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Kawasumi Itsuki

Itsuki Anime

Itsuki Default

Kanji/Kana 川澄樹
Rōmaji Kawasumi Itsuki
Alias(es) Unavailable
Nickname(s) Unavailable
Race Human
Title Unavailable
Age 17
Gender Male
Height 155 cm
Eye Color Gold
Hair Color Light Brown
Blood Type
Family Unavailable
Status Unavailable
Occupation Unavailable
Lv. Unavailable
Country Unavailable
Affiliation The Bow Hero
Epithet 弓の勇者 (Brave Bow)

パーフェクト=ハイド=ジャスティス(Perfect Hidden Justice)

ジャスティスボウ (Justice Bow)


Weapon Legendary Bow
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 1
Light Novel Volume 1, Chapter 2
Web Novel Chapter 2

Itsuki was a high school student before he was killed in his old world after a large truck took a sudden left turn. He is rumored to be the strongest Hero, but he has a messiah complex and claims everything he does is in the name of justice. He vanquishes those he sees as evildoers without thinking of the consequences of his actions. He likes to wait until people are in a crisis before acting so he can "save" them in a heroic fashion, going far enough to lie about his abilities to cover up his inaction before people fall into critical situations.

Being a bullied child has left Itsuki with a desire to be special and superior, his sense of justice and need for praise both stem from this, as does his inability to deal with the meek Rishia, who reminds him of his weakness. He can also be quite gullible and stupid, though not to Motoyasu's extent, as all of his teammates excluding Rishia are in fact extremely untrustworthy people who just praise him all the time.

He feels in his own mind that he's the strongest of the heroes, and he undergoes stealthy missions to kill corrupt nobles and save villages almost always just for the praise. He's extremely petty, and not very smart, believing Naofumi is guilty on both the false rape charge and later believing the Shield Hero stole credit for his achievements, which basically isn't hard for anyone to do because Itsuki pretends to be a robbin-hood-esk Hero who conceals his own activities often. He even believed it when his comrade framed Rishia for breaking an item of his which he was told, yet another deception by the way, had the power to raise his EXP intake. In short, he's stuck up, gullible, and wants to be praised by others. The one thing Naofumi has ever said to him that has genuinely enraged Itsuki is in fact as simple as "i thought you were better than this, my evaluation of you has dropped," to which he was willing to shoot the Shield Hero in the back of the head for it. He's even willing to conceal his power form allies and wait for them to actually be in danger before he'll step in so he can impress them.

Though he goes on about justice on a regular bases, his view of it is incredibly self-indulgent and one sided. As Naofumi and later Rishia both put it Itsuki's justice is not the same as someone else's justice, and there are as many types of justice in the world as their are people.He was willing to put the evil doers to death if he believes so, and was willing to Kill Nafoumi when the later was charged with kidnap accusation and doen't mind of killing some one, if he considers them to be evil though it may not be true.

After the Spirit Turtle incident, his comrades all abandon him and he's reduced to a hollow shell of a man who goes around fighting in tournaments solely to gain praise from the crowd. He's later approached in this broken state and taken advantage of by Mald and Malty, as well as the revolutionary faction, and is given a Curse Series weapon based on Pride.

Under the influence of the Curse Series Itsuki wishes to bring everyone in the world to understand him and his justice, via brainwashing arrows, and goes completely off kilter, trying to outright kill Rishia when she said his stance on justice was utterly mistaken. He believes Naofumi is evil for taking slaves and turning away people who he could supposedly revive from the dead, because Malty tricked him into thinking the latter was possible. Naofumi goes on to remind him that slavery is not illegal in Melromarc, and everyone else present goes on to state Naofumi's slaves treat him like he's their mother more so than their master, and that the revolutionaries had brainwashed said slaves and were using them for their own convenience. His own Legendary Bow, if Rishia is to be believed, feels he's gone too far and gives its power to her specifically to help her bring a stop to it.

After suffering defeat at Rishia's hands he's become a total "yes man"; he would dance, handstand, or execute himself if ordered, and cannot tell lies. He's left in Rishia's care until he recovers from this state, though Naofumi is brought to wonder how she's treating him and has discovered that they sleep in the same bed.

