The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 2
Cover 2 eng
Cover Character(s) Naofumi, Raphtalia, Filo
Japanese Volume Information
Page Count 316 pages
Release Date October 24, 2013
ISBN ISBN 978-4040660493
English Volume Information
Page Count 300 pages
Release Date October 20, 2015
ISBN ISBN 978-1935548782
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Summary Edit

Naofumi Iwatani continues his adventure in this second volume. But his task is not yet complete and obstacles mount as the increasingly ominous waves of destruction approach. He finds a new friend and new powerful abilities that may prove too dangerous for the companionship. Will Naofumi live up to his role as the Shield Hero and save the world from its prophesied destruction? Or will his dark side consume him?


Prologue - Shared Pain Edit

Naofumi and Raphtalia wake up in the storage room they had spent the night in and decide to go get breakfast in the castle kitchen, but are turned away by the guards saying the other heroes aren't done with their meals yet. Later when all four heroes are summoned before the king to receive their rewards and support funds. Raphtalia asks the king why the other heroes got 4000 or 3800 silver coins while Naofumi only received 500. The king explains its because they completed quests from the guild as well as stopped the wave, when asks why Naofumi didn't get any quest the king mockingly says "what can the shield do?" causing Raphtalia to tighten her fist in anger. When they leave Raphtalia immediately says they should go to the slave trader to have the crest put back on since Naofumi wouldn't be able to fully trust her otherwise, Naofumi tries to dissuade her from getting it since he feels he could trust her because of the simple fact she stayed with him despite his bad reputation. Raphtalia says she wants it anyway to have proof that she trust him and that she will always be his sword.

Chapter 1 - Egg Machine Edit

At the salve trader's tent, the slaver dealer expressed his shock at how beautiful Raphtalia had grown and said he could buy her back for 20 gold coins on looks alone even though she not virgin. When Raphtalia says she's still pure he raises the price to 30 gold coins causing Naofumi to expressed his shock as well. Raphtalia got mad because Naofumi wasn't defended her even though she was being evaluated to be sold, Naofumi tried to play it off saying he was just surprised she was worth that much causing Raphtalia to be embarrassed. Raphtalia then has the slave crest reapplied on her chest. On the way out, the two notice a box of eggs and the slave dealer says that it's their cover business of dealing monsters. They pay 100 silver coins for a random monster egg from the lottery game he had and leaves the tent.

Chapter 2 - Gratitude for Life Edit

Naofumi and Raphtalia visit the apothecary to sell medicine and the owner greets them with a smile saying he wanted to thank them for saving a relative of his during the wave. He gives Naofumi a novice recipe book for medicines which he accepts and gives his thanks even though he can't read it. Afterwards they head to the magic shop and the owner also wants to thank them for saving her granddaughter during the wave and decides to give them a magic reading. She tells Naofumi that he specializes in healing and support magic while Raphtalia specializes in light and dark(shadow) magic meaning she's good at illusions. They receive more novice level books from the shop owner as thanks and make their way to Riyute village. When they arrive at the village they find the remains of the wave boss and Naofumi absorb some of its remains to unlock some new shields, they book a room in an inn and start studying the language to learn how to read before going to sleep.

Chapter 3 - Filo Edit

The egg that Naofumi brought from the slave trader hatched and, after asking one of the villagers, they found out it was a baby philorial. After naming the chick Filo they went out to hunt and level up. Raphtalia kept charging the monsters ignoring Naofumi's calls to let him go first. He tells her to be more careful and Raphtalia responds saying she wants to quickly get stronger to fight the wave and be a better fighter for him, Naofumi says they have plenty of time so she needs to calm down before she hurts herself. At the end of the day Filo grows three times bigger and they head back to the inn to study more before going to sleep.

Chapter 4 - Growth Edit

The next day, when Naofumi entered the stable where Filo was at he noticed she grew more and resembled an ostrich now, so they all decided to go level up after breakfast. After leveling, Filo was big enough to be ridden and motioned for Naofumi to get on its back then took off running at a speed much greater than an average philorial and quickly made a lap around the village. At the end of the day they stayed in the stable with Filo studying until she fell asleep because she was lonely and didn't want them to leave.

