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Kitamura Motoyasu

Motoyasu Anime

Motoyasu Default

Kanji/Kana 北村元康
Rōmaji Kitamura Motoyasu
Alias(es) キタムラ=モトヤス
(Kitamura Motoyasu)
Race Human
Title Legendary Hero
Age 21
Gender Male
Height 170 cm
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type
Status Deceased
Occupation University Student

Legendary Hero
Street Racer
Filolial Herder

Lv. 1-100+
Country Japan
Affiliation The Spear Hero
Epithet 槍の勇者 (Spear Hero)
Weapon Legendary Spear
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 2
Web Novel Chapter 2

Motoyasu was a university student before he was stabbed to death by one of his girlfriends for cheating on her in his old world. He is the oldest of the current four hero.

Motoyasu had a yandere trauma, due to his murder.He is generally a nice person however he is easily fooled by women which causes him anguish. He will listen to anything a woman says. He is the leader of the party Malty Melromarc is in. He is a skirt chaser who asks both Raphtalia and Filo to leave Naofumi and join his party the instant he meets each of them.

Motoyasu is likely the friendliest of the four Legendary Heroes, however, he is incredibly naive and gullible. When Malty framed Naofumi for rape, despite the fact that she had stolen his money and clothes and given both to Motoyasu, he completely believed her claims and became openly hostile towards Naofumi in her defence. He later acts the same for Raphtalia and Filo, trying, without her permission, to free the former from being Naofumi's slave, and doing the same again with the latter. Raphtalia is quick to point out the hypocrisy of his actions here.

He is also quite a flirt, but quick to admit Raphtalia was right to scold him for flirting with her when they were doing a party exchange. He likes most kinds of women, and is easily manipulated by them due to his naivety, but apparently has a fetish for angels, thus his attraction towards Filo above most other women he meets due to her human form being a winged girl with a very angelic appearance.

He seems to be incapable of believing any woman capable of doing wrong or being evil, heartless or manipulative, and was shocked when the Queen of Melromark cleared Naofumi's name and presented evidence that proved that he had been given stolen goods by Malty, yet he still denied the reality. It took Ellena actually saying all of his faults to his face, and Malty betraying him, like she does everyone, for him to finally realize the kinds of women he's surrounded himself with. The only girl to show him kindness here, Filo, thus becomes the sole object of his affections.

As a result of women betraying him, he was swallowed by the lust curse series, Motoyasu can only see women, except Filo, as pigs; this has also affected his hearing so he only hear women say "oink."

Motoyasu becomes incapable of perceiving all women except Filo, Filolial Queens, and close companions of Filo(eventually), as pigs, literally, as in when he sees them he can't actually even tell that they're human beings anymore and when he hears them talk he only hears squeeling. Naofumi describes him at this point as being quite broken, he's become obsessed with Filo, calls Naofumi "Father in Law" and obeys the pair with strong loyalty. His lust for Filo and envy towards Naofumi for being so close to her awoke his Curse Series weapon, but it doesn't appear to alter his personality at all, either because he's permanently under its influence already or because he can't possibly be more corrupted by lust and envy then he already is. He's also become totally obsessed with Filolials and has raised an entire farm of them in Naofumi's territory, which includes several Queen and King Filolials as well.

His greatest wish is for everyone to just get along with each other, ironically this made him indecisive when dealing with the women in his life, and eventually led to him being killed by two Yandere in his room, which is how he ended up in the present world to begin with. This has instilled in him a trauma towards women who fit that criteria, and while he will try to help them he is quick to break down when in their presence, or what he perceives as such. His wish for everyone to get along is the entire basis for his activities in the Spin-off "the Throwing of Spear Hero" in which he goes back in time frequently to try and change events to bring about this future.


Motoyasu specializes in fire and recovery magic. He can use support magic with my fire spells.

  • Zweite Absorb[1]
    • Revelation Absorb
  • Revelation Firestorm V
  • Revelation Prominence X
  • Revelation Fire Prominence X

Legendary Spear SkillsEdit

  • Meteor Spear
  • Portal Spear[2]
  • Inazuma Spear[3]
  • Envy Spear
  • Instant Javelin
  • Second Javelin
  • Shining Lance
  • Gungnir
  • Aiming Lance
  • Triaina[4]
  • Brionac:[5]

Lust Spear IVEdit

  • Temptation[6]
  • Fire Resentment[7]
  • Windmill[8]

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc c1-78

Cal Mira Island Arc c78-114

Spirit Turtle Arc c115-130

Slave Supremacy Arc c131-203

New 7 Deadly Sins c204-357

Towards the Legend Arc c357-378

Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero c379-385

The Valentine of Shield Hero c386-402

The White Day of Shield Hero c403-409

The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc c410-414

Motoyasu recalls the time he was killed by his girlfriends before being summoned to Melromarc. He is then returned to the moments after summoning. Although at first he believes it is just a sweet dream, he soon comes to accept that he has actually returned to the first day and he was able to retain all of his abilities and stats. He stops by the Slave Merchant and buys a Filolial egg with the hopes of Filo hatching from within. By the end of the chapter Motoyasu vows that he will eliminate everyone who stand in his way, no matter who they are in order to protect Naofumi. c410

Motoyasu leaves the palace with Naofumi after having spoken against the red pig's rape charges. He stops outside and contemplates returning to slaughter the red pig, but Naofumi stops him. They go to Elhart's shop to buy armor and Noafumi refuses to wear armor similar to the one the red pig stole. The egg hatches and to Motoyasu's disappointment it was not Filo. The new Filolial was named Kuro because it's feathers were black. c411

