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Kanji/Kana Unavailable
Rōmaji Lucia
Alias(es) Alucia
Nickname(s) Unavailable
Race Human
Title Unavailable
Age Unavailable
Gender Female
Eye Color Unavailable
Hair Color Unavailable
Blood Type
Family Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (Brother)

Fouru (Son)
Atlas (Daughter)

Mirelia Q Melromarc (Sister-in-law)

Malty Melromarc (Niece)

Melty Melromarc (Niece)

Status Deceased
Occupation Unavailable
Lv. Unavailable

Faubley (former)

Melromarc (former)

Silt Welt

Affiliation Unavailable


Weapon Unavailable
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel
Web Novel Unavailable

Trash's younger sister, and Fohl and Atlas' mother.According to Mirelia, Trash's sister name was Lucia, But Fohl says that he was too young to remember but recalls that his mother was called (A)lucia. Nafoumi speculate the change in name could be to hide her relation to Trash from other Demi-humans. Fohl also agreed that she was indeed a human.


After her parents were killed by Hakuko, She along with her Brother moved to Melromarc, where her brother made himself to be a soldier and rose to fame for his fight against Siltwelt. During which, she was taken away by Hakuko leaving a blood bath, leading to the assumption that she was killed. Nafoumi assumes that she was either played with or married to a decent person, the latter was proven correct.According to Nafoumi either the kidnapper fell in love or the kidnapper sold her to slave market from where Atlas's father brought and married her. Despite being a Human, she was treated fairly with respect in the Hakuko's household and was treated like the master of the house by her servants. Fohl mentions her to be treated like a part of family. Her medical expenses were also taken care of by her husband's household. After Atlas was born most of the wealth were spent to cure both her and her daughter's disease.A little while after giving birth to Atlas, she got dragged into the war, and died along with her husband, entrusted Atlas to Fohl.It was later revealed that her father-in-law was the person whom Trash killed.

Despite being a half demi-humans, both of her children were treated as the lord of the house, after the exhaustion of the wealth, they gave the remaining valuables to the servants and said their good bye. As time went by they become slaves due to the burden of the debt for Atlas's medicine. Finally found their way to be under the care of Nafoumi.

Learning all this made Trash question himself about his hatred towards Demi-human, especially towards Hakuko and the shield Hero. This reformed his character.


Though she couldn't see, she was always very kind.


Strikingly similar to Atlas.





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