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Melty Melromarc
Melty Default
Kanji/Kana メルティ=Q=メルロマルク
Rōmaji Melty Q Melromarc
Race Human
Title 第二王女 (Second Princess)
Age ~10
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blue
Blood Type
Family Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (Father)
Malty Melromarc (Sister)
Mirelia Q Melromarc (Mother)
Lucia (Aunt)
Atlas (Cousin)
Fouru (Cousin)
Iwatani Naofumi (Husband)
Status alive
Occupation Princess of Melromarc
Queen of Melromarc
Lv. Unavailable
Country Melromarc
Affiliation The Shield Hero
Epithet 楽器の勇者 (Hero of the Musical Instruments)
Weapon Legendary Musical Instrument
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 13
Light Novel Volume 3, Prologue
Web Novel Chapter 55
Melty Melromarc

Melty is the youngest princess was introduced as a target of an assassination plot by the church. She doesn't like Naofumi at first because she is told that he was a bad person who angered her father Aultcray but she eventually grows fond of him. Her mother offers her hand in marriage to Naofumi as part of a political marriage to which she just blushes over. As she was raised by the queen, her personality is quite normal if not a bit sheltered. Due to her mother’s influence she has grown up hearing tales of the legendary heroes. She is Firo’s best friend. After Malty's punishment is put in affect, she takes the position of next in line to become the Queen. She is an adept mage that specializes in ice magic and a bit of earth.



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  • Iwatani Naofumi: Melty's relationship with Naofumi is initially strained by the Shield Heroes' clashes with her father Aultcray. In the Web Novels, she buys into the lies her father and sister spread about him, while in the Light Novels they start off on neutral footing before she is alienated by his dark disposition, which only becomes worse when he learns of her royal lineage.

When Naofumi stands up to and openly mocks Aultcray, Melty approaches him to demand an apology, during which guardsmen under the sway of the Church of the Three Heroes make an attempt on her life. After receiving Naofumi's protection, their relationship thaws significantly, although she is still silently terrified of his harbored resentment toward her family. She later asks Naofumi to start addressing her by given name, instead of title (customarily implying an intimate connection).

Naofumi ultimately protects Melty from her sister, the church, and the other heroes(who think she's brainwashed by him when, ironically, they are the one's who've been brainwashed by praise, propaganda, and Malty Melromarc, the Church of Three Heroes and Aultcray's direct lies) and has a short but significant adventure with her until his name is cleared by her mother. Melty, alongside Raphtalia and Firo, object when Malty calls Naofumi ugly and is noted by her mother to actually have a chance at marrying the man(which has a lot of political advantages that she, as the queen, eagerly tries to force), Naofumi even wakes up, twice, and finds her, Raphtalia and Firo in his bed after using Blutopfer and being hospitalised in the process, with it being said that she did so out of worry. When Naofumi gains his own territory Melty is sent there by the queen to help him manage it, and ultimately she gets very angry when it turns out he is absent, he only fans these flames when he completely misses the point that she came to see HIM and sends her off to play with Firo, their relationship continues from there to become one where he teases her whenever possible, and her retainers feel some pity for her over the fact that Naofumi not only treats her like a child but far from notices her feelings towards him. Her own Tsundere traits make it quite a bit more difficult for him to take notice, hilariously, the one time his teasing got to the point she actually physically struck him, she only accomplished hurting herself. Nevertheless Naofumi retains a high level of respect and friendship towards Melty and ultimately they team up against both the Wrath Dragon and the rampaging, heat-driven, Firo, both for Firo's sake, although in the latter case Naofumi's intimacy issues caused him to frequently speak about just abandoning the mission and dealing with Firo's case in less tactful ways. Naofumi ultimately even had his house destroyed by Melty when he named her as Firo's fiance to get Motoyasu off his back, and he directly sacrificed her to Firo's lust on the spur of the moment rather than letting himself get violated, an act he immediately reflected on, and likely got off easy for due to the fact that she implies it already happened between her and Firo sometime earlier anyway. Naofumi invited Melty into his bed to hold off Atlas after Firo was penalised for the above event, showing he has deep trust in her and a high opinion of her abilities, naturally Melty rejected it, but was actually disappointed when he immediately gave up convincing her and seemed to mourn that she'd missed an opportunity. Finally, after Atlas' dying words help Naofumi overcome his intimacy issues and he starts to recognise that the women around him actually do have feelings for him, he starts joking about their relationship, mostly towards Raphtalia, but he still regards her as a child and is not serious about this. He comforted her after her mother's death and apologised for not being able to protect her, he didn't fight when she cried into his shirt and started hitting him out of grief, despite being injured and lacking the defence of his shield. After Melty becomes queen, Naofumi teases her one last time and she names him Arch-Duke, essentially a rank inferior only to the queen herself, so that he has to bear the responsibility with her, however she neglected the fact that this essentially, in Melromarc culture, means that she's essentially just named him as her fiance. Finally, she is noted at end of the series to be one of his named wives, proving that they did eventually get married, Firo even confirms that they slept together in her complaints.

  • Kitamura Motoyasu: Melty's "rival" of love for Firo. Naofumi jokingly lied to Motoyasu as he tells the Spear Hero that Melty is Firo's fiancé. Motoyasu had took this seriously and then later confronted the future queen. The next day, in a fit of rage, Melty came to fire magic at Naofumi's home until she was completely exhausted. Since then, Motoyasu had been refer Melty as the "abominable fiancé."


  • Firo: She considers Firo her best friend and cried upon being separated from her the first time. She is also a fan of Firo's species, and longed to meet the queen, a dream she realized through Firo's existence. When Firo went into heat, she wanted to partner with Naofumi and Melty, implying that her feelings extend beyond mere friendship. To save himself, Naofumi sealed both of them into a shield prison, something even he can't believe he did. After this, it's implied they got as far as third base, but Melty holds no visible ill feelings towards Naofumi for this, rather, her words might imply it has happened before.


  • Eclair Seaetto: Melty and Female Knight seem to have compatible personalities.