Houou is made up of a pair of twin birds with an appearance similar to peafowls with scales.


The birds themselves seem to be like peafowls, with scales on their bodies. Its tail feathers fan out to form a fish-like tail. They are a collage of various colors. One stayed in the center displaying its vibrant colors, while the other circled around it with opposing colors.


Though the origin of the Houou is unknown when it appeared, it is known to be tied to the waves of calamity. Houou was sealed away by the previous the Hero of the Gauntlet who left behind a description of its attack pattern as well as other information which are presently unreadable. 


World's End Arc

Skills and Abilities

Houou attacks by using its wings, dropping fire, and using its claws. The first bird flies to a high altitude, and bombard the ground below with magic and fire. The second flies low, and attacks with claws, and breaths of flame. They coordinated attacks like that.

It clothes everything around it in flames, and turns the scorched corpses into zombies. Also, the feathers that are produced from its wings can give birth to familiars.

Houou is not as big as the Spirit Turtle. Though it is of considerable size. One is slightly bigger that Gaelion pre-mortem. Whenever you beat one of them, the remaining one explodes, both of them revive, and the cycle repeats.

Houou is a being like the Spirit Turtle. A being similar to a spirit or ghost. Whenever it gets injured, flames gush out of the wounds, and the injuries heal themselves.

Houou can convert its whole body into fire. Surrounding itself in a whirlwind of fire, Houou rushes at his opponents. It’s a rush attack like Firo’s Spiral Break. Though this bird is clad in fire.

When the feathers Houou spread come into contact with the ground, a monster called Houou Familiar (Vassal Type) comes into being.


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