The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 3
Cover 3 eng
Cover Character(s) Naofumi, Filo, Melty, Glass
Japanese Volume Information
Page Count 313 pages
Release Date December 21, 2013
ISBN ISBN 978-4040661667
English Volume Information
Page Count 344 pages
Release Date February 16, 2016
ISBN ISBN 978-1935548669
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Light Novel Volume 3 sums up the events happening from Web Novel Chapter 45 to Chapter 64 and Chapter 41 with a reordered story, additional and edited contents.


Naofumi Iwatani, still beset by enemies, continues to adventure and battle his way through a fantasy world—a world he was suddenly thrown into without warning. In the third volume of this epic series, he encounters new friends and foes. A powerful threat revels herself in the midst of an epic battle. A new companion with a penchant for magical birds, and tied to the royal family, appears at his side. And once again we find Naofumi plotted against, set up, and betrayed. Will Naofumi escape his pursuers and help the poor people of this strange world? Or is he forever doomed by the aggression that threatens to overcome him from all sides—and from within?


Prologue Edit

Continuing from the previous volume, Naofumi returns to the village from the mountain, on the way he encounters Filolials gathering around a blue hair girl(Melty). While returning to village with Melty, they find out that she is separated from her escorts while following the Filolials, under Filo's request Naofumi agree to help Melty for a reasonable reward. To Cure Raphtalia's curse, and to claim Melty's ransom(reward), they head toward the Melromarc.

Chapter 1 - Filo’s Friend Edit

Friendly chapter about returning to Melromarc, Filo plays around with Melty and shows others her treasures. Naofumi discovers that Filo bird form have a strange anatomy.

Chapter 2 - The Fruits of Peddling Edit

After returning to Melromarc, Naofumi tells Filo to bring Melty home and get the reward. Naofumi visits Oyaji's store, purchasing Raphtalia's new sword and ordering his new armor made with materials from the zombie dragon. Oyaji tells that Raphtalia and Filo have reached the Level Cap, and need to class up at the Dragon Hourglass. Leaving the store, they go to the church to buy high quanlity Holy Water for Raphtalia's Curse.

Chapter 3 - Everyone Loves Angels Edit

Naofumi encounters a soldier, but getting a bad feeling he runs away only to find Motoyasu. Motoyasu once again challenges Naofumi to a duel to free Filo from slavery. As Malty encourages them to fight, Melty comes with Filo to stop them. Motoyasu refuses to stop, so Filo kicks him to stop and he flies away.

Chapter 4 - The Volunteer Edit

Naofumi soon finds out that Melty is Malty's sister and second princess of Melromarc. After remembering the King and First princess, Naofumi refuses to listen or talk to Melty. After Melty left, the soldier from before asks to join Naofumi on the next wave. Naofumi asks the soldiers to gather money and equip up to prepare for the next wave.

Chapter 5 - A Royal Order Edit

At the Dragon Hourglass, Naofumi requests to Class Up for Raphtalia and Filo. The Nun refuses them class up under the King's order. As result, Naofumi leaves and is searching for the monster merchant to find another way to class up.

Chapter 6 - Welcome Edit

Once again visiting the monster merchant, Naofumi buys Wyvern claws for Filo. To test out Raphtalia and Filo's new weapon, Naofumi accepts a monster hunting quest from the merchant. After beating an alligator like monster and claiming the reward, they walk to Oyaji to order a new carriage for Filo and leave the city.

Chapter 7 - General Commander Edit

After leaving the city Naofumi travels north, he sees it as business opportunity after hearing there is a food shortage there. At the northern city, he found out that the city is in poverty state, since the lord in the area is raising high taxes. He spotted itsuki hiding his identity as the bow Hero. After spying on him, Naofumi finds out that Itsuki is planning to overthrow the lord, wanting no part in this Naofumi quickly leaves. Next day the lord is killed, the citizen are happy, and Itsuki shows himself off to a girl, saying its a secret. Naofumi wants to sell food, but no one has money, in-exchange he is willing to trade food for lumber, ores, and herbs. He heard the city is in worser shape then before, since the current government has raised the taxes even higher to support the army. Later, they realize that the former lord was taxing the citizen to raise the bare minimum money to defend the nation. Seeing how things are, Naofumi gives them a bio-plant seed to someone who seems like the leader, and leaves after telling him to use it carefully.

Chapter 8 - Before the Storm Edit

As Raphtalia's curse is almost cured with the Holy Water, Naofumi realizes that it's almost time for the 3rd wave, so they head back to Melromarc. At Oyaji's store, Naofumi gets Barbadian Armor +1. Naofumi wants to make some accessory for Raphtalia and Filo, and ask what they want. Raphtalia said he wants a Bracelet and Filo chooses a hairpin.

