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Imia Lucullan Lisella Tereti Quariz
Kanji/Kana イミア=リュスルン=リーセラ=テレティ=クーアリーズ
Rōmaji Imia Lucullan Lisella Tereti Quariz
Race Lemo (Mole Beast-man)
Age Unavailable
Gender Female
Eye Color Unavailable
Hair Color Unavailable
Blood Type
Family Trinemia Quariz (Uncle)
Status Alive
Occupation Tailor
Lv. Unavailable
Country Unavailable
Affiliation The Shield Hero
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel
Web Novel Chapter 146

Imia, full name Imia Lucullan Lisella Tereti Quariz, is a mole beast-man. She is the first beast-man acquired my Naofumi

She’s a nice, obedient child.

Imia is from a race of a mole beast-men, but she favors the mole side so generally she looks like a mole. Her human characteristics are reminiscent of a werewolf and her stature is quite short. Its height only measures up to Naofumi's waist.

Her stature is quite short. Her height only comes up to Naofumi's waist. Imia had scars on her back due to past abuse. However, upon seeing them Naofumi healed them.

Imia started learning how to make clothes from the tailor. It seems that she’s gotten skillful enough for the Tailor to begin passing on her personal secret techniques.


  • 「Anti-Zweit Earth Drive」
    Cancels out Zweit Earth Drive. c228
  • 「Earth Blow」
    magic that solidifies around the nails on both of Imya’s hands allowing earth to be dug through as if it were pudding. Putting more magic into the spell increases the ease of digging. c321


She is the first beast-man acquired my Naofumi for her prospected detailed crafting ability. Although she is not timid she is afraid of strangers so when someone unknown approaches she usually curls into a ball. She is the niece of Trinemia.

The Rising of the Shield HeroEdit

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Slave Supremacy ArcEdit

She was a slave owned by the Slave Merchant purchased for Naofumi's village in order to be put to use as a skilled worker. At the time Naofumi lacked personnel capable of compounding, construction or acting as blacksmith effectively. Having Imia around was intended to help the growth of the village. Being part of the Lemo race, she is unable to see very well in normal lighting therefore Naofumi stops by a spectacle stand and views a pair of Black Fly Wing Glasses but decides to go to a different shop to buy a poor ingredients to make his own pair. Raphtalia cast darkness magic on him and makes it less bright around her eyes, a temporary fix. c146

Imia, Naofumi, and Raphtalia run into the Fujoshi Tailor that made Firo's clothes. The Fujoshi Tailor instantly becomes inspired by Imia's appearance and asks Naofumi if he would like to make a new outfit for her to which he declines although he does invite her to his village. After a short chat the trio move to the restaurant where Naofumi bought the kid's meal for Raphtalia. When ordering Imia admits that she is unable to read so Naofumi orders a kid's meal for her. c147

Kiel interrupts the meal and introduces herself to Imia. She then roughly explains that Naofumi isn't a bad person and then leaves. c148

Imia settles into Rock Valley with the other slaves and becomes an apprentice under the Fujoshi Tailor. Her first completed garment is a pair of gloves for Naofumi made of monster skin so he won't get hurt when experimenting with medicine, or so she says. c154


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