The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 4
Cover 4 eng
Page Count 312 pages
Release Date February 25, 2014
ISBN 978-4040663210
English Release Date June 14, 2016
ISBN 978-1935548652
Volume 3
Volume 5
Volume#: One.Two.Three.Four.Five.Six.



Prologue - 逃走中 - During Escape

After giving a summary of their situation, Naofumi and the party are hiding in a forest. Motoyasu soon follows them while claiming to free everybody from the shield's brainwash. To confuse Motoyasu, Raphtilia casts magic to hide the party and Naofumi creats fake Filo footprints. Once Motoyasu discovers the footprints, Malty tells Motoyasu to go ahead of her and to follow the footprints. As Motoyasu leaves, she lights the forest on fire with magic. To escape, Naofumi tells Melty to cast a rain spell to slow down the fire. Filo transform back to her Filolial form to take everyone to safely.

Chapter 1 - 亜人冒険の街 - Street of Demi-Human Adventurer

Chapter 2 - 因縁の貴族 - Noble's Fate

Chapter 3 - タイラントドラゴンレックス - Tyrant Dragon Rex

Chapter 4 - 伝説の神鳥 - Divine Bird of Legend

Chapter 5 - フィーロ VS フィトリア - Filo Vs Fitoria

Chapter 6 - 神鳥の安らぎ - Harmony of Divine Bird

Chapter 7 - 盾と槍の戦い - The Battle of Shield and Spear

Chapter 8 - 裁き - Judgement

Chapter 9 - 複製品 - Replica

Chapter 10 - ラースシールド - Wrath Shield 

Chapter 11 - 女王 - The Queen

Chapter 12 - 年貢の納め時 - Time of Reckoning

Epilogue - ずつと友達 - From a Friend

Short Story - 恐怖のフィロリアル - The Horrifying Pilorial

After one last kick and defeating the last monster, Fitoria has cleared a wave from Dragon Hourglass guarded by the Filolial. Fitoria was entrusted by the former heroes to defend the world in their place. Fitoria remembers, that new Heroes were summoned but wonders why they haven't done anything about the coming waves yet. As she thinks, her Filolials minions return, who were tasked to return a girl home (Volume 3 side story). As Fitoria asks if the girl is safely returned, they say that they forgot to do it (Fitoria remembers that her Filolial minions have short memory). She asks what happened and they answer, that they found a monster Filolial , that is not like any, it is drool at Filolials, bigger in size, white, red and pink colored. Understanding that only Filolial raised by heroes are able to become Filolial Queen/King, Fitoria wants to meet this new Filolial Queen.

As the search for the new Filolial Queen starts, they go to a Filolial ranch to look for information. In the ranch, a Black Filolial , named Mr.Black, sees the cute Fitoria and asks her to be his harem. Fitoria gets mad, kicks him before healing him (she overdid it). As Mr.Black runs away, an old Filolial comes and apologizes for Fitoria asks about the new Filolial Queen, he tells her, that it's a normal Filolial Queen, but unknown where she is. The Filolial minions find out that she is heading southwest.

Continue traveling southwest, she hears a dragon shout. She finds a monster with a dragon fragment attacking a human city, defending the city is a pink Filolial Queen and a person with a shield on his back. As she sees the scene, she remembers her younger days, the smile the heroes had, when she was born and the warm and wonderful memories. Looking at the shield hero again she is saddened by the scene. A very, very dark hatred, a curse series has been used. She has seen many heroes that used the curse, which gave the heroes power in exchange for being consumed by sadness, so she wants to help him and heal his sadness. Looking at the pink Filolial Queen, she thinks that it is just a normal queen and not a strong one.

Feeling discomfort, "Bird Sanctuary!" Fitoria joins the battle. Mountains of questions appear in her head, why the hero is not stopping the wave, where the other heroes are, why they are only staying in this country, and whether she has to save and defend the world alone to keep her promise with the former heroes.


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