Star Spear: the spear begins to glow splitting into hundreds of energy-spears
  • Lightning Spear
  • Chaos Spear
  • Air Strike Javelin
  • Rising Dragon Spear
  • Paralyze Spear
  • Portal Spear
  • Burst Lance

Curse SeriesEdit

In his previous world Motoyasu was a University Student. He had a quite the few girlfriends, they ended up having a fight and Motoyasu was stabbed and killed in the process. Motoyasu seemed to grow a strong phobia of yandere-like women. He later found himself summoned in a different world as one of the 4 Legendary Heroes, as The Spear Hero.

Volume 1Edit

He is the leader of the party Malty Melromarc is in. He had a numerous changes in his party, most member either left or kicked out by Malty behind his back. He was the most successful Hero and used his game knowledge from his original world to get things done. He once delivered a sealed "miracle seed" to Riyute village to save them from a famine. Though his game knowledge helped him at the instant, it didn't go exactly as he promised the villagers it would. As it turn out to cause a great damage after he left, as Nafoumi pointed out that the seed must have been sealed away for a reason and found the inscription to be as his assumption.He didn't know about his failure and continued to believe he did a great deed to the village.

His party quickly raised to level 40 and went for a class up. He along with other heroes fought and defeat the wave boss. During the feast the king gave a feast for the minimal damage from te wave. After learning that Raphtalia was a slave Nafoumi, he challenged to a duel for her freedom. The King used this to take Nafoumi's slave and approved duel forcing Nafoumi and shuts Raphtalia claiming her to be forced by the slave crest. Motoyasu was confident of their difference of jobs. but Nafoumi took control. Until, Malty cheated to favor Motoyasu. After Raphtalia was freed from the curse, she sunbed Motoyasu for his stupidity. Other Heroes also called out on his unfair duel, much to his dismay. He still claims Raphtalia to be brainwashed which no one agrees.

Volume 2Edit

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Volume 3Edit

He was given unreasonably high preferential treatment by Trash. He was completely blind to all of Malty's unreasonable spending. When the church claimed Nafoumi to have a brainwashing shield and the second princess being kidnapped. He completely believed the claim. He didn't notice Malty's attempt to kill Melty, while other heroes noticed and begin to suspect.Motoyasu puts all his effort to hunt down Nafoumi, in a way favoring Malty and the church of three heroes. Nafoumi feels that his effort is self centred in claiming Filo.

Volume 4Edit

He also believed the story of Nafoumi killing the other two heroes and tried to avenge them. After the fierce battle he tried to give his all in hopes of freeing Melty, Raphtali and Filo from supposedly brainwashing power of Nafoumi. Finally, after realizing that he fighting the wrong person, he joined forces with the other heroes in fighting the true culprit.

Volume 5Edit

During the meeting with Queen and 3 other heroes. He told of his Power up methods, which was Enhancement Method where the user can items and monster drops to imbue the weapon they wield.

Volume 6Edit

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Volume 7Edit

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Volume 11Edit

After the events of the Spirit Tortoise incidents, Motoyasu finally caught ear of one of his companion looking after her family store, Elena. Motoyasu rushed to her side and to his surprise that Elena was tired of adventuring and now wanted to keep a low profile, living a nice comfort life despite it being boring. When Naofumi came to talk to him, Motoyasu shocked and confused he use Portal Spear to escape from Naofumi before hearing him out.

Motoyasu also manages to find Matly along with Lesty. But to his shock they were with the Sword Hero Ren, Matly was feeding lies to Ren and deceiving him and used the Sword Hero to escape from both Motoyasu and Naofumi. In the end Motoyasu finally realized how much of a fool he was to believe in Matly and fell in a path of depression. Not knowing at the time his Legendary Spear unlocked the Curse Series.

