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Alternative Names:Edit

  • メルロマルク (Meruromaruku)


Melromarc is the name of the country the Four Legendary Heroes were summoned to. It has a long history with neighboring countries including a war with the Demi-human nation Silt Welt from which the king, Trash, became a well renown hero of. In this country the Queen is the true ruler so she holds power over king, but gives him authority to rule as he sees fit while she is away dealing with diplomatic relations. It is the location of the Red Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era which is kept inside the church in Melromarc's Castle Town.


  • Melromarc has the tradition of having the husband’s name decided by the wife.


Melromarc's religion is the Four Saints Faith. But, the extremist faction that split from the Four Saints Faith, the Three Heroes Church, took over. However, due to their terrorist actions the majority of their members were either executed or imprisoned.