The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 5
Cover 5 eng
Page Count 317 pages
Release Date April 25, 2014
ISBN 978-4040667188
Volume 4
Volume 6
Volume#: One.Two.Three.Four.Five.Six.


Naofumi is off to the Cal Mira islands, where he plans to continue leveling up. Soon after arriving he meets a mysterious young man named L’Arc Berg. But how will this curious new character impact Naofumi’s adventures? Surrounded by mystery and intrigue, Glass makes her second appearance. Aneko Yusagi's epic fantasy continues in volume 5!


Prologue - Class Up

Chapter 1 - The Heroes’ Teammates

Chapter 2 - Meeting of the Heroes

Chapter 3 - Power Up

Chapter 4 - Weapon Copy

Chapter 5 - Gravestones

Chapter 6 - Cal Mira

Chapter 7 - The Tavern

Chapter 8 - Karma

Chapter 9 - Island Days

Chapter 10 - The Water Temple

Chapter 11 - Inter-dimensional Whale

Chapter 12 - L’Arc Berg

Chapter 13 - Soul-Healing Water

Epilogue - The Problem We Face

Extra Chapter - The Cal Mira Hot Springs

On the Fourth night at Cal Mira Island, Naofumi goes to the Japanese style hot spring to heal his curse. He meets Motoyasu in the hot spring. After a little talk with Motoyasu, Itsuki and his party come, then Ren and his party, and lastly Firo in her queen form joins the hot spring. They talk about which girls they like and their ranking order. After Firo leaves, Motoyasu proposes the gang to do a heroic task, to peep at the female side of the hot spring. As no one rejects the idea, Naofumi tries to leave, but L'arc comes and joins the gang. They ask Naofumi if he wants to see Raphtalia nude, Naofumi answers he already did (event from Volume 2 extra story). Motoyasu claims maybe Naofumi is that and L'arc make a strange symbol with his hand. Naofumi denies that and leaves the bath.

Soon Raphtalia comes and tells that they are punishing the Heroes and their party for peeping and that Firo discovered them as soon as they tried to peep. Raphtalia asks if Naofumi wants to rent a small hot spring with just the 3 of them, he says fine. They goes and star gaze and wish upon the shooting stars, that they will be together. On the way back, they see the other heroes been lectured by their female companions. L'arc sees them come out of the shop, and says "AH, Naofumi you were taking bath with the ladies! Cheater!!"


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