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Kanji/Kana ミー君は
Rōmaji Mii-kun
Alias(es) Unavailable
Nickname(s) Unavailable
Race Raph (Artificial Monster)
Title Unavailable
Age Unavailable
Gender Male
Height Unavailable
Eye Color Unavailable
Hair Color Unavailable
Blood Type Unavailable
Family Unavailable
Status Unavailable
Occupation Unavailable
Lv. Unavailable
Country Unavailable
Affiliation Unavailable
Epithet Unavailable
Weapon Unavailable
User Unavailable
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel
Web Novel Chapter 154

Mii-kun was initially brought to Rock Valley by Ratotil Anthreya in a test tube after his body was mostly destroyed by Tact. Naofumi was able to warp his consciousness into a core similar to Dragons and placed him into a large heavily modified Raph-like body. In his new body he gained abilities that most resemble a slime such as fluid-like bodily manipulation and monster absorption.

Mii is like a neighborhood sprite from the countryside.

Mii has an especially strong desire to become strong, and not just to survive, but to be recognized as well.

Mii-kun’s form was hard to see clearly while he was in the test tube but evolved into a creature that can control a body from a core.

Raph BodyEdit

He first was given a largely modified first generation Raph body that was 3 meters in height.

Final Weapon BodyEdit

Mii was given a fully armed, battle-ready body, based on the first generation Raph Race, however, much bigger.

For Rat's thesis, she tried to see if monsters were able to think on the same level as humans. And not just to survive, they want to be recognized as well. Mii had an especially strong desire to become strong, and not just to survive, but to be recognized as well. No matter how hard she tried, she never got any stronger. She was able to reach a level around 40. She would always work herself into the ground, and Rat would have to heal her back up.

Faubley called Rat's research "an act that would even scare the gods" and banished her. And the Seven Star Heroes, greatly injured Mii. A portion of her body survived, and was only able to live inside a test tube.

Mii was given a fully armed, battle-ready body. Not only was her body bigger than the first generation Raph Race, Naofumi also bestowed various abilities unto her.

Mii was able to do quite a bit in the battles up until now. However, each time Mii would go berserk to thwart the cured Naofumi’s plans.

The battle data Naofumi loaded onto him is a compilation of that of all the Raphs’ he made until now, and he’s even given him the ability to change to liquid in case of emergency. If the core piece gets damaged, it will endlessly regenerate.

His weakness is that its aerial abilities are below Firo’s. By sending magic to its tail, he can float, but it’s only a able to carry him for short amounts of time.

Even after being given the first generation Raph body, he begged for further strength, so Naofumi made him a special ‘Final Weapon’ body. This body was derived from the concept of Slimes. It uses a component known as ‘lump of meat.'” He has a high resistance against shocks, slash attacks and even magic. However, a flaw with the components is if he gets hit with Lighting magic with while encased in water, he becomes paralysed and the inner core receives damage. And if a huge impact splits open the lump of meat, the core will be exposed.

Mii has a high tolerance to poison and alcohol.



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He spread out his body to cover everyone from Houou’s self-destruction, so much of it was blown away. In order to regenerate, he had to supplement those lost parts. He went out to hunt monsters, and absorb their parts until he had enough matter to regenerate.

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