The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 1
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Cover Character(s) Naofumi, Raphtalia, Malty
Japanese Volume Information
Page Count 334 pages
Release Date August 22, 2013
ISBN ISBN 978-4840152754
English Volume Information
Page Count 300 pages
Release Date September 15, 2015
ISBN ISBN 978-1935548720
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Naofumi Iwatani, an uncharismatic Otaku who spends his days on games and manga, suddenly finds himself summoned to a parallel universe! He discovers he is one of four heroes equipped with legendary weapons and tasked with saving the world from its prophesied destruction. As the Shield Hero, the weakest of the heroes, all is not as it seems. Naofumi is soon alone, penniless, and betrayed. With no one to turn to, and nowhere to run, he is left with only his shield. Now, Naofumi must rise to become the legendary Shield Hero and save the world!


Chapter 1 - A Royal SummonsEdit

Naofumi Iwatani, generally, explains his life as a college sophomore prior to his summoning. He says that because of his habits and lifestyle choices, which were formed because of his parents spoiling him, he was a disappointment of a son, therefore his parents shifted their efforts into raising his younger brother properly. During Naofumi's brother's rebellious phase, the family fell into chaos. Naofumi was able to save his family by introducing his younger brother to otaku culture which ended his rebellious phase. Because of this, Naofumi's parents were quite thankful and proceeded to spoil him even more. In his excessive free time, when his allowance was running low, Naofumi would visit the used book store and library to pass the time.

In the library he discovered an old-looking book with the title "The Records of the Four Holy Weapons". The book tells a story about a fantasy world which was being attacked by waves of great destruction. The people thus summoned heroes from another world to save them. After the story was shifting to the Shield Hero, Naofumi starts feeling dizzy and his consciousness slipped away.

Chapter 2 - The Heroes Edit

After awakening, Naofumi found himself in an unfamiliar room with three other people who also didn't know what was going on. Now equipped with a shield he learned that he was summoned as a hero to this world to save them. After moving to the throne room and hearing the story of the world from the king, the heroes introduced themselves. Hearing about the experience restriction when fighting together, they decide on forming their own parties.

Chapter 3 - A Heroic DiscussionEdit

In the chamber the heroes talked about their world and concluded that they came from different version of Japan. After that the other heroes mentioned that all of them died before being transported to this world, thus leaving Naofumi as the odd one for being transported after reading a book. Hearing that the other Heroes have a good grasp about how the system in this world works, Naofumi asked them to teach him a bit. Motoyasu told him that in the game he knows the shield class was a useless class, only usable in the beginning and that he can only protect people. Still Naofumi was excited about the upcoming adventures.

Chapter 4 - Specially-Arranged FundingEdit

The next day Naofumi and the other heroes assemble in the chamber, where the adventures get to choose their hero to party with. To Naofumi's confusion noone chose to party up with him. At the end a girl called Myne decided to switch to Naofumi. After receiving 800 pieces of silver Naofumi and Myne decided to buy some equipment. In the weapon store they met the owner, who mentioned seeing Myne before. Because of the restriction to the legendary shield Naofumi couldn't buy another weapon so he decided to purchase a chainmail.

Chapter 5 - The Reality of the ShieldEdit

Exiting the castle they decide to practice battling against the beginner monsters Orange Balloon. After five minutes punching a Orange Balloon Naofumi finally beat it receiving 1 EXP. Seeing Ren beating three monsters with one strike Naofumi assumed he had close to zero amount of attack and very high defence. He discovers that he could absorb the Orange Balloon loot but still hadn't collect enough to unlock the next shield. After fighting til evening they decide to head back.

Chapter 6 - A Backstabber Named LandmineEdit

Returning to the weapon shop they decide to buy some equipment for Myne. After haggling with the owner a bit Naofumi mentions, that he likes doing busyness. He explains that in online games he would always buy things cheaply as possible to resell them more expensive. He would also find it easy to haggle with others. After arriving at an inn and booking two rooms they decide to eat a meal. Myne offers Naofumi to drink wine, but Naofumi declines. He explains that he didn't really like to drink, because he never got drunk and thus developing a distate for alcohol.