Motoyasu explains levels Kuro in order for Iwatani Naofumi to have a reliable attacking ability. He does so by going to a mountain populated with dragons and brutally exterminates them all providing both a source of food for Kuro and experience. He believes that since Dragons are Filolial's natural enemy they are his as well. After spending the day grinding with Kuro he returns meets with Naofumi at a predetermined location in Melromarc's Castle Town. He gave Naofumi the dragon materials he collected during that day and told him to absorb them, explaining how their weapons could absorb anything and about the skill trees. He then eats Naofumi's cooking and heads to the stable to sleep with Kuro. Naofumi gives him all their gear to avoid it getting stolen again and showing Motoyasu that he is trusted. c412

Motoyasu tells Kuro to partner with Naofumi in order to help Naofumi fight and to give Kuro real battle experience. Since Kuro is registerd as Motoyasu's slavehe has to give Naofumi permission to allow Kuro to join Naofumi's party. Motoyasu goes to an adventure's guild and requests the highest paying job and although they try to deny him his request after he mentions the queen a Shadow appears and he is able to take the job. Outside the guild he is attacked by a member of the radical faction of the Three Heroes Church, but he easily takes care of them and takes their wallet as well. He then stops by the Slave Merchant's place and buys a few more Filolial eggs. After completing the quest, the day is over and he returns to meet Naofumi an Kuro waiting for him. He also runs into an Emissary from Silt Welt with wolf ears. c413

Motoyasu decides that his top priority is to secure his place as Filo's master. He feels that it would be best if Naofumi were to go to Silt Welt since their movements are so limited in Melromarc. They part and Motoyasu starts hoarding Filolial eggs with Kuro who is now in angel form and can speak in short phrases. After two days he has 7 Filolials and Kuro is their leader, but suddenly four icons, Sword, Spear, Bow, and Shield, appear in his vision. The Shield icon flashes red then the entire world is dyed in gray and everything stops moving. His spear starts shaking and making a clattering sound then strange analog clock appears with the pointer rotating counter-clockwise. He is then transported to the time right after being summoned. After he contemplates what could have happened he kills Itsuki. The Bow icon begins to flash red and time is reset again. Once he sees that Itsuki is fine like before he was stabbed and time was reversed, he kills Ren to be sure. The Sword icon flashes red and Motoyasu is sent back to the restart point. Realizing that Naofumi was killed when he saw the Shield icon flashing, Motoyasu realizes his blunder and swears that he won't make a mistake like that again. c414

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc c415-455

After realizing that the deaths of the Heroes will cause another loop, Motoyasu vows to learn from his previous mistakes and to defend Naofumi using his overwhelming power. As the loop restarts, Motoyasu tells the heroes how he is the "love hunter" who has come from the future explaining how Naofumi will be discriminated in the country of Melomarc. Having heard this Red Pig (Malty) comes from behind her father Trash and explains how this will come true with the Three Heroes Church and advises that Naofumi go to Silt Welt for protection.

The King sends Naofumi to Silt Welt with soldiers of Melomarc as Motoyasu is then tricked into falling into a pitfall trap within the castle where he meets up with Female Knight in a dungeon. Female Knight thinking Motosayu is an illusion asks him to free her from prison vowing to help the Shield Hero from being persecuted and killed.

Escaping from the castle Motosayu tracks down Naofumi with Eclair after burning down the Three Heroes Church with revelation magic. Saving Naofumi from an assassination attempt from the soldiers who were supposed to escort him to Silt Welt he no longer thinks Motosayu as crazy. Having to fight off assassins from the Kingdom and soldiers of Melomarc, Motosayu decides the best course of action for Naofumi and Eclair are to wait for the ambassadors from Silt Welt to come.

The ambassadors eventually finding Motosayu, Female Knight, and ask if they will go to Silt Welt however Motosayu now suspicious from the previous loop is unsure if they are trustworthy. To gain their trust, the three ambassadors allow themselves to be enslaved by Naofumi to prove themselves to Motosayu.

Choosing to cross the border to Silt Welt, Naofumi and companions are in awe of Motosayu's overwhelming power and irrational mindset to immediately resort to violence. As they attempt to cross the border rather than trying to sneak across, Motosayu chooses the direct approach alone leaving Female Knight, Naofumi, and the ambassadors in the forest. As the border guards unleash Judgement magic at the lone Motosayu, the spear hero absorbs their magic and proceeds to hit them with a Revelation Fire spell and wipes out the entire Border patrol. Needless to say the still level one Naofumi is terrified of his new ally.

Proceeding across the border, Motosayu finds a Filorial Ranch in the country between Silt Welt and Melomarc. Convincing the rancher of with his obsessive love of Filorials, Motosayu buys three eggs from the rancher in an attempt to find Firo and decides to set a portal point here. Figuring Naofumi cannot remain level one forever, Motosayu decides to level up the Filorials in the mountains slaying unsuspecting dragons with his overwhelming strength.

Naming the three Filorials Yuki, Sakura, and Kou, Motosayu runs into the problems when he realizes they will eventually need clothes when they turn into angels in three days. Eclair and Naofumi misunderstand this as there dying however, Motosayu is completely unaware of their confusion and instead remembers his skills as a dressmaker allowing him the skills to create life sized Firo dolls.

Giving Female Knight a Griffin Sword and Naofumi badass armor too heavy for him, Motosayu proceeds to give Naofumi materials from the dragons he's slain to raise the three Filiorials to level 40 in one day. As Motosayu proceeds to locate the crystals and material needed to create the Filorial dresses, he continues to be chased by assassins from Melomarc for his crimes against the Kingdom. Having found the materials and creating the clothes for the Filorials, he becomes pissed and massacres these assassins after they tear one of the dresses.

