The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 10
Cover 10
Page Count 319 pages
Release Date March 25, 2015
ISBN 978-4040674858
Volume 9
Volume 11
Volume#: One.Two.Three.Four.Five.Six.


Finishing the battle with Kyo, Naofumi and his friends return safely to their world. The queen of Melromarc wishes to reward Naofumi for saving the world from the Spirit Tortoise.

“Then can I have my own land?”

After thinking about what he could do for his friend and partner, Raphtalia, Naofumi decides the best thing for their future would be the establishment of their own settlement―and he decides to build it on the ruins of Raphtalia’s old hometown! The start of a whole new chapter in our hero’s life begins here, in volume ten of this otherworld revenge fantasy!


Prologue - Spirit Turtle Barrier

Chapter 1 - Seven Star Staff

Chapter 2 - Location of Slave

Chapter 3 - An Acquaintance

Chapter 4 - E Float Shield

Chapter 5 - Seraetto Territory

Chapter 6 - Feeding

Chapter 7 - Using Bio-plant

Chapter 8 - Boy and Girl of Sea

Chapter 9 - Billboard of Shield

Chapter 10 - ゼルトブル - Zeltbur

Chapter 11 - Slave Hunting

Chapter 12 - Departure

Chapter 13 - Dark Colosseum

Chapter 14 - Ring name

Chapter 15 - Assault And Conspiracy

Chapter 16 - ナディア - Nadia

Chapter 17 - Farce

Chapter 18 - Exhibition Match

Chapter 19 - Power of Darkness

Epilogue - アプール - Apuru


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