Like the other three heroes he believed the world they had come into was a game, but he goes further than they do and believes Naofumi has met god I.e. the game master, and received powers from him to explain his superiority. Even after becoming a yes man and having everything shattered, he still feels Rishia being stronger than him has to be a cheat. Like the other heroes he thought he was immortal as well, since the "game" wouldn't let them die.

Post Curse The curse Itsuki received was a curse that effected thought process. His decision making power was nulled. The curse took away his will in itself. Itsuki was incapable of lying. Itsuki said the first thing that popped into his head. He couldn’t make up lies. After his curse lifted off to a certain extant, he accepts his wrongs doings and misinterpretation of justice as he was drunk with conviction of others, instead of investigating.

Itsuki’s quiver endlessly produces arrows for his bow, the arrows appear simply by tightening his grip on the bow. Itsuki was an E class ESPer, with the ability Accuracy. With Accuracy, if he set his aim, he could hit things much easier than normal humans. If needed, he could also act as a sniper from afar. It has quite a bit of combat capabilities. If the ranking is S-F, it’s around the lower end.Itsuki specializes in wing and earth magic. He can use a bit of recovery and support magic.


Legendary Bow SkillsEdit

  • 「Earth Pinning Shot」[1]
  • 「Splash Arrow」[2]
    • 「Sleep Arrow」[3]
  • 「Second Arrow」[4]
  • 「Shining Arrow」[5]
  • 「Frozen Rain」[6]
  • 「Blaze Arrow」[7]
  • 「Saint Arrow Rain」[8]
  • 「Bind Arrow」[9]
  • 「Bird Hunting」[10]
  • 「Spread Arrow」[11]
  • 「Transfer Bow」[12]
  • 「Eagle Piercing Shot」[13]
  • 「Meteor Bow」[14]
  • 「Arrow Squall」[15]
  • 「Spread Strafing」[16]
  • 「Rechtsfanatiker」[17]
  • 「Alleinherrschaft」[18]
  • 「Shadow Bind」[19]
  • 「Bind Arrow」[20]
  • 「Heldenkaiser Reich」[21]
  • 「Phalaris Bull」[22]

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc c1-78

Cal Mira Island Arc c78-114

Spirit Turtle Arc c115-130

Itsuki’s group arrived before Ren and Motoyasu’s. Half a day faster at that. And he destroyed one of the statues just like the others.

But nothing happened, and the group was captured by the soldiers of the country.

Armor pushed all of the blame onto Itsuki. He shouted at him, telling him that he was no hero of justice.

With their trust broken, the group was thrown into jail. They were set to have an audience with the king… but the Spirit Turtle revived, and Itsuki was forced to challenge it.

But without lifting a finger… His comrades came to a silent agreement. They got together behind Itsuki’s back. They ran away, leaving him as a sacrifice to the Turtle.

Later Mald declared. That Justice without power was no Justice. Since Itsuki was unable to stop the Spirit Turtle, he was no justice.

To satisfy his sense of justice, he went off to challenge the Spirit Turtle, and his comrades had had enough and fled.

Slave Supremacy Arc c131-203

New 7 Deadly Sins c204-357

Towards the Legend Arc c357-378

Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero c379-385

The Valentine of Shield Hero c386-402

The White Day of Shield Hero c403-409

Redo of Spear HeroEdit

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc c410-414

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc c415-455

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc c456-574

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc c575-current


Itsuki looked down on Naofumi considering him to have the weak weapon. As easily gullible person, he believed Malty's accusation of Nafoumi raping her and berated Nafoumi without hearing or believing his side of the story. He believes Nafoumi to be an evil person and readily accepted any accusation made against him, such as that of Nafoumi brainwashing the people and kidnapping the second princess without doing any background check to those claims. He readily believed Nafoumi stealing his achievement without any leads or evidence and still tried to stand on it when proven otherwise. After affected by the curse he tried to kill Nafoumi claiming him to be evil and brainwashing, though he was the one doing it. Itsuki believes Nafoumi to have met a god who helped him in cheating the system for his unreasonable power with reference to his original world games and refuses to acknowledge Nafoumi's hard work.