After getting the Filorials their clothes, Motosayu then gives Sakura to Naofumi as a companion to fight with so he can level up. Proceeding towards Silt Welt once more after this Filorial based detour, they come to a hot spring. At this hot spring, Motosayu forces Naofumi into man's greatest pleasure of peeping as Naofumi has a crush on Female Knight in this loop. The Silt Welt ambassadors instead get in the way trying to have Naofumi fall in love with a Demi-human bride and cause them both to be caught. After getting caught, Motosayu tells Naofumi to be weary of STDs and assassination attempts that killed previous Shield Heroes in the past.

After the hot spring the Heroes continue towards Silt Welt when they encounter Fitoria searching for new queen candidates deciding to test Sakura, Kou, and Yuki to see if they are worthy of an adhoge. Motosayu telling Naofumi and Female Knight of his previous encounter with Fitoria, (ending in him grabbing her feathers and Fitoria running away before the blessing could be granted) tie him up and blind fold him throughout the ordeal. The three Filiorials proving themselves worthy of Fitoria's blessing are given adhoges as Motosayu and Naofumi are give feathers to upgrade their weapons. Motosayu however ties this feather to his spear and continues his journey as the "Love Hunter" searching once again for his beloved Firo.

Headed towards Silt Welt, Motosayu remembering Firo was bought after the second wave returns to Melomarc to buy an egg from the Slave Dealer for Naofumi to raise hopefully to be Firo. Teleporting into Melomarc, Motosayu learns the wave of destruction completely annihilated Ryuutei Village and while feeling bad, is more concerned with recreating Firo however now the slave dealer is gone as the magic shop and apothecary shop are in mourning.

Depressed Motosayu learns more mysteries of Filorials unsure of whether it is nature and all he must do is find Firo egg or how the egg is nurtured which will create his beloved. Teleporting back to the Filorial Ranch, Motosayu and Naofumi proceed to Silt Welt as Eclair realizes she must defend her own country and leaves to find the Queen hoping to prevent further disaster such as what happened to Ryuutei village.

Continuing back to Silt Welt with the ambassadors Naofumi and Motosayu arrive to a warm welcome. After proceeding to class up the Filorials they are given a dinner celebrating the Shield Hero coming to Silt Welt. At this dinner they are to meet the Silt Welt hero, the vessel if the claw. However as they meet this rugged Demi-human, Motosayu's spear reacts automatically turning into the Beast Spear only he received at Fitoria's nest and murders the hero of the claw. The hero of the claw is discovered to be a fake and is actually the fox-woman of Tact's harem in disguise.

After Motosayu's actions and eating breakfast the next morning, Sakura discovers poison in his food along with her's as it becomes clear Silt Welt wishes for Naofumi to be their only hero. The Genmu elder however clams down the situation and while they remain distrustful of the country, it is better than Melomarc which to this point has still been sending assassins after the two heroes. As the Silt Welt wave approaches, Tact proceeds to head to Silt Welt and attempts to befriend both Naofumi and Motosayu. Attempting to isolate the heroes and take their weapons, Tact invites them into his airship and gives them a dinner as a show of good faith that they will fight the next wave together. However as Tact steals Motosayu's weapon, Motosayu using Revelation Fire magic easily kills him in a massive ball of fire and returns his weapon as Sakura becomes the new hero of the claw.

Although by allowing Tact's Aotatus woman escape, she then proceeds to run to Sheeldfreeden. In Sheeldfreeden she convinces Melomarc and Fourbei to declare war against Silt Welt. Fourbei does not send troops but merely sends resources to assist both Sheeldfreeden and Melomarc to help with the war effort.

As the Battle begins, Ren who has gone to Zelburg decides to stay neutral in the conflict as Itsuki leads from the front lines with the aid of Red Pig and Trash. As the battle becomes quickly decided with Motosayu's overwhelming strength as Itsuki and the Aotatsus woman are unable to inflict damage to either Naofumi or Motosayu the war becomes clear to Silt Welt's advantage.

The battle is stopped only as the Queen along with Eclair are able to halt the battle after declaring Melomarc's official position as fighting against the wave rather than Silt Welt. In doing so she declares Red Pig, Trash, and the Three Heroes church as rebels of the country undermining any and all power Itsuki has obtained for the sake of justice.

As the powerless and defeated Itsuki is left on the battlefield alone, a smokescreen appears where Armor (Mald) kidnaps Itsuki and runs away from the battle. The battle reconciles as Silt Welt, Melomarc, and Sheeldfreeden come to term except now the Bow icon in Motosayu's screen flashes as the signal for a new loop starts. As Motosayu leaves for another loop, Naofumi and the queen's parting words tell him to stop the war from happening by avoiding Silt Welt altogether and to change Melomarc from within. Naofumi and Female Knight add at the end to not use his strength and violence for everything.

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc c456-574

After obsessing over Firo and realizing the last loop took place because of Armor's betrayal, Motosayu continues to believe he can figure out how to both save the world along with bringing back Firo.

So this time Motosayu attempts to not freak out as much at the meeting of the King and not murder Red Pig but instead be quiet and act natural.

After being led into the rooms to discuss their different Japan's, Motosayu tells Naofumi good things about the Shield Hero and how the Shield Hero needs companions. Explaining the basics one of the strengthening methods to gain Naofumi's trust, Motosayu sneaks away from the castle and utterly massacres Armor so he cannot betray Itsuki later. Having slept with the castle Filiorials, Naofumi questions his hygiene however lets it go due to Motosayu's knowledge of the world. Motosayu then observes a small panic in the castle as the King attempts to act normally giving them 11 adventures instead of the usual 12. Long story short, Naofumi is once again betrayed by Red Pig however this time Motosayu does not take the chain mail and questions why she is squealing when she attempts to explain the false charges.

After going to ditch his companions, he then warps to the Filorial ranch and decides to pick up Yuki, Kou, and Sakura. Having seen how good of friends they were in the last loop, Motosayu decides to leave Sakura's egg unregistered so he can later give her to Naofumi. Preparations complete, Motosayu returns to Castle Town.

