The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 12
Page Count 321 pages
Release Date September 25, 2015
ISBN 978-4040677873
Volume 11
Volume 13
Volume#: One.Two.Three.Four.Five.Six.


After being defeating the other world invaders and allies, the sword hero had a change of heart and decided to follow the Shield Hero.

As everyday life returns to normal, they hear unbelievable news from the fighting a relative of the slave dealer who has a relative at the Colosseum. The news foretold, a person who is fighting for money in the name of Justice, with similar appearance as the bow hero.

"Justice is power. Being correct is the prove. Help the weak, crush the strong."

With the Bow Hero in the palms of "Witch", how will the Shield Hero deal with the curse corrupted Bow Hero?!


Prologue - Shield Hero's Morning

Chapter 01 - Instant Blooming

Chapter 02 - Alchemist

Chapter 03 - Philorals and Dragon

Chapter 04 - StarDust Blade

Chapter 05 - Ping-pong dash

Chapter 06 - Lv Drain

Chapter 07 - Populated Earth

Chapter 08 - Demon Dragon

Chapter 09 - Force Strengthening

Chapter 10 - Purify

Chapter 11 - Prefect Hide Justice

Chapter 12 - Justice Vs. Justice

Chapter 13 - Payment

Chapter 14 - Secret Base

Chapter 15 - Existence is Nothingness


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