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Malty Melromarc
Malty Melromarc Default
Kanji/Kana マルティ=メルロマルク
Rōmaji Malty Melromarc
Alias(es) マイン=スフィア (Mein Sophia)

アバズレ (Bitch)

ヴィッチ (Witch)


Human (former)


Title First Princess of Melromarc (former)
Age Unavailable
Gender Female
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Royal Red
Blood Type

Mirelia Q Melromarc (Mother)

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (Father)

Melty Melromarc (Sister)

Lucia (Aunt)

Atlas (Cousin)

Fouru (Cousion)


Deceased (former)

Reanimated Corpse


Princess (Former)

Adventurer (Former)

Queen's Slave

Pig King's Toy

Lv. Unavailable

Melromarc (former)

Faubley (Marriage of State)


The Shield Hero (Farce)

The Spear Hero (Former)

Revolutionary Faction (former)

Hero of the Whip



Weapon Unavailable
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel
Web Novel Unavailable

Malty is the former first princess of Melromarc and also the first to join Iwatani Naofumi's party only to strip him and claim he raped her. Though she puts him through hell for a while, when the Queen, Mirelia Q Melromarc, returns from her trip in diplomatic relations she strips Malty of her name as a punishment for the false claims and renames her Bitch thanks to Naofumi's suggestion. Alternative acceptable names by royal decree include Whore and Slut. She did not repent for for her misdeeds and always tries to find ways to hurt or eliminate Naofumi as she believes it is his fault that she has had such misfortune. She has a twisted personality and tries to manipulate everyone. Uses fire magic and a bit of wind.


Witch became a genius at lying, spitting insults, and manipulating people. Because, she inherited a few qualities from Trash and the Queen. Perhaps the reason is because Trash spoiled her while she was growing up.


Witch was first described by Naofumi as a lovely girl with semi-long crimson hair. With as pretty cute face, youthful facial features, yet slightly shorter than Naofumi. Even after her betrayal she's described as needlessly attractive.


To fix her bad personality. The Queen let her study abroad in a school in Foburei to learn cultures. But the result was... It was at the school in Foburei that that Witch graduated from her virgin status. She also met the King of Foburei during her time there, who was notorious for "drowning in carnal pleasure" and roughly treating women as "simple items for pleasure", and learns exactly why young noblewomen will go as far as committing suicide, rather than becoming one of the king's toys.


Malty has a strong ability to manipulate men.


  • 「Tzuvait Fire Squall」
  • 「Dreifach Hellfire」
  • 「Wind Flasher」
  • 「Dreifach Hellfire」


