The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 7
Cover 7 eng
Page Count 316 pages
Release Date September 25, 2014
ISBN 978-4040669967
Volume 6
Volume 8
Volume#: One.Two.Three.Four.Five.Six.


Naofumi and his friends defeat the Spirit Tortoise after it rampages across the country. They leave in search of the other missing heroes and meet Ost along the way, who says she is one of the Spirit Tortoise’s servants. She tells Naofumi that the Spirit Tortoise is still alive and that someone is pulling the strings to use the tortoise to destroy the world! Can Naofumi protect those he loves from this new danger?


Prologue - The Search

Chapter 1 - Helping Others

Chapter 2 - Spirit Tortoise Familiar (Human Type)

Chapter 3 - The Spirit Tortoise Reawakens

Chapter 4 - Spirit Tortoise Tyrant

Chapter 5 - Mass Destruction

Chapter 6 - Versus the Spirit Tortoise, Opening Stages

Chapter 7 - Buying Time

Chapter 8 - The Search

Chapter 9 - The Spirit Tortoise Cave

Chapter 10 - Strangers

Chapter 11 - The Heroes’ Inscription

Chapter 12 - The Spirit Tortoise’s Heart

Chapter 13 - Who Pulls the Strings

Chapter 14 - Liberation

Chapter 15 - The Spirit Tortoise’s Soul

Epilogue - Ost Horai

Extra Chapter - Searching for Soul-Healing Water


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