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Mirelia Q Melromarc

Mirelia Anime

Mirelia Q Melromarc Default

Kanji/Kana ミレル=Q=メルロマルク
Rōmaji Mirelia Q Melromarc
Nickname(s) The Queen
Race Human
Title Queen of Melromarc
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Purple
Blood Type
Family Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (Husband)

Malty Melromarc (Daughter)
Melty Melromarc (Daughter)
Lucia (Sister-in-law)
Atlas (Niece)
Fouru (Nephew)

Status Alive
Occupation Queen of Melromarc
Country Melromarc
Affiliation Melromarc
Weapon Fan
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 31
Light Novel Volume 4, Chapter 10
Web Novel Chapter 55

Mirelia, mostly referred to as the Queen, holds the true power behind the crown and is generally a just ruler.She is the queen of Melromarc. She is known for her diplomatic and negotiate skills.

As compared to her husband, Aultcray Melromarc XXXII, Mirelia appears to be more of a proficient ruler. While a mother, she is very realistic when it comes to dealing with her children where she was willing to use Melty as an effective piece for her plan, in making the Three Heroes Church fall into a trap, along with how she didn't hesitate to punish Malty to the point where she was fine when sending Malty off to be slowly killed by Faubley’s King. Despite this, Mirelia is both a very loving ruler, for her people, and parent for her youngest daughter.

She admit in how there was a time when Trash had won her heart in the past and she fell in love with him like a woman. However, because of the large mess Trash made, while she was away for diplomatic issues, she became easily enraged with how her formally wise husband abused power while being easily manipulated by the Three Heroes Church. Thus, she shows a sadistic side later as she gave Trash a long line of humiliating punishments. Mirelia became very reasonable with him later since, as Trash had met his niece for the first time, she stopped punishing Trash as the Queen understood that her husband was starting to behave.

Mirelia served as the strategist for the allied army.


  • 「Rain Storm」 c302: High Class Covenant Magic!


Hengen Musou SkillsEdit

Seven Star SkillsEdit

Her country was in war with Silt welt for centuries. She fell in love and married a person who rose to fame from being a common soldier to a cane hero. Later, he was revealed to be a legitimate third heir of Faubley. For political or moral reasons, she tries to improve the condition of the demi humans in her country and tried to make peace with the Demi-human nation, siltwelt.Because of which she ascend those who favor Demi-human to nobility and created a demi-human protected village for Demi humans.This halted the centuries of war and presented a decade of peace with the rival nation of siltwelt(which is the exact opposite of Melromarc), where Demi-human dominant and humans are treated badly. Silt welt also followed her example and set up a human protected village. It was reveled that all her action stem from her hobbies of the legend of four heroes and the inspiration of Faubley , where both Human and Demi-human coexist in peace, while her nation has useless squabbles.

Before the waves started the queen was involved in diplomacy, Melromarc's domestic affairs were also excellent, and she left the country to the one she trusted as her right-hand man. But, he died during the wave. Damages from the wave were reported all over the world, there was a world conference and every country was represented by their king or queen. Of course there were countries that on bad terms with each other, Melromarc and Silt Welt for example. There was a prophecy that stated the world was facing its end, so their hostilities were put on hold, until the conference was complete. During the conference, it was decided the Melromarc was fourth in line to perform the summoning.

It seems the Three Heroes Church took advantage of the queen's absence, to summon the heroes .That lead to a lot of criticism from other countries, it was the problem the queen was taking care of that lead to her delayed absence.She permanently deprived Trash and Bitch of the authority of the imperial family, as punishment for their evil deeds.She wanted to take special care of the shield hero for he may be the key for the ever lasting peace between her and her rival nation, She even went on planning to marry her daughter to the shield hero to end the war and to attain the good will of Demi-humans and siltwelt. But, this plan was ruined because of the action of her daughter,Malty and her husband. This is noted by her scoldings to Malty, as she told that she might have even considered giving her throne to Malty, if she had remained in Nafoumi's party and seduced him rather than betraying him. Now she held hopes for her second Daughter, Melty for the same idea.

She works on diplomatic relations while her husband runs internal affairs. She is as just as manipulative as her oldest daughter Malty, but puts her skills to more benevolent use. She loves to hear the legends of the original four heroes and doesn't share the view of her nation's religion.However is saddened that the current generation isn’t living up to their name. She specializes in both Fire and Water magic.

