The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 8
Cover 8 eng
Page Count 317 pages
Release Date November 21, 2014
ISBN 978-4040671802
Volume 7
Volume 9
Volume#: One.Two.Three.Four.Five.Six.


With Ost's sacrifice, The party success defense against spirit turtle and Book Vassal Owner, Kyou. As Kyou escapes, Naofumi and party follows him to Other-world. As they woken to only find themselves in prison, to make the matter worst, Naofumi's level have mysteriously reset to level 1. As they entering into this crisis, they are saved by a girl who introduce herself as one of the Four Saint.


Prologue - Endless Maze

Chapter 1 - Hero of Hunting Tool

Chapter 2 - Escape

Chapter 3 - Seeing The Otherworld

Chapter 4 - Drops Sale

Chapter 5 - Sale Demonstration

Chapter 6 - Otherworld Equipment Knowledge

Chapter 7 - Legend of Wave

Chapter 8 - Where Hero of Hunting Tool live

Chapter 9 - Shikigami

Chapter 10 - 刀の眷属器 - Vassal Blade

Chapter 11 - Maiden Rescue Battle

Chapter 12 - ハミングフェーリー - Humming Feerie

Chapter 13 - Ability of Hunting Tool Hero

Chapter 14 - 帰路の龍脈 - 

Chapter 15 - The Katana's Choice

Chapter 16 - Chantless Magic

Chapter 17 - 血花線 - Blood Flower Wire

Epilogue - Party Gathered


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