Chapter 5 - Kick and Run Edit

As the gang is deciding on what to do for the day Motoyasu, along with Myne and the rest of his group, show up in the village announcing that he has become the new lord. When Myne announced that a new tax of 50 silver coins was going to be issued for entering and leaving the village to help pay for the cost of repairs, the villagers started getting upset before a group of ninja-like people appeared and handed Myne a parchment. After reading it she became angry and challenged Naofumi to a race between him and his philorial and Motoyasu and his dragon to determine the new lord. Naofumi was against it saying he had no reason to before the current lord promised compensation if he saves the village. The race was three laps around the village, Myne and the knights they brought with them tried various cheats to win but still lost and was escorted out of the village by the ninja's and the lord of the village got to keep his job. To reward Naofumi for saving them he offered to build him a carriage and give him a commercial bill of passage suggesting he tries his hand as a travelling merchant since he makes and sells medicine and has a fast philorial. After agreeing to it they help the village out with the reconstruction by transporting lumber and realize Raphtalia gets motion sickness because Filo runs too fast.

Chapter 6 - Wings Edit

After finishing transporting the lumber, the group continued leveling for the rest of the day before retiring to bed. The next day Naofumi and Raphtalia noticed that Filo has grown much larger than a normal philorial and decide to go to slave trader to find out why. By the time they reached the slave trader's tent Filo's appearance changed once again and now she resembled something like an fat owl and Naofumi questions whether he was really sold a philorial egg. The slave trader assures him he did sell him the correct egg and suggest leaving Filo with him to research why she changed so much, to which he agreed. A few hours later a messenger from the slave trader meets up with Naofumi and asks him to come back to the tent, when he does the slave trader says Filo keeps rampaging and broke three cages and sent five people to the hospital to which Naofumi says he's not paying for that(lol). The Slave trader says Filo might be philorial queen, going based on legends and rumors of wild philorial who gains leader status in a pack, but when everyone one turns to the cage Filo was in they see young naked girl with wings inside yelling out "Master".

Chapter 7 - Transformation Edit

Chapter 8 - Carrot and Stick Edit

Chapter 9 - Rewards Edit

Chapter 10 - Traveling Merchant Edit

Chapter 11 - Travel by Carriage Edit

Chapter 12 - Rumors of the Heroes Edit

Chapter 13 - Take Everything but Life Edit

Chapter 14 - Magic Practice Edit

Chapter 15 - Why it Was Sealed Edit

Chapter 16 - Invading Vines Edit

Chapter 17 - Improving the Product Line Edit

Chapter 18 - Diseased Village Edit

Chapter 19 - Curse Series Edit

Chapter 20 - The Shield of Rage Edit

Epilogue - As a Shield... Edit

Special Extra Chapter - Presents Edit

Naofumi tells Raphtalia and Filo about hot-spring as they come across to hot-spring village. After return from the hot-spring bath, Raphtalia ask Naofumi to check her injury and try to confess to Naofumi. But Naofumi response with "I like you too, you are like my daughter." Next day, Raphtalia remembers her mother say she fell in love with her father when he give her a gift. To look for a gift, Raphtalia ask around town and found that there is rare ores in the volcano under some monster nest. As she head up the volcano, Filo follows, Filo say she is looking for a gift (rare monster egg) use to confess to master. They rushed up the volcano, and found the monster nest they looking for. As they try to collect the Ore/Egg, a silver boar appear attacking them. It charged at nest and smashed both the ore/egg, then it feels murders intent and tries to escape, lastly after a scream its over. Raphtalia and Filo tries to look around but can't find what they looking for and return sadly with the silver boar. As they return to the village, they found Naofumi waiting at the gate, they give the boar to Naofumi. As Naofumi thinks about cooking it, the villagers came wanting to buy the silver boar, since its tradition for the village to offer silver boar at festival. Naofumi sold the boar and give Raphtalia and Filo each half the money from silver boar, telling them to get something they want with it. But Raphtalia and Filo give the money to Naofumi saying it a gift from them.