Chapter 9 - Framed Again? Edit

As Naofumi and co. leave the weapons shop, they run into Ren and Itsuki who accuse him of stealing their mission and reward. Naofumi manages to prove himself innocent and they back down albeit Itsuki claiming that he doesn't believe him and will prove that he's the one who did it. Afterwards the soldiers who agreed to battle alongside Noafumi in the next wave meet up with him and they hold a strategy meeting.

Chapter 10 - The Third Wave Edit

After completing the accessory, Naofumi gives the Bracelet to Raphtalia and the Hairpin to Filo. The 3rd wave starts, Naofumi's party with 5 volunteer soldiers are transported to the village, where the sick old lady lives, they ones saved. After ordering Filo to kick Motoyasu and having a small talk with the other heroes, Naofumi helps with the volunteer to evacuate and defend the villagers, oddly the old lady started to beat up monsters too. After 3 hours, the monster are continuing to attack, Naofumi leaves the defense to the soldier and the old lady and heads with Filo and Raphtalia to where the other heroes are.

Chapter 11 - Grow Up Edit

At the dimensional crack (where the wave started) he finds a floating ghost ship. The heroes have continued to attack the skull captain, skeleton and ghost ship but they keep reviving. Naofumi asks Raphtalia to use light magic to lure the boss out, after casting the magic multiple soul eaters are coming out from the shadow all around the ship. As the heroes attack it, the soul eaters fuse into a Big Soul Eater. Continuing the attack, but being repelled and not even Filo is able to damage it, Naofumi changes his shield into the curse shield, the dragon core caused the shield to grow into the Shield of Rage II, obtaining the skill "Iron Maiden".

Chapter 12 - Iron Maiden Edit

The Shield of Rage has started to change its shape into a dragon head, and started to emit black auras. The Black Aura possessed Filo, who goes berserk attacking the Soul Eater. To defeat the Soul Eater, Naofumi uses the new aquired skill "Iron Maiden" which drains all his SP. After the Soul Eater is defeated, a female figure appeared. With a single swing of her fan, the female figure defeats a Soul Eater, which has creeped behind them, announcing her name "Glass" and declaring, that it is the true start the battle of wave. Once again, the three heroes are challenging their new enemy (Meteorite!! Sword, Spear, Bow) only to be defeated with a single skill. Raphtalia and Filo attack, resulting in breaking Raphtalia's new sword and a Filo with her skill on cooldown. After taken on Glass' attack, Naofumi decides to use Iron Maiden once more, but Glass is able to destroy the iron cage. After having no more options left to defeat her, the hourglass countdown luckily changes, showing that the time is nearly up. Raphtalia stuns Glass with a flash and they immediately are trying to run away. During the escape, Glass walks off towards the giant rift and turning around to say "I will withdraw for now, but you will not be so lucky next time. Do not allow yourself to forget that it is WE who will emerge from the waves victorious. If that was your true strength, it is only a matter of time." Naofumi's party started resting, with many questions unanswered. So the third wave of destruction comes to an end.

Chapter 13 - Parting Ways Edit

The Dimensional Crack disappeared, leaving the parties of the other heroes fainted. Naofumi tries to absorbs the Soul Eater but he can't touch it, he asks Filo how she is eating it to find out that it can be touched with magic. After absorbing the Soul Eater, the Soul Eater shield is unlocked, Filo ate most of what is left. 2nd day, Naofumi helps to rebuild the village, but the knights from the castle finally arrived to recover the heroes and to take Naofumi back to the castle. Naofumi refuses at first but under the volunteer soldier request, he agrees. Next day at the castle, Naofumi alone meets the King, the King says "Shield, i hear that you have discovered a sthrength that has made you mor powerful than the other heroes. I don't believe it, but you have an obligation to tell me if it is true. Speak now. Not that I believe you." After some thinking, Naofumi smiling and jabbing his finger at the ground before him he orders:" If you really want to know, craw down here and bow to me." The King getting furious tells him to leave and to never let his face show there again.

Chapter 14 - On the Road Again Edit

"I'll have your head!" Knights are chasing after Naofumi, while he is running away from the throne room. Naofumi is able to escape after threating the knights and getting the King to become even more furious. On his way out, Naofumi is passed by Melty with a mystery woman, Raphtalia and Filo are hearing the commotion and leaving the waiting room to join Naofumi. They head to Oyaji's shop for the iron carriage. Naofumi asks where they should go, Oyaji recommends either Shieldfreeden or Siltvelt, which is ruled by demi-humans, which would both welcome the shield hero. As Naofumi decided on Shieldfreeden , Melty comes to ask Naofumi to return to the castle to have a real conversation with her father. Filo asked to play with Melty, but Naofumi refuses both Melty and Filo's request and leaves the Castle Town.