At the next morning Naofumi finds himself only wearing his underclothes and missing the chain mail and his money pouch. Concluding that he was robbed he decided to report it to Myne, but couldn't find her in her room. Suddenly castle knights approached him and dragged him forcefully to the castle.

Chapter 7 - False ChargesEdit

Still in his underwear they arrive at the castle. Naofumi discovers Myne hiding behind Motoyasu, who was also wearing his chain mail. Myne then claims that Naofumi raped her last night, forcing himself onto her. She then started to run out of the room and met Motoyasu. Motoyasu then tells that he met Myne who started running to him and giving him the chain mail. After everyone started to call him as guilty and Myne mocking him without anyone else noticing Naofumi started to understand what was happening. He could feel his hate which was building itself up and started claiming that Motoyasu planned with Myne to rob him. He then questioned himself why he should fight for people who didn't even trust him. After finding out that there was no way to send him back the king decides they would still need him to fight against the waves. Losing his respect, trust and most of his money, Naofumi thus left the castle throwing his remaining money to Motoyasu.

Chapter 8 - Ruined ReputationEdit

After a week while passing by his shop, Naofumi met the weapon shop owner. Because he heard the news about Naofumi he wanted to smack him, but decided to let it be, upon seeing Naofumi's expression. He then tossed him a bag of cheap clothes and tells Naofumi he could pay him back later. Naofumi then decided to fight again in the field. After leveling up and unlocking two new shields he decided to sell his loot. After solving some problems with merchant using a orange balloon hidden under his cape, he sold his loot and decided to eat. He wasn't able to taste anything though.

The next day he unlocked some new shields and used the Leaf Shield to collect herbs. After selling them he had a meal at a restaurant. During his meal a few adventures started to harass him. After taking a balloon from his cape and throwing it to the man's face he payed for the meal and left.

Chapter 9 - They Call it a SlaveEdit

Naofumi eventually reached level 4, but felt depressed that he didn't do any damage on thee monsters. Then a strange man appeared before him, revealing himself as a slave trader and suggesting him to buy a slave. He invited Naofumi to his shop and told him about the beast-men, demi-humans and the discrimination of them in the kingdom. Afterwards he showed Naofumi a level 75 werewolf. Naofumi understanding the traders intentions asked about the other slaves. The slave trader showed him three other slaves. Naofumi asked why the tanuki slave was so cheap. The slave trader answered that the girl is being plagued by panic attacks. Naofumi decided to buy her nontheless and payed for her. After the slave registration ceremony Naofumi asks for her name. After hearing her name "Raphtalia" they left they shop.

Chapter 10 - Kids’ MenuEdit

They visited the weapon shop and purchased a knife for Raphtalia. Then Naofumi commanded that she should stab an Orange Balloon he pulled out under his cape. After she killed the Balloon Naofumi was bewildered that he too was getting experience and he concluded that Myne never had a intention to join his party.

After leaving the shop they decided to eat a meal. Upon seeing Raphtalia staring at another children with his kid's meal he ordered her the same meal and himself the cheapest one. Still not tasting anything Naofumi allowed Raphtalia to eat, who started eating her meal bare-handed and finding her meal great.

Chapter 11 - The Fruits of SlaveryEdit

They finished their meals and went to the fields. After fighting against Red Balloons Raphtalia reached level 2 and Naofumi unlocked a new shield. After Raphtalia asked him how he was able to change his shield, Naofumi told her that he is the shield hero.

