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Kazeyama Kizuna
Volume 8.10
Kanji/Kana 風山 絆
Rōmaji Kazeyama Kizuna
Alias(es) Unavailable
Nickname(s) Unavailable
Race Human
Title Unavailable
Age Unavailable
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Blood Type
Family Unavailable
Status Alive
Occupation Hero
Lv. Unavailable
Country Japan
Affiliation Unavailable
Epithet 狩猟具の勇者 (Hunting Tool Hero)
四聖 (Four Saint)
Weapon Maguro bōchō
Fishing Rod
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel Volume 8
Web Novel "LN only"

"My name is Kizuna Kazeyama, One of the Four Saint, and Hero of Hunting Tools"

- Kizuna (Volume 8)



She appears to be Japanese with black hair, wear western Gothic dress with Japanese Cloak on top. As an Hero, her weapon is always attach to her, normal it take the form of fishing rod which is fold and carry on her waist. At time of need, it transform into Maguro bōchō (Large Japanese Fish Knife) to use as weapon.


She if from an alternet Japan, like the other heroes but was not a gamer she entered a VR Healing MMO, called Second Life, along with her Sister(s) and was sent to the world that Glass is from and meet her when she was on a quest to prove her self worthy of the Fan Vassel weapon by defeating the dragon emperor of their world. After which they formed a strong friendship and she was given her cloak by Glass which she treasures. Along with Glass they created a shikigami named Chris that resembles a penguin (named because it was Christmas when they preformed the ritual). At some point she was captured (due to her weapons limitation of only being able to directly harm monsters) and thrown into a Labyrinth dimension which she could not escape spending several years trying to get out until Naofumi and Rishia were pulled in by Kyo's Trap as they traveled in pursuit of Kyo. With the use of the Bio plant to cause more mass in a small space to exist than the world would normally allow a small room in the structure to hold they where thrown out into the Second world (home world of Glass and her fellow heroes). They managed to escape using the Dragon Hourglasses of this worlds teleport function to get to the country Kizuna was allied with and with the help of Enthobalt, the boat vassel weapon holder, they located Raphtalia and Glass using the shikigami Chris and Naofumi's new Raph-chan Shikigami. Along the way they luckly found Filo who had been captured and put into a sideshow and managed to find and save Raphtalia, Glass, L'arc and Therese from the attacks of a man they had run into during the escape from the country that had imprisoned her, who was nick named Trash #2, by Naofumi, Battling the White tiger spirit beast copies she used a skill to max out the damage on their weak points along with Trash #2, allowing them to defeat them, with Trash #2 dying due to his own idiocy and refusal to listen to their warnings. After which they returned to the country which was revealed to be L'arc (him being the prince and she berated her friends for going to attack and try and kill the heroes in the world Naofumi had been in because of a legend that may or may not be true, and getting together to have a welcome back party for her and preparing for their next mission of finding Kyo and getting the spirit Tortoise's Collected energy back before Kyo does something dangerous with it.



Can not be used to directly harm Humans. As Hunting tools are used on monsters. Some skills will effect humans but normal attacks will not.


Return Dragon Vein- Used on the Dragon Hourglass returns the user and party to a Dragon Hourglass they have previously visited.

Holy Weapon Skills

Lure Needle- The area the Lure strikes on an enemy takes double the damage on the next attack (preformed by anyone on that point). If it hits a weak point this can cause fatal damage and can effect non monster enemies. But has a short duration and can be countered.

Invisible Hunter- Renders the user or the users party invisible they can't be seen unless magic is used and any sound made can only be heard by party members.

Form One Pit Fall- Creates a pit of about a meter or so deep. This effect the ground as such can be used on non monsters.


The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc

Cal Mira Island Arc

Spirit Turtle Arc

Slave Supremacy Arc

New 7 Deadly Sins

Towards the Legend Arc

Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero

The Valentine of Shield Hero

The White Day of Shield Hero

The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc









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