Having failed to seduce Motosayu, Red Pig goes to Itsuki to tell her sob story as Naofumi is dragged to the castle. Seeing a still level one Naofumi, Motosayu know he must remain in control to protect his dear Father-in-law. Waiting for his opportunity to save Naofumi from false charges, Motosayu eventually leaps into action attempting to prove Itsuki's armor was stolen. This time however Red Pig switched it with castle chain mail so the charges continue to be believed. Motosayu not completely believing the story, the King and Red Pig still tell Naofumi how he will not be able to fight his bad reputation and send him on his way.

Ren then in secret tells Motosayu of his doubts of the rape charges and vows to look into the matter. Catching up with Naofumi Motosayu leave the castle and explains his belief in his innocence despite the King's words. Vowing to murder Red Pig and Trash, Naofumi calms down Motosayu from going out in a rampage for his sake. Instead Motosayu decides to help Naofumi slowly get stronger because of his compassion for others. Teaching him the other 6 Strengthening methods he proceeds to gives Sakura's egg to Naofumi and explains more about his Filorial love as Kou and Yuki have already hatched.

Going back to the Filorial Ranch, Motosayu then goes into the high level hunting areas and steals whatever prey he can from Ren and Itsuki future selves. Leveling up Kou and Yuki to level 40 he then brings materials for Naofumi to absorb. Naofumi not wanting to have Motosayu do everything learns to fish. Wanting to know more about his previous self, Motosayu explains how he was "a slaver who could make children go to battle with smiles on their faces" as Naofumi slowly becomes scared of his future self. Explaining how he used to peddle the country, Naofumi is more convinced to become the Holy Saint with the God Bird. When asked how he would conduct business Motosayu remembers Kiel or "the dog that would transform into a pig." Finding the slave dealer, they specifically search for Kiel for her peddling talents. Being told to wait a day, Motosayu takes Naofumi to The Filorial Ranch and tells him places to level up with Kou and Yuki.

After leaving to make a dress for the Filorials, Motosayu prepares for his "angels" to be born. Picking up Kiel from the slave trader the next day, Naofumi and Motosayu are asked to come to Silt Welt. This time however, rather than shelter, Motosayu asks for permission to class up and to get a peddling contact to do business in Melomarc as Naofumi explains they plan to change the country from within despite his false charges.

The next day Motosayu is then surprised to find Sakura is not a 10 year old but a 17 year old "Angel." Making a new dress Sakura takes on the older sister role and instead fights with two swords while Yuki and Kou remain the same. Perplexed by this change, Motosayu believes something more can be learned from the Filorials nature.

Eventually getting the pass to do business from Silt Welt along with class up permission, Motosayu and Naofumi begin peddling. After a while Naofumi decides Motosayu needs to be able to converse with Kiel so they go by the Filiorial Ranch and search for a from Silt Welt to help Kiel transform into a dog. At a bar they find some Panda Beastmen mercenaries who are looking for suits. Having Motosayu who makes wonderful clothing an exchange for lessons and suits is formed. One of the Panda Beastwomen and Naofumi end up hitting it off and they say they'll help him out so long as he pays. Returning to Melimarc to sell medicine around the country, Naofumi and Motosayu strengthen up in preparation for the Ryuutei wave. Having to later explain to Kiel is a girl, Motosayu makes a dress with the Panda's suits for peddling.

Nearing the time of the wave, Naofumi and Motosayu go to the dragon hour glass to register for the event. Meeting up with Ren and Itsuki, Motosayu and Naofumi act ignorant of a class up and pretend to be level 30. Learning that Red Pig is now an advisor to Itsuki (because she did not want to be apart of a human shield) they learn of how class up is forbidden to the spear and shield heroes. After leaving, Motosayu and Naofumi feel their covert tactics of training in Silt Welt were a success having already classed up a week before in secret.

Nearing the approaching wave Kiel is both motivated and scared of the upcoming disaster. After going over tactics to save Ryuutei village this time, Motosayu feels relieved to begin fulfilling a promise to the previous loop Naofumi. As the wave hits both Ren and Itsuki run directly toward the wave as Naofumi and Motosayu run to the civilians. Getting there faster than last time, Motosayu saves the Filiorials and monsters in Ryuutei by breaking the fences. Fighting off the monsters of the wave, Motosayu and Naofumi prevent the monsters from going any further. After finishing the evacuations, Naofumi tells Motosayu to fight the boss after a half an hour of fighting.

Motosayu reluctantly goes to the Chimera boss who is barely injured. Remember the boss going faster, Ren and Itsuki are pissed about Motosayu abandoning the fight. Explaining about the towns folk both Naofumi and Motosayu were protecting, the spear hero proceeds to use his weakest spear and slowly kill the first boss. Not firing off any skills to Ren and Itsuki's anger, Motosayu makes quick work of what was a hard boss to the two to them while trying to not show off his true strength as according to Naofumi's orders.

After killing to boss and sealing the wave, Ren and Itsuki fight about what head they deserve of the Chimera. Motosayu instead takes the lion head they had both been eyeing, taking it for Naofumi and explains how the need to be more considerate of the shield hero. Taking the snake for himself Naofumi and Motosayu go to the castle with a pissed off band of heroes.

Going to the castle, this time Itsuki and Naofumi have a duel over Kiel and Sakura's slavery. Itsuki and Naofumi fight as Itsuki is unable to deal any damage because if Naofumi's strengthening lessons for Motosayu. Seeing Itsuki losing after getting poisoned by Naofumi, Red Pig fires wind magic which does nothing and proceeds to launch full scale fire attacks to defend her hero. After the fuel is resolved because of the Red Pigs clear cheating, Itsuki is then give 8000 silver while Ren is given 4500 silver with Motosayu getting 500 silver and Naofumi being charged 500 sliver for poisoning the beloved Bow hero.