Chapter 15 - The Shield Demon  Edit

Soon after exiting the city, Naofumi found a bag with a note from Oyaji, saying that its a gift; it includes a replacement sword for Raphtalia and a sword hilt, Magic strengthening Gloves for Filo, and an accessory charm for the shield. Next day, Melty catches up to Filo, demanding Naofumi to apologize to the King or her father will be in trouble(with the queen). During the discussion, Melty's escort suddenly are trying to kill her. After defeating the escort, they find out that the escorts are Melromarc's royal knights and believer of the 3 hero church, who are trying to blame Naofumi for killing the 2nd princess and calling Naofumi the Shield Devil. Naofumi thinks that either the king or Malty is the one who planned this, but Melty denies the king's involvement. After going over the solutions, Naofumi realizes that Melty isn't the same type of person her father and sister are, and decides to guard Melty and to escape to the demi-human nation.

Chapter 16 - Appointment Arrangements Edit

Few hours after saving Melty, the party have reached a village. They find Devil of Shield's wanting poster appearing all over the village, along crystal-balls that recorded Naofumi kidnapping the Princess. The crystal-ball shows Naofumi holding the princess' neck with his bloody hands, and Filo portrayed as a monster beast with poison breath. After Filo changes her form to a normal Filolial, leaving her unable to speak, the party continues its travel.

Chapter 17 - The Princess's True Strength Edit

Few day later almost to the border as Filo remains in her normal Filolial form, the carriage is "under attack" by bandits. After Naofumi steps out of the carriage and Filo transform back to her real form, the bandit realize their mistake. As they attack Melty, hoping to held her hostage, Melty defends herself with water magic. With Melty, Naofumi and co. are able to suppress the bandits, and interrogate for their hideout. After taking some stuffs and burning the rest, they spend the night at the bandits hideout, Naofumi tells the issue with the king and 1st princess to Melty, who agrees that he treated unfair, another thing they find out is that Melty is level 18, Filo is 1 month and 3 weeks old and that Raphtalia is almost the same age as Melty. Next day they reach the Bio-plant village near the border to only find a large amount of soldiers standing there. One of the villagers realizes Raphtalia's face willingly to help the shield hero. The villager tells Naofumi that the iron carriage is standing out and offers to hide the carriage and give them some clothes to change into (Filo sadly parts with her carriage). Next a volunteer soldier from the 3rd wave finds the shield hero, telling Naofumi to be careful and that half of the solider of the Nation was send here with the other Heroes to arrest Naofumi. After hearing about the situation from the villager and the soldier, Naofumi heads south for a long detour.

Chapter 18 - Persuasion Edit

Soon after Motoyasu and Itsuki's carriage catch up to Filo. Naofumi shows to the 3 heroes that the princess isn't injured or captured. As Melty tells that it's a misunderstanding, Malty comes and says that the shield is lying, that he is able to brainwash everyone to believe him. As the 3 Hero request Naofumi to return the princess to clear the misunderstanding, Melty tells that she will most likely be killed once she returns. Understanding that Naofumi refuses to return the princess and Filo starts to run.

Motoyasu throws an iron bangle at Filo's leg, Filo falls and returns to her human form. Motoyasu capture Filo and tells that he hired an alchemist to specially forge the bangle to restrain Filo. Malty offers to trade Filo for Melty, and asks the other hero to help capture Melty. As Melty tries to save Filo, Filo is able to break free, but Melty gets captured instead and given to Malty. Naofumi tries to save them, using Iron Maiden, which gets destroyed by Ren, Itsuki and their parties. As Naofumi is out of SP, Filo puts on Oyaji's gloves, claiming she will save Melty (Motoyasu praise how cute Filo is). Raphtalia asks Naofumi to gather everyone's attention, Filo starts attacking Motoyasu. As Filo increasse her magic, the claws grow on the glove. Under Filo's attack Melty is released as she offers to help the battle between Melty and Malty started.

As Malty cast destructive fire spells, Melty cast counter water spell, Ren and Itsuki ask and question Malty, if she is trying to kill Melty. As Ren and Itsuki are troubled by the idea, their companion start to attack Naofumi. Naofumi counters with counter flame, seeing their companion under attack, Ren and Itsuki tell their party to use range attacks. As the situation grows worse, Malty starts to chant Chorus Magic with other wizards aiming at Melty. As they nearly finish chanting a giant fire ball in the sky, and a sword is stabbed into Malty's shoulder.

