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"Are you all so threatened by these little monsters? it seems there is but one true hero among you."

—Glass , Volume 3, Chapter 12

Glass Avatar
Kanji/Kana グラス
Rōmaji Gurasu
Race Soul Person
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Status Alive
Occupation Vassal Wielder
Epithet Fan Hero
Weapon Vassal Fan
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 16
Light Novel Volume 3, Chapter 12
Web Novel Chapter 52

Glass comes from a race of spirit people, she was later revealed to be a Vassal Wielders from another world, The Fan Hero.

Glass comes off as stern, cold and serious. Glass hold strong loyalty when it comes to her world, she also takes pride of being a Vassal Wielders and Hero and has high expectation towards other heroes, friend or foe, from her world or not.

Because of her strong loyalty to her world, she was willing to even kill the Four Legendary Heroes of another world to save her own. Upon the first meeting The Four Legendary Heroes of another world, she was displeased to see them fighting among each other and to her shock, weak. She later disregards The Spear Hero, The Sword Hero and The Bow Hero as fool and being extremely weak and only accept Naofumi as being the only true hero among them due to the events of Naofumi single handily defeating the Soul Eater on his own.

Glass later challenges Naofumi to a duel and wasn't taking no as an answer. During the fight she question Naofumi why he wasn't using the flame shield she saw before killing the Soul Eater because of that she felt like she was being mocked at and looking down upon by Naofumi.

Later in the series her serious expression is changed when she is around Kizuna to a more friendly and joyful expression. Naofumi considered weird for someone who always has a calm and cool expression with such expressions.

Glass is a beautiful girl with long hair. She wears a jet black kimono with silver embroidery like those worn during a funeral. She has pale skin that is slightly translucent due to her racial characteristics as a Spiritual Being.

As the Vassal of the Fan, her power was equal to the other Vassals and Seven Star Heroes. She use a form of dance to unleash her skill.

Because of her race Glass use a status called Soul Power as her power source. Soul Power is an attribute that constitutes Sprite People's Vitality, Magic, Spirit, and Level. The more Soul Power she has, the more powerful she is, as Soul Power also influenced her Attack and Defense. She can execute skills by using Soul Power. If her Soul Power is low, she will get weaker.

Vassal Fan SkillsEdit

  • Circle Dance Zero: Reverse Snow Moon Flower
  • Dancing Circle Zero: Reverse Snow Moon Flower
  • Circle Dance Rupture: Tortoise Shell Crack

Glass comes from a race of Sprite People. She obtained the Vassal Fan somewhere down the line and became the Fan Hero. When Kizuna was summoned as one of the legendary of her world, she aided her on her adventure and help her defeat the dragon emperor becoming becoming very close friend.

After some numerous events Kizuna was trapped in an inescapable labyrinth. Glass' world on the verge of being destroy and not knowing any other way to save her world, she put in upon herself to travel to Naofumi' summoned world and kill the legendary heroes to stop the world from merging together.

Volume 3Edit

She first appeared on the third Wave and was mistaken as the boss of said wave by the Four Legendary Heroes. She later defeated three of the Heroes and was later forced to retreat during her fight with Naofumi due to her running out of time.

Volume 5Edit

She appears again to aided L'Arc and Therese against their fight with Naofumi. Once again Glass and her allies were forced to retreat due to them running out of time.

Volume 7Edit

She later appeared in again but in European style clothing. Due to Kyo, The Book Hero causing Havoc in Naofumi' World by controlling the Spirit Tortoise which was strictly forbidden, she was ordered by her Vassal Weapon to track down and kill Kyo. Glass and Naofumi having a common goal in mind, she formed a alliance with Naofumi to defeat The Book Hero.

Volume 8Edit

After reuniting with her long lost comrade and friend she was punished by Kizuna for trying to kill Naofumi and the other legendary Heroes. Glass and her comrade later became good friends with Naofumi and his party.

Legendary HeroesEdit

Kizuna is Glass's best friend and trusted companion. She holds strong compassion towards Kizuna and shown a more friendly expression when she around her.

Naofumi is the only hero she acknowledge out of the Four Legendary Heroes.

Glass had high expectation towards the heroes, watching them fight against each other and fail to even hurt the Soul Eater. She deduced that they were all foolish and weak.

Vassal WieldersEdit


Chris is Glass's and Kizuna's Shikigami they made together.