During the appearance of waves, she attended the world conference in regards to fight the waves and to summon the heroes. It was accepted that her nation would be fourth in order for summoning the heroes and also specified that each nation suppose to summon one of the four heroes. But to the shock of everyone including herself, Melmorne already summoned all the four heroes which is a news to herself. She deduces her husband and the church of three heroes involvement in it, but saved face by saying that any nation would have tried to monopolies the heroes and her nation was just trying to save them-self first and added that it was not wise to attack the nation which is in possession of four holy warriors. Mirelia proposed an idea of sharing the heroes with other nation by sending envoys to meet and give them an offer so they may move to their nation.

But what happened next was a surprise for herself and her second daughter, Melty who was accompanying her in diplomacy. All the heroes refused to meet the envoys, including the shield hero whose treatment was more worrisome. While Melty was puzzled by this development, Mirelia guessed what was going on. Again every nation blamed her of breaching the agreement, as they were preparing for a hero welcome to their nation and left with much disappointed. The Demi-human nation, which worshiped the shield hero was furious at her. Mirelia explained that all the heroes found scums in her nation and were currently at the removal of filth there. She also brought to the attention of how the last shield hero died in Siltwelt and told them to not point fingers at her.

Knowing that there was no turning back, she wrote numerous letters to her husband emphasizing the need to treat all heroes equally and to take special care of shield hero. She gained the support of Fulbert, by a certain promises and hopes to find a way around it.

At first she was more concerned with the ruckus caused by the shield hero, such as attacking others with balloon monster, the trouble stirred at the dinning center and also his way of avoiding anyone getting close to him, including the Demi-humans and others who favors him. By the information given to her by the shadows, she summerised the reason for his distrust. She concluded that her husband is not going to comply to her words and decided to take action on her own. She managed to secure a slave as Naofumi's comrade with great difficulty. She kept on sending soldiers with letters, advising her husband to treat all the heroes equally and to take special care of the shield hero, but it was in vain. Mirelia also learnt about her husband and elder daughter, Malty misusing their power and lavish spending of countries treasuries to their own gain. They also started shunning all nobles favoring demi human.

Mirelia was happy at the news of the subjugating of the wave by the heroes and the shield heroes effort in protecting a village, despite his poor treatment. She learnt of Naofumi's reputation begin to rise. However, her happiness short lived, as she was infuriated at her husband for arranging a rigged duel between the spear hero and shield hero to take away the slave of the shield hero. Aultcracy also treated heroes in a biased manner with Spear hero of most favor and shield hero being the least or none. This became a new reason of conflict with the neighboring nations and She worked to her bones with her diplomatic skill to release the tension. She also burned the portraits of her husband and first daughter to release her own stress. Her letters remained unanswered by her husband and his action towards shield hero got worsened.He also ignored the messengers sent by her. By this time her husband, named the spear hero as a lord of the wave affected village, where Malty levy heavy taxes under the pretense of rebuilding. The queen send her shadows warning her to back down. Not wanting to give up, Malty challenged the shield hero to race with the spear hero for the lordship of the village. Despite the cheating by the spear hero side, shield hero emerged victorious earning him a good will among the people.

Mirelia also hears about the consequence of of other heroes poorly thought actions, While the shield hero clearing all their messes, earning the trust of her peoples. She finally fell sick, due to over work.

She became more furious, after her husband sent an irrelevant letter, wishing to see Melty.Reaching her limit, she begins to make her own plan with shadows against the church of three heroes, as she already kept tabs on their evil plot.

Melty was lost on the way and was helped by Nafoumi to return to her home without knowing who the other person was.After learning their identity, She tried to negotiate with shield hero but was shunned by him for being the royal of the nation. After the third wave, Nafoumi emerged victorious. This led to a serious of incident starting with the rift between Nafoumi and the Aultcracy widens farther, the church of three heroes became more anxious of the result and becomes desperate and the world diplomats were concerned of the heroes not co-operating with each other. Melty in hopes of mending the relation between Nafoumi and his father, begins to chase after Nafoumi whose was on his way to demi human country for a class up.

As Mirelia hoped, the church along with Malty plans to execute Melty and pins it on Nafoumi, so the church can save face in public for their teaching and Malty can get the throne. As Mirelia planned, Naofumi was forced to take Melty under his protection. Mirelia also order the shadows protecting the Melty to arrest Nafoumi, if he became a threat to Melty. Mirelia was constantly informed about the situation and was surprised of knowing Melty getting close to Nafoumi and was acting to her age. Finally the the church of three heroes showed their true colour and tried to execute all heroes with their companions and princess. Both Ren and Itsuki were saved by the queen's shadow in nick of time and informed of the church subjugation force coming to aid them.Finally the four Heroes lined up to fight the pope and Nafoumi with the aid of the queen gave the finishing blow and saves the day.