Chapter 19 - The Tools Edit

At the spell lights up the sky, Raphtalia appears behind Malty and stab a sword into her. Ren attacks Raphtalia, which she counters with her spare sword, but Ren blows her spare sword away. With no weapons left, Raphtalia takes out Oyaji's other sword, a sword without blade. As the others saw the sword they started to laugh, but Ren and Itsuki warn the others to be careful. As Ren uses meteorite sword, Raphtalia is able to evade all the sword swing. She swing her sword against Ren and a blade of light appears from the sword, Raphtalia understands that the sword can only cut things that can't be touch. After Ren fell, Raphtalia charges toward Malty, she evades all the guards and Malty's sword, once again stabbing the magic sword into Malty's chest. Malty screams then fainted. Raphtalia holds Malty as a hostage and tells everyone to some attacking.

The soldier captain refuses, while the volunteer soldier, who fought with Naofumi at the 3rd wave, tries to stop him. The captain recalling, that the soldier was the one, who fought with the Shield Hero, tries to attack him. Seeing this Naofumi couldn't control his emotions and just then the cover for the shield, which was given by Oyaji, cracks and falls. A circle of light expanded around him, which the attacks of the soldiers couldn't penetrade. The attacks bounces off and rains down on the other heroes. While the enemy is under attack, Naofumi's party tries to escape. Leaving only Motoyasu able to fight, he cries "Let Myne go!", Naofumi refuse but under Motoyasu's attack, Raphtalia accindentally releases her.

A smoke bomb fell in between Naofumi and the other heroes, a voice tells them to follow it. Melty says to trust it and Naofumi and the party follow the voice. As Itsuki uses wind magic to blow away the smoke, Naofumi has safely escaped from the heroes and the guards.

Chapter 20 - Shadow Edit

A member of the queens' secret service introduces himself as shadow to them and says he is Melty's personal bodyguard and explains that the queen would like Naofumi's cooperation. After telling Naofumi to meet with the queen in another country opposite of Siltvelt, shadow departs saying he'll be on the lookout for the church's shadow corps, Naofumi is doubtful but with no other options left he reluctantly decides to go along with shadow's plan for now and departs. Before setting out Naofumi manages to break the lock on Filo's ankle bracelet, she tears it off and is able to change back to her real form.

Epilogue - Name Edit

The group decides to rest for the night setting up a camp while Naofumi prepares dinner, but when he gives food to Melty while calling her "second princess" Melty starts yelling at him for not calling her by her name. Naofumi mentions that she doesn't call him by his name either and she says she will start doing it so he has to call her by her name too. Naofumi agrees just to get her stop yelling wondering what she was so mad about and they go to sleep.

Extra Chapter - Before I Met My Best Friend Edit

Melty Melromarc, Second Princess and first in line successor of next queen. She followed the queen around the world to prevent Melromarc from being the target of war. She likes her father as family even as he is now, he was once a wise and heroic king, currently the only one who can win against the queen, who is almost undefeated, in chess. But her sister, Malty, on the other hand is horrible at chess, losing against Melty even after cheating (move piece in illegal ways). Returning to the story, after debating with kings of the other nation about monopolizing the four heroes, the queen sends Melty to Melromarc in order to deliver a letter to the king to treat the shield hero as equal with other 3.

In the carriage on the way back to Melromarc, Melty sees a rare light blue Filolial with a single feather at the top of its head, like a crown. As the Filolial runs away, Melty orders her Filolial carriage to chase after it. As Melty's Filolial gets tired, the blue Filolial waits for them to rest up and continues the chase. As they are chasing, they run into a mountain, which is dragon's territory. As a dragon appears, Melty's escort runs away, Melty tries to fight the dragon resulting in Melty's Filoloal getting wounded whilst protecting Melty. Melty stands and tries to protect hers and the blue Filolial. As she faints from mana overuse, she hears "Thank you for protecting me". When Melty wakes up, she finds herself in the grass-plain escape from the mountain, the blue Filolial had healed her and her Filolial. As she happily plays with the Blue Filolial, she remembers that she has to meet up with shadow, but her once wounded Filolial is in no shape for riding. The blue Filolial shouted and 3 new Filolial come running, offering Melty a ride. On the way, when Melty was feeding the 3 Filolial, she heard someone saying, "That birds looks delicious! Every time I pass one I can't get over how good they look.", "You're one of those birds!", "If you chase them, you can still get them, Master!". Melty encounters another rare light peach color Filolial, and the story continues...