The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 11
Cover 10 eng-0
Cover Character(s) Naofumi, S'yne, Filo, Raphtalia, Ren
Japanese Volume Information
Page Count 317 pages
Release Date June 25, 2015
ISBN ISBN 978-4040676982
English Volume Information
Page Count 400 pages
Release Date June 12, 2018
ISBN ISBN 978-1944937461
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Having claimed his victory at the coliseum tournament, Naofumi successfully frees the demi-human slaves to return to their village. When they arrive back at the village, Naofumi receives news on the whereabouts of Motoyasu, the Spear Hero. In order to capture him, Naofumi organizes a manhunt, but it leads him to a scene of carnage involving the Sword Hero, Motoyasu, and Bitch.

"If that's all you can say to your friends that believed in you . . . You're not worthy of being called a hero. You're not even worthy of being called a human!"

Full SummaryEdit

In Zeltoble Naofumi purchased some lumos slaves who came from the same village as Imiya. He was then offered some "special slaves", the hakuko Fohl and the blind Atla, who was severely wounded and covered with bandages, from the slave dealers and started to heal Atla with the Sacred Tree Elixir, saying that they would have to work for him to pay back the medicine.

Back at the village the Atla's skin started to heal back. She then asked if she could fight with Naofumi too. Naofumi proposed that if they wanted to get stronger they should reset their level. After they agreed Naofumi went back to his residence to compound medicine. After several moments Atla came in saying she wanted to talk with him. After talking a bit about Naofumi protecting the villagers Atla asked who would protect him. While Raphtalia acted as his sword, Atla wanted to be his shield.

The next morning when Naofumi distributed breakfast an unknown girl was standing in the line. Her speech was static and they couldn't understand her completely but he revealed herself as the Murder Pierrot they fought against in the coliseum and a holder of a vassal weapon. She wanted to warn them about the invading vassal weapon wielders and offered them her help, but Naofumi declined her saying he couldn't just trust her.

After arriving at the castle to reset their level they met Trash, who started screaming that the Shield Hero infiltrated the castle with the hakuho. But after he saw Atla he stopped and turned around. The queen then started to explain that Thash's sister Lucia was attacked by a hakuko explaining his hate. She was presumed dead but she probably was taken back to Siltvelt, which would explain why Atla looked like Lucia. The queen then reported that a companion of the Spear Hero was located saying that she could be used as bait to lure him out.

After the level reset of Sadeena, Fohl and Atla, Naofumi ordered them to level up while he would he, Raphtalia and Filo would go to find Matoyasu.

To be continued...


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  • Before the release of this book, there is a poll asking whose the girl on the cover in this wiki.
    • 29.0% believe she is Atlos
    • 22.5% believe she is Wyindia
    • 3.2% believe she is Rato and rest think she is a new character.