Betrayed and disowned by his former companions. Naofumi tried to cheer him up by bringing him to a bar, Motoyasu had neither the will or the strength to resist and let him do what he pleased. Naofumi having no idea how to cheer him up, Filo went and took on the challenge to cheer him up, after multiple attempt of trying to cheer him up, Motoyasu finally finally broke out in tears and holding his face in Filo's chest sobbing. Thus began his deranged love obsession to Filo.

After that the events of the bar, his curse series seems to kicked into effect. As the result of his curse series, he could now only see women as pigs and can only hear "oink" when they talk expect for Filo. He started stalking Filo and calling Naofumi has "Father"

Motoyasu also took Naofumi advice and use the Power Up Method Naofumi mentioned to him, as a result he ended up becoming the most strongest Legendary Hero out of the 4 heroes. He later found running away with Filo's carriage with 3 other Filolials. Saying his farewells to Naofumi and Filo.


Motoyasu always defended and believed Melty. Melty also get jealous of any girl getting close to Motoyastu, she even kicked few members out of his party without his knowledge.She doesn't like anything about him apart from his looks.He believed every words coming from her mouth without any doubt. Motoyatsu never doubted any of her suspicious behavior. He was the only one who refused to believe Malty to be the criminal, even after all the evedience where put in open and continued to believe in her.According to Malty, Motoyasu is a fool. It was revealed that both of them had a physical relationship which Motoyasu believes it to be her first time. But Malty told Ren that both herself and her friend Lucy were forced upon by Motoyasu every night.After the spirit tortoise incident, she completely abandoned him. Despite of which he searched his comrades, only to be schocked by the real personality of Malty.

Unlike the other party members, She genuinely liked Motoyasu. She was not bothered by his interest for other woman and considered it normal for men to have pleasure.She went along with Malty to secure her place in his party. But she couldn't digest his rash and irrational behaviors. She also doesn't like how he uses her and other woman as a status symbol.Finally she had enough of being in his party and abandoned him, after seeing him of not able to do anything against the spirit tortoise.To save herself from crown's capital punishment, she sold out Motoyasu and told of all of his flaws to his face much to the latters dismay.

She was wooed by Motoyasu to join his party. Rino was taken back by his party's fighting style of woman cheering while Motoyasu was fighting and showing off. Malty and other female companions of Motoyasu took her and sold her as a slave, and they told him that she left the pasty, as she couldn't keep up with them. Motoyasu once cross paths with her being slave but remained a deaf ear to her cry of help, refusing to believe that she was there. Her fate after which remained unknown, except for her being suffering.


Motoyasu was under the impression that Naofumi was forcing Raphtalia to be his sex slave and tried to save her in an duel with unfair means against Naofumi. But was shocked, when Raphtalia slapped him for his action and choose to follow Naofumi. The other heroes called out on him for his unjustified duel. He tried to defend himself by claiming Raphtalia to be brainwashed, to which no one agreed. When Naofumi was accused of having brainwashing shield, again he fought with the intention of freeing her.

After Naofumi's name was cleared, he didn't proceed any further with his foolishness.He did acknowledge Raphtalia's genuine feelings for Naofumi, as he questioned Nafoumi of his progress with Raphtalia in the bath house of Cal Mira Island, only to be angered by Nafoumi's obvious to her feelings. He tried to punch him, for he understand Raphtalia's difficultly to get through Naofumi.

After his curse series activated, he could saw Raphtalia as a pig, referring her as a Tanuki Pig

Filo hated Motoyasu for calling her fat and ugly in her monster form and kicked him in his crouch. Afterwards she continuously kicked him in his crouch, when ever they crossed paths, this is to please Nafoumi.Motoyasu saw her human form near the weapon shop and challenged Nafoumi for her freedom He was more shocked to see her transform. He still has fondness for her human form and a trauma for her monster form. After being betrayed by his comrades, Motoyasu was completely broken. Seeing his broken spirit, Filo tried to cheer him up and ended up as his goal of affection, much to her dismay.He caused Filo, a new trauma of not letting go. Nafoumi used Filo to manipulate Motoyasu to fight the waves with him.