Mirelia begs for Naofumi's forgiveness and ask for his help in saving the world, by staying in Melmore. She tries to persuade him in every way, as his choice may lead to war.She was able to gain the trust of hero with the condition of it being the only time and magic contract of her being slave, if she were to betray him. She promised of better and preferential treatment for his co-operations. She cleared all of the fake charges against him, overlooked his own crime which was done due to circumstances and punished her husband& daughter for all crimes.

Naofumi accepts her to be a better administrator and realize that things might have been different, if she were to run the things from the start of his arrival. He also realised that she could have handled the heroes more efficiently. He can also guess that she might have pushed her daughter to a political marriage with him without him even knowing it, under the guise of love marriage.


The Queen understands the fact that Naofumi is innocent of the crimes her husband and oldest daughter have framed him for, and subtly acts to help him before her actual appearance in the story. She sees the real value of Nafoumi and wrote to her husband to take special care to gain his favor which her husband didn't.She orchestrated his purchasing of a slave, though likely did not expect him to buy Raphtalia specifically, and concealed his less savoury, but necessary given his situation. She finally came to his defense and even saved his life when the Three Heroes Church made their move. Placing her youngest daughter Melty under his care was also a part of her plans, although the Shadows would've stepped in if Naofumi himself proved a threat to Melty.

Nafoumi had a though of leaving the country for which she begged him by bowing to his feet, to stop him from leaving. She has signed a contract with Naofumi preventing her from betraying him(with the fatal implications of a full strength Slave contract), to show her sincerity to the distrusting hero. She is not fully tolerant of him however, as she subtly threatened him when he wanted to have her husband and oldest daughter executed for their crimes against him, although he himself later concluded that, given his worth to her, she'd have been forced to comply if he truly pushed that demand, making this an empty threat.

She values him as she shield hero for political reasons, as he's the best means to keep the Demi-Human countries from attacking them, and is even biding for her youngest daughter Melty to marry him, or at least become pregnant from him, both in simple bids to placate the Demi-Humans who worship him. During the Spirit Turtle incident Neofumi became the only hero she could actually rely on, as the Seven Star Heroes were miles away and the other three Legendary Heroes caused the incident in the first place and wound up MIA. During this time Naofumi proved capable of shocking even her with his ability to act out a heroic speech, motivating the men of their alliance, and was ultimately promoted to Count for his actions by her, as well as given the land he requested to help train his forces for the next wave. She and Naofumi have something of an understanding it seems as she provides him with what he needs to combat the wave and he does not take advantage of this position or abuse it in any visible way. The two have a fair grasp of each other's personalities, and she basically treats him as an equal ally, as well as constantly pressuring him to either become her son in law or at the very least the father of her grandchild.

As compared to Naofumi, who has caused some minor amount of trouble, Mirelia shows evident stress with how the other three of the Four Sage Heroes were initially shown to be very unreliable because of the trouble they keep creating; the most notable one was how they freed the Spirit Turtle, where Mirelia deeply questioned on why the three would "take such idiotic actions" that later caused heavy amount of casualties. After the three heroes became MIA, and with how Naofumi became the only hero that succeeded in slaying the Spirit Turtle, people had then began the belief that the heroes, other than the Shield, were false heroes. Thus, most of the countries, besides Melromarc, had decided to place restrictions on the movements of the heroes where Mirelia still continued to give support, for the three, by making Melromarc the only one that would accept them while also making the attempt to have rumors die down. Though gossip did not stop which became evident as a role reversal began where Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki had began to experience similar conditions that Naofumi had went through, initially because of Bitch, while Naofumi himself was greatly praised as a great hero. Mirelia then depended on Naofumi to monitor the three heroes so that they can make amends for their mistakes.


  • Shadows: She uses the Shadows as her personal assassins, enforcers and messengers, and has a particular fondness of the one who speaks with "Degozeru" at the end of each of her sentences due to her daughter, Melty finding that one's manner of speech funny, so she uses him/her(Shadows aren't supposed to be able to be told apart, so they have no individual names and wear uniforms which conceal their individual genders) as a body double.