After the duel Kiel and Sakura go to Naofumi and comfort him. Having just received money, Motosayu impatiently forces Naofumi to pick an egg from the Slave Dealer. After showing off their Filiorial Queens Naofumi asks the slave dealer to only give a selection of Filorial eggs and proceeds to pick one.

The next day the egg hatches and to his disappointment the egg is blue. After being told off about heroes terrible naming sense, Naofumi names the bird Luna. Luna grows up over the course of three days and grows overly find if Kiel often fighting with her in battles.

Motosayu and Naofumi peddling business begins to proceed as they save the old granny. Along with medicine Motosayu begins selling Filorial styles accessories along with their stocks. After hearing of famine again, this time Motosayu and Naofumi plant the bioplant near the Filiorial ranch instead of by a village so they can wait for it to mutate to be used later. After warning people away, they then proceed to go to the village where Ren slays a dragon.

Attempting to warn the village of future trouble, Naofumi advises them to dispose of their newest money making attraction. Naofumi is of course ignored. Worst of all after Gaelion is killed, people begin raiding the caves looking for his treasure. After being discovered Taniko and a Dragon egg of Gaelion are attacked, captured, and about to be enslaved when Naofumi, Kiel, and Sakura step in. Saving Taniko from enslavement, they then leave the village with a bad taste in their mouth despite saving Taniko's little sister.

The Dragon egg proceeds to hatch much to Motosayu's and the Filorials chagrin. After then picking up and curing the Bioplant seed by the Filorial Ranch, Naofumi proceeds to Class up his party members. After getting the Bioplant seed, Motosayu and Naofumi begin to wonder what to do with the seed.

Later after hearing of the negligence of the dragon corpse the village is poisoned. After giving the "I told you so" speech to the Mayor, Naofumi and Motosayu go to take care of the village with medicine while proceeding to the Corpse of Adult Gaelion. Fighting the zombie corpse, Taniko and Girl Gaelion talk the corpse down and slay the dragon. After Girl Gaelion swallows down Adult Gaelion, Adult Gaelion asks the heroes to keep silent about his existence to Taniko.

Finally the third wave of destruction comes as this time Motosayu immediately seals the hole so Glass cannot come over to the other side. Ren and Itsuki become confused however as they head back to the castle Itsuki throws a fit over how they must be cheating. After going to another unsuccessful party, they then meet Lazy Pig (Woman 1/Elena) who offers to join their company and offers land to plant the Bioplant. Deciding to sell food all over the country, the famine from the waves is all but cured. After selling food around the country, they then meet up with Melty who is then almost assassinated. This time though Motosayu get the crystal and destroys the evidence. As the Three Heroes Church then begins to spread false rumors of the Brainwashing shield and of Melty's assassination without proof, Sakura can no longer take it. Unveiling how the Shield Hero is really the Holy Saint the country erupts into civil war.

The Three Heroes Church, Red Pig, and Trash in an attempt to slow down Motosayu then blackmail him into resetting his level using the bait of 100 Filorial eggs which could be Firo. Motosayu chooses then to go despite the trap. Allowing himself to reset to level 1 from over 300, the Church believes they have a chance. However despite using their replica holy weapon, Motosayu has powered up his starting spear up so much that he still wins against the pope. Running and killing Red Pig and Trash, Motosayu solves the civil war however Silt Welt had misunderstood Naofumi's intentions. Having invaded Melomarc, Silt Welt is dealt with by Naofumi. However the Shuusaku radicals refuse reason and continue to attack. Silt Welt's army is then fought by the mercenary group of Panda beast men who taught Kiel to transform into a dog.

At this moment the Queen arrives now with the power of the vassel of the cane along with Ren and Itsuki. The vassel of the cane went to the Queen after Trash's death. Having saved Ren and Itsuki from the Church describing them as false heroes the war is stopped. Along with Naofumi, the Queen stabilizes the civil war which Motosayu destabilized and prevented Silt Welt from invading. However all does not remain the same. Naofumi becomes the ruler of Melomarc forced into a political marriage with Melty. However as they later learn, Female Knight died in the dungeons during the civil war.

Naofumi, now King of Melomarc then has the heroes go on a trip to Cal Mira. A perfect place for the weakened Motosayu to level up, except that Motosayu really is looking forward to the most is the hatching of the 100 eggs he saved from the Three Heroes Church.

Going to Cal Mira tensions are high between the heroes after the civil war. Going to the island they start to plan the party exchange and fear how Taniko will act around Ren as the Dragon Gaelion starts to fall in love with Noafumi. During their boat trip, everyone on board is put to sleep as Fitoria comes to test the Filorials to see them worthy of becoming Queen candidates. Motosayu is then blindfolded as Fitoria deems the candidates worthy. Melty gets a ride on Fitoria as Luna, Sakura, Kou, and Yuki gain adhoges. Departing after giving another feathers to Naofumi and Motosayu, Motosayu puts the feather on his spear and declares himself the "love Hunter" and renewing his passion to raise 100 Filorials during the Cal Mira, island activation.

As the Heroes companions are swapped again, Taniko beats the hell out of Ren for being insensitive, Itsuki holds back and is surprised at how much stronger how their companions are and Melty becomes the mediator after two days of companion swapping because Motosayu and Naofumi have already been together for so long. The meeting goes extremely poorly as Naofumi is King of Melomarc, Motosayu killed Red Pig while Ren was beaten by Taniko. Ren and Itsuki are also unable to accept the strengthening methods Motosayu and Naofumi have because they think it is a cheat. Pretty much the only positive is they successfully warn both Ren and Itsuki to not wake the Spirit Turtle. After Ren and Itsuki vow to leave Melomarc, they then level up and power up there own parties using the activation period.