In the evening after fighting against other type of monsters and unlocking new shields Naofumi created medicine and gave it to Raphtalia, who was coughing repeatedly. After eating a meal Naofumi told her to go to sleep. Naofumi then experimented with his shield when suddenly Raphtalia started to scream during her sleep. Naofumi thus held her close and tried to calm her down. Because of the scream, monsters were attracted so Naofumi had to deal with them, thus getting little amount of sleep. After Raphtalia awoke finding herself in Naofumi's arms, he told her he would take a nap and that she should eat the leftovers.

Chapter 12 - What’s Yours is MineEdit

They went to the town, sold the medicine and then purchased some crafting tools. Bacause Naofumi saw Raphtalia staring at a kid, who was playing with a ball, he bought a ball for Raphtalia. Then they went to the forest and fought against egg-like monsters and thus unlocking new shields.

Back in the town they sold their loot, bought something to eat and went to an inn. After paying for room Raphtalia started playing outside. When Naofumi then saw, how some other kids started harassing Raphtalia for her race and wanted to take her ball by force, he stopped them saying that the ball was his. Because the kids didn't want to stop he decided to punish them, pulling a balloon and letting it bite the kid, before they ran away.

Chapter 13 - MedicineEdit

Because Raphtalia was hungry again, they decided to get dinner at a restaurant. After the meal Naofumi decided to cut Raphtalia hair, when the shield reacted to it. Naofumi then let it absorb her hair, but his shield's level wasn't high enough to unlock anything. He then made few other medicines before going to bed besides Raphtalia. The next morning when he awoke he saw Raphtalia in the corner across the room. Raphtalia had peed the bed and was apologizing to him. Because Raphtalia started coughing again, Naofumi ordered her as a "punishment" to drink the medicine he created the last night.

Chapter 14 - To Take a LifeEdit

Back in the field a rabbit-like monster appeared. Because they hadn't fought against animal-like monster before, Raphtalia had some hesitation killing something, which was truly alive and would be bleeding. After Naofumi told her, that he would be fighting against the waves and she wouldn't be of use like that, Raphtalia was able to kill the monster. They then cooked a meal before Raphtalia went to sleep. After Naofumi practiced compounding a bit Raphtalia awoke and was hungry again, so he let her eat the rest of the meat.

Chapter 15 - Demi-HumansEdit

Back in the town they decided to go to the weapon shop, when Raphtalia's stomach was rumbling again. Because they just ate, Naofumi wondered how many times she would have to eat. In the weapon shop they purchased a sword for Raphtalia. Naofumi also got a whetstone, which he let the shield absorb, unlocking the Sharpening Shield. To test the new shield the owner gave him a rusty old sword. He then suggested them to visit a cave on the other side of the forest.

Chapter 16 - The Two-Headed, Black DogEdit

While traveling to the cave Naofumi found new tools, which he absorbed into the shield, unlocking the Pickax Shield and the Rope Shield. In the cave they found footprints of a dog-like monster. They encountered the dog on top of the waterfall, when suddenly Raphtalia started screaming after seeing the monster. When the dog tried to jump at her, Naofumi jumped into the waterfall with Raphtalia in his arms.

After getting out of the water Raphtalia told Naofumi her past, that her village was destroyed by the waves and that her parents saved her by pushing her from the cliff, but were killed by the monsters. They then killed the dog and Naofumi started mining and unlocking new shields.

Chapter 17 - Preparing for the WaveEdit

A week later Naofumi unlocked the skill Shield Prison and the Needle Shield and so was able to attack. Raphtalia then persuaded Naofumi to buy new equipment for him, who was feeling that she was getting cheeky.

Chapter 18 - Barbarian ArmorEdit

Back in the weapon shop the owner praised Raphtalia that she had become a fine young woman. Naofumi, not understanding why everyone around him was a lolicon for lowering the prices when seeing Raphtalia, ordered a new piece of armor for him. The owner wanted to explain it to him, but Raphtalia stopped him. At the restaurant Naofumi wanted to order the kid's meal for Raphtalia, but she stopped him and ordered the same meal as Naofumi.