Mirelia is very much in love with her husband Aultclay, and has known him since his hero days. She is very much ashamed of what he's become, stating he was amazing before they had a daughter, Malty, whom he spoilt rotten. He was called the Wise King by many, herself included, in the past, but in the present his actions are so petty, tyranical and reckless, in short plain stupid, that she actually had to give authority of her country to someone beneath him during her absense. That person unfortunately died in the first Wave incident, which turned the power back to Aultclay, who was quickly manipulated by the Three Heroes Church and immediately summoned the Four Legendary Heroes, after which his daughter, Malty, framed the Shield Hero, Naofumi, for her rape with his help in a petty bid for revenge against the Demi-humans whom he hates. This series of almost immediate and unbelievably stupid actions put their kingdom into a political minefield which she had to spend the next two or so months cleaning up after. Once she finally had the chance to return home she desposed of the Three Heroes Church, cleared Naofumi's name and stripped her husband and daughter of their royal status and power. After convincing Naofumi to spare her husband and daughter in exchange for any other punishment but death, she willingly has their names changed to Trash and Bitch respectively. It would seem she still loves her husband however, but is somewhat of a sadist about it, as every time Naofumi comes back to the castle following this event, Trash is in some other ridiculous situation likely for his refusal to correct his behavior, such as parading the castle town half naked or wearing a collar around his neck which renders him utterly silent. The latest one was how Trash was forced to wear a bunny suit; this stream of punishments came to a stop when Trash first met Atlas, the daughter of his lost sister who she heavily resembles, where the former King apparently started to learn to behave, ceased his usual hubris against Naofumi, and was no longer seen in humiliating situations.

Her relationship with her oldest daughter is, to say the least, hostile. She once sent Malty to a high class school hoping to reform her bad behavior, but all that accomplished was Malty being promoted from a virgin. Malty is much like her mother in the worst possible way, she has all of her mother's cunning talents but chooses to use them to manipulate and have her own way. She frames Naofumi for rape, seemingly for no other reason than to mess with him, staining his reputation and nearly inciting war with the kingdoms who worship the Shield hero. She amassed a huge debt by taking money from the kingdom's treasury for her own personal use, and she is utterly unrepentant for the lot of it. She also seems to blame malty for turning her husband into an idiot, as she notes that Aultclay was "Magnificent, before we had a child", and noting that Aultclay spoilt her rotten. Malty also crossed a personal line by trying to get her younger sister Melty, who the queen does like, killed, which appears to have been the final straw. After she returns and clears Naofumi's name she stripped her daughter of her right to the throne completely. She did show some compassion by preventing Naofumi from demanding to have Malty executed, and instead placated his justified anger by having Malty and Aultclay renamed to Bitch and Trash respectively. After this Mirelia made her daughter a slave to their kingdom to pay off the frankly tremendous financial debt she owes it(all of which was spent on her personal luxuries), and tells her, in what is a very clear final warning, that her only hope is to to fight the Waves together with the heroes. Despite this Malty still refused to learn her lesson and betrayed all four of the heroes one by one, eventually eliminating this option and leaving Mirelia with only one recourse. Then Malty started a full scale revolution against her, however the princess is pitifully subdued by Raphtalia soon after and arrested. Mirelia then reveals the only remaining use, and punishment, she has for her daughter by marrying her off to the King of Faulbley in a political bid to placate him; due to the recent mess that Malty and Trash themselves caused. She herself notes that this is essentially the same as a death sentence, as the man in question sees women as toys to be played with until broken(literaly), and she herself once feared winding up this way. She offers her daughter one final chance at salvation: if any one of the Legendary Heroes proves willing to take her under their wing, effectively allowing her to fight the Waves again and reviving their former arrangement, then she'd let her live. However she does this knowing that none of those heroes would risk taking her in and essentially just does this to allow Malty to realise the fact that she alone is the one who has cornered herself like this. Malty, as expected, dies two weeks later from the king's abusive treatment.

The Queen is much more caring towards her youngest daughter Melty when compared to her oldest daughter Malty, though she's not above manipulating her as a political tool; such as using her as a lure to bring out the Three Heroes Church and entrusting her to Naofumi, the Shield Hero, bringing quite a bit of danger her way(although Shadows were always closely guarding her), and later even constantly encouraging Naofumi to marry and/or impregnate Melty. Melty spent a larger amount of time with her mother than her father, and as such doesn't appear to have become rotten like Malty, who was spoilt by their father, but she still cares for her father, at least until she hears what he and Malty did to Naofumi. Her encouraging Naofumi to marry her daughter also seems partly done out of a desire to help her daughter, who is visibly attracted to Naofumi, but is at the same time completely unable to stand his cynical outlook and the fact he constantly treats her like a child.