During the activation period, Motosayu raises all the eggs only to find Midori, Kuu, and Marin yet no Firo. Raising a majority of the Filiorials to 40 along with almost killing Naofumi due to cooking too much, the Heroes set on back. After about a week Sakura goes into estrous and wants to eat Naofumi and Melty. However Rival (Female Gaelion) helps to defend Naofumi. After this episode is then cleared, a blue hour glass appears and the Houou is released.

As the Houou is released, the two birds fly in different directions destroying all life. As Motosayu and Naofumi put all of their protection around the Spirit Turtle, the army is unable to react. Yet after responding to the Houou, the Spirit Turtle is the awakened. Motoyasu and company the first focus on the Spirit Turtle. After taking out the head and the heart multiple times (Motosayu takes the head and Naofumi and party the heart) they find out the Turtle will not fall unless killed within a few minutes of the Houou.

Making matters even worse Tact shows up after the Kirin is released further compounding the problem. As Tact comes pretending to help with the Houou, Kirin, and Spirit Turtle he brings his harem along and again tries to steal their weapons having taken Ren and Itsuki's. After killing Tact easily, Motosayu is then surprised as Tact's dragon right before dying by his spear turns into the Oryuu to complete the set now forcing Motosayu and company to take out the four spirits within a few minutes of each other. Sending Motosayu, the Queen, Kou, and Yuki after the Oryuu, Sakura (New Hero of the Hammer) and Rival after each of the Houous, Naofumi, Lazy Pig and Taniko, (Hero of the Whip after Tact dies) along with Luna and Kiel after the Kirin the save the world plan begins. Destroying the Spirits in unison, Motosayu is surprised when an icon appears asking if he wants to accept having saved the world. Learning the world had been saved not by their actions of destroying the beasts but by having 2/3 of life absorbed by the Sprits right before death, Motosayu finds an empty victory to this world.

Mostly because of not finding Firo, Motosayu then vows to return again to a new loop. Told to prevent a civil war by the Queen and given a new plan to help get Ren and Itsuki on their side, Naofumi tells Motosayu goodbye as he leaves for another loop. Finally Adult Gaelion reveals himself to Taniko as they have a teary reunion right before Motosayu travels back.

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc c575-current

Having been told to prevent civil war and to help Ren and Itsuki, Motosayu vows to find Firo in this loop. Being transported to the beginning, Motosayu attempts to replicate his actions from the first world, keeping back his need to call himself the "love hunter" to gain their trust. After sleeping with Filorials, wakes up as companions are given out to the heroes as once again Red Pig goes with Naofumi. Motosayu then proceeds to verify where Itsuki goes on the first day, having learned where Ren will sleep at Cal Mira island in the last loop. (Itsuki told of his destination however because of history of lying Motosayu wants to make sure) Depriving Itsuki of experience, Motosayu learns Itsuki told the truth and then sets his plan into motion.

Gathering Ren from the other village, Motosayu promises to give him the powers of the portal spear if he will join along a heroic journey. Ren agrees so Motosayu teleports them and goes to pick up Itsuki. Itsuki is then promised a journey where injustice shall be fought, with Motosayu promising a powerful weapon and pretending he had learned the information from an NPC all in to make understandable to Itsuki and Ren's gamer mindset, Motosayu then proceed with his plan. Joined by two mysterious strangers Motosayu, Ren, and Itsuki then sneak into Naofumi's room. Motosayu covering them in illusion magic waits for Naofumi's betrayal to come.

Red Pig then steals the armor, the money, laughs to herself, and finally begins searching for Motosayu. Motoyasu then concealed takes everyone to go claim the armor. Going up to Red Pig, he takes the chain mail as to have evidence later whIle Motosayu attempts to remember the original Malty's words to not look suspicious.

Then going out into the alley way Motosayu unveils his two mysterious companions, the Queen and Melty. Having witnessed all of Malty's crimes, Motosayu then has a flashback as to how he got them.

Invading another country, Motosayu singlehandedly took down an entire castle along with all their nights as a way to ask for the Queen. Breaking in, the Queen has no choice but to listen as Motosayu tells her the bedtime story she was going to read Melty that night. Motosayu then asks the Queen and Melty to pause their international relations and come to Melomarc. Taking them to Melomarc, Motosayu then went to pick up Ren in the nearby village. End of Flashback.

Going to the Old Man's blacksmith shop, Motosayu is greeted by an angry and surprised Elhart. After seeing the Queen Elhart quickly lets the crowd into his shop. Ren and Itsuki are then shown the mark of Elhart on the chain mail, as Red Pig become cornered by Motosayu's trap to prove Naofumi's innocence. Finally asking Motosayu for his powerful weapon after learning the portal weapon is available from the Dragon Hourglass sand, Elhart shows them the Meteor Sword and Bow after Motosayu explains the weapon copy system to the smith. Leaving the Queen and Melty with Elhart, Motosayu drops off Ren and Itsuki after they plan to help Naofumi from being set up yet again.

The next day, Naofumi is brought to the castle falsely accused of rape. Motosayu pretending to go along with Red Pig's scheme cannot help having eyes of pity which confuse Naofumi. Ren and Itsuki slowly working themselves into position get into to defensive positions. Finally unveiling the truth, Motosayu then proceeds to kill Malty and Trash as the Queen causes commotion at the outer gate of the castle unable to get to the throne room. Having protected Naofumi, the other heroes are in awe of Motosayu and his irrational overwhelming power as for the first time Naofumi dons the chain mail with pride.