Chapter 19 - The Dragon HourglassEdit

They picked up the Barbarion Armor at the weapon shop when the owner told them about the Dragon Hourglass. At the Dragon Hourglass they met Motoyasu with his companions. When Naofumi wanted to leave he also met Itsuki and Ren. To release his anger he started punching Balloons in the field. Raphtalia wanted to ask what had happened to him, whereupon Naofumi said she could just ask at the bar.

Chapter 20 - The SwordEdit

Before they were transported to the wave Raphtalia said her thanks to him, that he taught her how to live and that she would be his sword, staying by his side.

They then were transported to Riyute. The other heroes, who ignored the town, ran towards the cracks in the sky. Naofumi then decided to help the town.

Chapter 21 - The Wave of DestructionEdit

In the town Naofumi helped the villagers. When fighting a giant zombie suddenly a fire spell was casted onto them. The knights aimed at the zombies ignoring that Naofumi and Raphtalia were in their range.

After a hew hours the town was evacuated and the wave was stopped. The heroes then were invited to the castle. At the banquet Motoyasu suddenly challenged Naofumi to a duel, claiming that he had heard everything about Raphtalia.

Chapter 22 - The Clash of Spear and ShieldEdit

During the fight Naofumi started using the Balloons he hid inside his cape and the Two-Headed Black Dog Shield and was thus starting to get an advantage. Then Myne started to attack Naofumi from outside and Motoyasu thus was able to free himself and won the duel.

Chapter 23 - All I’d Wanted to HearEdit

Naofumi complained that he was attacked by Myne, but no one stood out for him. It is revealed that Myne is the daughter of the king and that her real name is Malty. Naofumi thus concluded that everything was planned by the king and her daughter and was able to unlock the Curse Shield Series with his hatred. They then released Raphtalia from her slave status, but she ran towards Naofumi assuring them, that Naofumi didn't abused him. Naofumi then noticed that Raphtalia wasn't a small child anymore. Raphtalia explained him that Demi-humans grow with their levels and that she would be his slave again, if he only could trust slaves.

Ren and Itsuki then went to Motoyasu telling him that he lost the match by breaking the rules. They told him that they saw how Malty attacked Naofumi. As thanks to Raphtalia he kissed her on her cheeks, but misunderstood her response as rude and decided he won't do it again.


The next morning Naofumi decided to call the king Thash, Malty Bitch and Motoyasu Clown. He then noticed that he was able to taste food again.

Special Extra Chapter 1 - The Spear Hero’s BuffooneryEdit

Motoyasu Kitamura is the Spear Hero. As he invite a girl into his party, he introduce his party member: Malty S. Melromarc (a red hair girl whom he saved from shield otaku), Lucy (Malty's friend, whose slightly less pretty), Elena (last member of party who join a week after the others). He taken on the quest to deliver food to a drought village. The new girl joined but after awhile Malty said the new girl (Rino) cannot keep up and leave the party. The spear hero asked a bunch of people to travel with him from the beginging, but they always left shortly after. They always said that they didn´t feel they fit the group. To celebrate 3 week of his summon, Motoyasu cook for the party, but he was surprise with the leftovers. After getting village, Motoyasu though to get an artifact from a maze to solve the drought problem. They went and defeat the guardian golem, as he open the chest the maze collapsed. Wondering why he the maze collapse, he told others the condition to clear is to defeat the golem before the torch at the entrance went out, but Malty say that she thought we don't need the torch so she blow it out. As the maze collapse the party got separated, Motoyasu heard Malty and others talking about how his food is terrible, how they had sold the last girl who tried to join them as a slave, and how he sexual harass them all the time, telling himself that it is the monster trying to confusing him, he continue to search for his party. He reunions with the party and left the maze. Returning to the village and gave the artifact seed to mayor and telling that it will solve the food shortage. As Malty and other getting close to level 40, they started to head back to Melromarc.

Special Extra Chapter 2 - The Flag on the Kid’s MealEdit