After Nafoumi's name was cleared, he agreed to the queen's idea of giving little preferential treatment to Nafoumi, in-order to balance all the past misdeed against Nafoumi, but Nafoumi felt it to be just a ear say from Itsuki and was sure that he would throw a tantrum.Itsuki doesn't like the idea of being inferior to Nafoumi(A weak job in his eyes) and felt him to be bossing him & other heroes. He openly stated to Nafoumi of outshining him. This leads his involvement in the spirit tortoise incident.

Like wise, Nafoumi didn't view Itsuki in good light for he seen though Itsuki as a self centered, approval seeking person. However, what little respect he had for Itsuki completely disappears when Itsuki kicks Rishia out of his party for being weak.

Despite all, Itsuki stood up for Nafoumi for the rigged duel with Motoyasu and Melty's involvement in it. He also demanded the reason for revoking Nafoumi's payment as he didn't get any job from the guild to support himself. Nafoumi also defend Itsuki from Raphtalia's criticisms by stating that Itsuki was stuck up, but would never let harm befall his allies.

Itsuki along with Ren and Motoyasu fights wave boss, they even team up against Nafoumi when the later was accused of kidnapping the second princess. Though he firmly believes Nafoumi to be a villan, Itsuki lends ears to Ren for to investigate the back story of the kidnapping incident, to see if Nafoumi was really telling the truth.This shows a certain degree of companionship between them. Despite fighting along side, Itsuki was just as surprised as Nafoumi after leaning Ren's way of working with his comrades.

Itsuki was little envious of Motoyasu's preferential treatment. Itsuki along with Ren and Motayasu fought waves and final boss.Itsuki along with Ren called out Motoyasu of his rigged duel with Nafoumi.Motoyasu considered Ituski and Ren as his buddies and went on rampage against Nafoumi, after falsely informed of Nafoumi involved in killing them. Later, he joins with Naoumi to fight against Pope for the same reason and vows to avenge them and give them proper funeral, but was surprised of them being alive.

  • Glass: Glass defeats Itsuki with much ease, believing him to be a normal adventure and wonders where the other heroes were. While She acknowledging Nafoumi to be a hero


Itsuki rescued Rishia from an evil Nobel men. From then on Rishia follows Itsuki to a letter, though she was mostly mistreated by her fellow peers. Rishia mostly reminded Itsuki of himself from his original world and tried to bury it.Itsuki and his comrades forced her to use her weak points rather than sharpening her strong skills.Itsuki finally snapped when Rishia received the praise of the queen for being useful in handling L'arc while he wasn't. He framed her and kicked her out.When questioned by Nafoumi, he replied her being weak and did it for her own good, which pushed her to commit suicide. Later, Risha grown strong under Nafoumi, confront Itsuki who was under the control of his curse and beats him in a one to one battle. She looks after Itsuki who wwas still under the curse at Nafoumi village. Itsuki still believes Rishia's strength of beating him to be a cheat and not genuine. Nafoumi also finds them to be sharing the bed.



  1. "description here"
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  3. A Splash Arrow with a sleep effect.
  4. "description here"
  5. A manifested arrow of light. It takes a while before he can shoot it.
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  10. Itsuki’s arrow divides, and rains down on his opponent. c302
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  17. Itsuki’s eyes turn red and begin to give off a suspicious light. Then the miasma envelops his body, forming a sort of armor. A winged, full-body armor, reminiscent of an angel, but some parts here and there seem demonic in design. The armor also bares resemblance to the combat suits wore by Rider and Ranger people. Hence, a status buffing skill.
  18. Countless orbs of light are scattered from his body. They destroy the ceiling (if there is one) and take on lion-like shapes in the sky. They then begin raining down endlessly upon the opponent.
  19. A skill that can block enemy movement by hitting their shadow.
  20. A restraint skill, arrows pins the opponent to the wall behind him or her.
  21. The bow multiplies and sprouts many wings imitating those of angels and devils, and all the bows fire at the opponent. The shots come together and form the shape of a bear-like beast as they fly at the opponent.
  22. A statue of a giant Bull opens up and locks the opponent within. Then the statue glows as it fills with fire.