The Queen having been declared a fake by the Three Heroes Church and attacked by the churches shadows comes into the throne room. After questioning Motosayu's needs to kill her daughter and husband, the Queen asks Motosayu to leave them alive in future loops and decides to switch gears. Attempting to get Naofumi to fall for Melty, the Queen then must return to diplomatic relations to prevent war from breaking out. Needing to go to Faubley, Motosayu explains about Tact along with the his ability to steal weapons. Feeling this will be a good diplomatic tool, the Queen asks if the four heroes will join her on a journey to Faubley as they free Female Knight from captivity.

Motosayu then goes and picks up Sakura, Kou, and Yuki from the Filorial ranch via the portal. Returning to give Sakura to Naofumi, Motosayu wonders if she will be child-like or mature in this loop. As Ren and Itsuki wonder where their companions are Motosayu notices how Kou likes to nibble on Itsuki's hair. Telling Ren and Itsuki of their past exploits both are disheartened and vow not to repeat their mistakes as Motosayu teaches them the seven strengthening methods as Sakura again grows to be the dual wielding mature version as Melty once again becomes friends with Sakura.

Headed to Faubley, Motosayu then remembers the needs to have a dragon for breaking through the class up when they eventually beat Tact. Deciding to go pick up Gaelion, Motosayu honors a promise to the past Taniko to prevent Ren from killing her parent. Having to back-track they take on Gaelion having to eventually blackmail him with Taniko's safety to get him to compromise. Naofumi explaining how they will give Taniko a chance to see the world convinces the Dragon Emperor to give them a fragment within one of the eggs. The dragon named Gaelion is female and immediately falls in love with Naofumi.

Figuring it would be better to stay in Melomarc before the wave, the Heroes go to Rock Valley looking for Sadina or Raphtalia and end up stopping slavers from taking Imia. Imia joins their party and rather than making clothes becomes a warrior. However when Imia is looked at as food by Kou, Kou then gets reprimanded harshly and is almost cooked to learn a lesson about being treated as food. Later Gaelion/Rival transforms into a loli-human wanting to sleep with Naofumi.

After the wave of Ryuutei which does minimal damage because of the heroes practicing Naofumi's formations means they can then go to Faubley. After buying Luna the four heroes go to visit the Pig King and help the Queen calm down international tension by exposing Tact as a reincarnated person who has stolen the weapons of Heroes. With the country of Faubley Motosayu learns of level discrimination within the kingdom as Sakura is injured by Tact's younger sister protecting Melty, vowing revenge against Melty's attacker. However as Tact's sister along with his harem are brutally killed and raped in front of a level reset Tact after he is arrested Sakura learns to let it go. Learning from previous mistakes, Motosayu before Tact is arrested first focuses on murdering the Aotatsus woman taking her Dragon Emperor before she can transform into the Oryuu despite it helping Rival become stronger.

In Faubley, Motosayu and the four heroes learn of another activation zone where the four heroes can level up quickly like Cal Mira. Similarly made by the four animals on Cal Mira, the level cap is at 50. While they go to level up, Motosayu begins plans to raise 1000 Filorials having raised 100 in the last loop. Learning of this, Motosayu talks to Rato in Faubley and tells her of the research on the Bioplant along with the Raph-chan race. Attempting to figure out how to recreate Firo, no clear answer is come to however diet is learned to affect how a Filorial will grow.

After heading back successful from the activation, the country of Melomarc is once again in turmoil. The citizens begin acting like zombies as a red and black pig with the vessel of the cane is shown to be helping Armor and the Three Heroes church. Easily disposing of both Armor and the replica of the Heroes weapons, red and black pig turns up the life sucking weapon from underground and fights a better fight than the usual bad guys.

Fighting red and black pig, they learn Malty was taught the reincarnation power to take over a body along with stealing Trash's power. As the king eventually redeems himself when Melty and the Queen are in danger, the Hero of the Cane transfers to the Queen. Using the Soul Eater Spear Motosayu thencuts out Malty's soul and claims victory as the Zombie machine stops and the Three Heroes Church is foiled. Afterward the Queen forces Motosayu to accept that Trash was not all bad and to refrain from his murder in the future.

Having heard of the future, the Heroes then begin looking for Raphtalia as they begin in Zeltburg. Finding instead Sadina and the Panda Beastwoman, Naofumi ends up beating Sadina in a drinking contest as it becomes clear to Motosayu that the Shield Hero crushes on older women. Eventually falling in love with Sadina, Naofumi ends up wanting to die with Sadina when the pair learn of Raphtalia's demise as Naofumi becomes cursed while in his suicidal state. Sadina seeing the pain caused to Naofumi by her state vows to live on for his sake. However researching where Raphtalia will be in the next loop, Naofumi asks Motosayu to save Raphtalia in the future.

Also while in Zeltburg Naofumi saves Atlas and Fohl however is extremely distant from the pair fearing he may become gay in the future. Misunderstanding what Motosayu explains as Atlas countermeasures by sleeping with Fohl, the pair are sent to the castle to stay with Melty and the Queen as Fohl becomes the Hero of the Gauntlet.

As Sadina becomes healthier, she begins building a harem of the Shield asking the Panda Beastwoman to join Naofumi in the bedroom. Although what is most interesting to Sadina becomes Rival's tsundere tendencies towards Sakura. Meanwhile Imia and Rival are seen as too young to Naofumi so they luckily escape from Sadina's "jokes." Meanwhile Ren and Itsuki begin to wonder where their companions are as Motosayu tells them of Eclair, Taniko, and Rishia. While Taniko is more inclined to go after Father Gaelion and Eclair works for the castle, Ren is left without love vowing to himself to defeat the wave. Meanwhile Rishia is thought of as Yandere/stalker pig so Motosayu has avoided all thoughts of her if possible. When Itsuki learns of Rishia being sold into slavery from his lack of action, the Bow hero goes to search. Eventually finding stalker pig, Rishia is found to be an emotionless "yes" woman as the roles of Ituski and Rishia reverse. Itsuki discovering Motosayu could have prevented this ball taps him and makes the spear hero promise to remember stalker pig.