The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc c1-78

Cal Mira Island Arc c78-114

Spirit Turtle Arc c115-130

Slave Supremacy Arc c131-203

New 7 Deadly Sins c204-357

Towards the Legend Arc c357-378

Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero c379-385

The Valentine of Shield Hero c386-402

The White Day of Shield Hero c403-409

The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc c410-414

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc c415-455

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc c456-574

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc c575-current



  • Iwatani Naofumi: Malty is ultimately the cause of Naofumi's dark and cynical personality due to the fact that she betrayed him, stole all of his money, clothes and armour, and framed him for raping her for no other visible reason than to mess with him. Naofumi's originally kind personality snapped violently, he became distrustful of anyone who is not a slave, and for a very long time held contempt for women in general. Living with the stigmata she put his name for roughly two and a half months quickly made Naofumi a deeply jaded individual and if not for Raphtalia and Firo's later influence upon him it's debaitable whether or not he'd have endured. When Naofumi's name was cleared and she was punished by the Queen for her actions, she refused to learn anything at all from the experience and blames him for her current predicament, including having her name changed to "Bitch". When her revolution failed and she was told her fate was to be married off to Faubley's King(which is tantamount to a death sentence given that the man treats women as toys and takes truly horrific joy in breaking them), she was desperate enough to escape this fate that she even begged Naofumi to save her. Naofumi, rather predictably, didn't save her, even worse in fact he prevented her from comitting suicide to escape said fate and had Motoyasu escort her to the king and record everything that happened to her there so he could see it for himself, though it seems this was partly for the sake of closure. It's safe to say he is also aware by now that even if he had saved her she'd have just betrayed him at the first opportunity later so not only did he hate her enough to let her die he also saw no point in saving her. When she comes back even from this Naofumi's anger towards her is sparked anew as her scheming led to the deaths of Atlas and the queen, Malty's own mother, this is in fact enough for him and her father, Aultcray, to finally overcome their past and work together to stop her and Tact. Naofumi however seems to consider her just an annoyance during his fight with Tact and ultimately she is still not anywhere near strong enough to hurt him, a lesson she still has not learned. Malty is invited to betray Tact during the latter's execution in exchange for being released herself, which Naofumi knew she'd readily do. When she appears at the execution and beats Tact up, claims to have been manipulated by him and even gave him parting words of mockery as he died and had his soul eaten by a soul eater, she ultimately gave Naofumi a mocking smile, certain her father would spare her. However, when she praises her mother, whom Tact killed on her encouragement, her father loses it and orders her immediate execution, Naofumi even asks her if she thought her existence would actually be allowed to go free under his eyes and watches as she is strung up and burned alive like a witch. Her bad relationship with Naofumi is carried on by her goddess self, Medea, who even succeeded in killing Naofumi once, acting out her hatred of him by erasing him from all worlds and parallel timelines he ever existed in, however he survives that and comes back as a god himself, who returns the favour on Medea and reflects her own attack to erase her, and Malty by proxy, from existence after ultimately besting, and thus provoking, her in a humiliatingly one-sided battle with the allied forces of the world backing him.
  • Kitamura Motoyasu: Motoyasu is the hero that Malty joins for most of the story. After betraying Naofumi, taking his stuff and framing him for raping her, she gives Motoyasu the stolen chain mail and convinces him to side with her. Motoyasu, due mostly to his gullibility, ends up being used by her to nearly take Raphtalia away from Naofumi as well. She seems to have sided with him purely because he has a good looking face. Later, when the charges on Naofumi were absolved by the Queen, Motoyasu refused to accept that Malty was the one who framed Naofumi for the longest time; Motoyasu also seemed to pay little attention to Malty's suspicious behavior such as her exceptionally wasteful spending, which she claims it was for the "for the sake of the world," where Motoyasu even agreed to shoulder her debt to some extent. After the Spirit Turtle incident, she abandons him completely, which causes his mentality to break to the point where he now sees all women(With exception to Philorilo Queens and some other women) as pigs, literally, and awoke his Curse Series indirectly. This came back to bite her harshly after her revolution failed and she was told that if any of the heroes spoke up for her she could be spared, Motoyasu could not understand her cries for help and only heard a pig squealing. This goes further when he is the one who ultimately escorts her delivery to the King of Faubley on Naofumi's order. In "Start Over of The Spear Hero" Motoyasu still recognizes Malty, to some extent as he can only see and hear her as a pig, thus he was always wary of her and warn others about her.
  • Amaki Ren: After the spirit turtle incident Malty approached Ren and took advantage of his emotional state to manipulate him and used him to escape from Naofumi arresting her. She later decided he'd be of little use, stole everything of value from him and joined Mald's revolution, causing his already fragile mental state to fall completely and succumb to the Curse Series of his sword. This definitely came back to bite her when her revolution failed and she was sentenced by the Queen. At this time she was told that if any one of the heroes spoke out for her she would be spared her fate, but Ren promptly told her to "go to hell".
  • Kawasumi Itsuki: After the Spirit Turtle incident broke him Malty and the revolutionaries under Mald took Itsuki into their custody, where they awoke his Curse Series weapons deliberately to study and use their brainwashing powers for the revolution. She also lied to Itsuki and manipulated him, directing his sense of justice towards opposition with Naofumi. After her revolution failed and she was told she could be spared if any of the heroes took her under their wing, Itsuki was absent entirely due to the state her actions left him in both indirectly and not.
  • Tact Arusahorun Faubley


  • Elena Haven
  • Woman 2: Notably, despite how she had fallen in status and with how she had betrayed Motoyasu and later Ren, Malty had at least one loyal subordinate on her side, whose name was never revealed as she was only called "Woman 2" by Naofumi, that remained with her until Malty's failed rebellion. It is unknown why she was so loyal to Malty, since she was a noble that was not obligated to serve a former princess, but she was also faced a fate similar to Witch's.
  • Tulna
  • Nellisen
  • Shatte
  • Lurdia
  • Ashiel
  • Lurina
  • Reldia


  • Raphtalia: Understandably, Raptalia hates Malty for what she did to Naofumi, and holds her as a personal enemy. Malty seemed to consider Raphtalia nothing but an annoyance, and completely underestimated her during their final battle, which resulted in her complete defeat, subsequent arrest, and eventual execution.


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