Having been easily able to defeat the waves, breaking the level cap, and with Motosayu raising a 1000 Filorials which Imia has to fight off from eating her, and not finding Firo, the four heroes learn of other reincarnations in Fabuley. With Tact removed, the weaker reincarnations begin making their moves as the four heroes are forced to stop their antics. Having thwarted Tact, Malty, and the other reincarnations despite stealing the multiple of the seven vessels within Faubley and beyond, Motosayu is able to guide the Heroes to easy victories until the worlds merge having stopped the Spirit Turtle, Houou, and Kirin.

On the eve of the final battle, Sadina reveals both her and the Panda Beastwoman are pregnant with Naofumi's child. Rival being jealous of their relationship wishes to focus on a new goal, to steal Naofumi's virginity. Rival by putting pieces of her consciousness within Motosayu's spear plans to use the spear's power to help her cause. While Motosayu was asleep the spear hero horrifiedly learns that if he loops again so will Rival in the hopes of stealing Naofumi's purity.

The wave begins as Heroes from Glass' world begin opening the cracks further. After the timer almost hits zero, Motosayu and friends are able to stop the wave and prevent the worlds from uniting. Despite this, Motosayu begins to loop again and has to restart again with a new parasitic friend.



Motoyasu always defended and believed Melty. Melty also get jealous of any girl getting close to Motoyastu, she even kicked few members out of his party without his knowledge.She doesn't like anything about him apart from his looks.He believed every words coming from her mouth without any doubt. Motoyatsu never doubted any of her suspicious behavior. He was the only one who refused to believe Malty to be the criminal, even after all the evedience where put in open and continued to believe in her.According to Malty, Motoyasu is a fool. It was revealed that both of them had a physical relationship which Motoyasu believes it to be her first time. But Malty told Ren that both herself and her friend Lucy were forced upon by Motoyasu every night.After the spirit tortoise incident, she completely abandoned him. Despite of which he searched his comrades, only to be schocked by the real personality of Malty.

  • Lucy (former): Malty claims that herself and Lucy were forced upon by Motoyasu which remained unsure. But she was exactly like Malty to Motoyasu, cheering him on from background and finally abandoned him in the face of the enemy, Spirit tortoise.
  • Elena Haven (former):Unlike the other party members, She genuinely liked Motoyasu. She was not bothered by his interest for other woman and considered it normal for men to have pleasure.She went along with Malty to secure her place in his party. But she couldn't digest his rash and irrational behaviors. She also doen't like how he uses her and other woman as a status symbol.Finally she had enough of being in his party and abandoned him, after seeing him of not able to do anything against the spirit tortoise.To save herself from crown's capital punishment, she sold out Motoyasu and told of all of his flaws to his face much to the latters dismay.
  • Rino (former): She was wooed by Motoyasu to join his party. Rino was taken back by his party's fighting style of woman cheering while Motoyasu was fighting and showing off. Malty and other female companions of Motoyasu took her and sold her as a slave, and they told him that she left the pasty, as she couldn't keep up with them. Motoyasu once cross paths with her being slave but remained a deaf ear to her cry of help, refusing to believe that she was there. Her fate after which remained unknown, except for her being suffering.
  • Midori
  • Kuu
  • Marin


Motoyasu was under the impression that Naofumi was forcing Raphtalia to be his sex slave and tried to save her in an duel with unfair means against Naofumi. But was shocked, when Raphtalia slapped him for his action and choose to follow Naofumi. The other heroes called out on him for his unjustified duel. He tried to defend himself by claiming Raphtalia to be brainwashed, to which no one agreed. When Naofumi was accused of having brainwashing shield, again he fought with the intention of freeing her.

After Naofumi's name was cleared, he didn't proceed any further with his foolishness.He did acknowledge Raphtalia's genuine feelings for Naofumi, as he questioned Nafoumi of his progress with Raphtalia in the bath house of Cal Mira Island, only to be angered by Nafoumi's obvious to her feelings. He tried to punch him, for he understand Raphtalia's difficultly to get through Naofumi.After his curse series activated, he could see Raphtalia as a pig, much to her intense anger.

Motoyasu is able to see and hear Raphtalia, because she is Filo's foster sister.
  • Filo:Filo hated Motoyasu for calling her fat and ugly in her monster form and kicked him in his crouch.Afterwards she continuously kicked him in his crouch, when ever they crossed paths.After seeing her human form, he fought Nafoumi for her freedom, only to be shocked to learn of her true self.After being betrayed by his comrades, Motoyasu was completely broken. Seeing his broken spirit, Filo tried to cheer him up and ended up as his goal of affection, much to her dismay.He caused Filo, a new trauma of hugging her and not letting go which caused her to fear and dislike him further. Nafoumi used Filo to manipulate Motoyasu to fight the waves with him.
  • Melty Melromarc:
    Motoyasu is able to see and hear Melty, because he sees her as Filo's fiance.
  • Kuro
  • Yuki
  • Sakura


  1. It cancels Zweite-class magic and absorbs it. The problem is that Motoyasu can’t move after casting it. So this magic can’t be cast in advance. It’s range is around 5 meters. c273
  2. allows one to teleport away
  3. a long range attack
  4. A move used by "weapon copying" Sadina's Spear. A single bolt of Lightning flies at his opponent, and shockwaves course throughout the target.
  5. A spear of light.
  6. Amplifies feelings of lust, often resulting in enemies feeling attraction towards the user. It also has an effect of lending power to those overcome by lust.
  7. It sets a field with the effect of amplifying feelings of jealousy. It is a mind attack type. Motoyasu is able to boost himself with the power of jealousy.
  8. Motoyasu spins his spear, and creates a tornado.