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"Are you all so threatened by these little monsters? it seems there is but one true hero among you."

—Glass , Volume 3, Chapter 12

Glass Default
Kanji/Kana グラス
Rōmaji Gurasu
Alias(es) Unavailable
Nickname(s) Glass
Race Soul Person
Title Unavailable
Age Unavailable
Gender Female
Height Unavailable
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Blood Type
Family Unavailable
Status Alive
Occupation Vassal
Lv. None
Country Unavailable
Affiliation Unavailable
Epithet 扇の勇者 (Fan Hero / Vassal of the Fan)
Weapon Fan
User Unavailable
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 16
Light Novel Volume 3, Chapter 12
Web Novel Chapter 52

Glass is a Soul Person from the other world beyond the Wave. She first appeared on the third Wave and was mistaken as the boss of said wave by the Four Heroes. She defeated the Four Heroes and returned to the other world as the time limit of the Wave has passed. Later on, she came back from the world at the other side when the waves opened a passage there and aided her fellow allies L'Arc and Therese in defeating Naofumi but the battle ultimately ended in their retreat. Shortly after, She and her allies side with Naofumi and his group against a common threat in Kyou, the holder of the book of the vassal weapons, who ignored the mission his holy weapon gave him and wished to harvest the soul energy that the spirit tortoise gathered for his own nefarious purposes. Eventually she made peace with Naofumi after those events and a serious scolding from Kizuna, becoming allies ever since.

When Naofumi first met Glass, he deduced that she had a serious personality. Glass is a person who holds strong loyalty to her world and, as a hero, holds high expectations of her fellow heroes, even when she is at odds with them, she disregards the Spear, Sword and Bow heroes for being weak, especially in the Light Novels where she actually doesn't believe they are heroes until she gets a close look at their weapons, and furthermore she has a cold impression of Naofumi for his thugish demeanour. That said the event which made her question Naofumi's integrity is an event of him stepping on Malty Melromarc's head(Web Novel) and stealing an item from her unconscious body(Light Novel). She was willing to murder the heroes of Melromarc's world to save her own, but during her fight with Naofumi she issued him(the only real hero of Melromarc in her eyes) various praises, and even seemed to become insulted and disappointed when his power ultimately didn't meet her expectations. In the web novel, where Naofumi defeated her, she even asked him for his name after her defeat, introducing herself in return, in short she has a warrior's sense of pride and respect for a worthy opponent.

During her later reappearance during the tenth wave Glass showed utter despair for how her world was beyond saving and asked Naofumi and Trash to help save her people by welcoming them to Melromarc's world, she ultimately admits that her willingness to destroy her homeworld(albeit a homeworld that is already basically dead), is probably evidence she's gone insane. During the execution of Tact and his followers she notes she understands the need for such gruesome events, but ultimately finds them horrid, Naofumi uses this as evidence that she is still sane. She seems to actually get along very well with Naofumi. Also upon hearing Naofumi's story about Malty's betrayal, she ultimately acts unsurprised and notes that such people as her existed in her world as well. She seems to have a friend who she wants to find, a hero like Naofumi and the other three Saint Heroes, from her own world, however she declined Naofumi's offer to locate her using his god-like powers at the end of the series and went off to find her herself.

Comically her devotion to this friend was romanticised in the legends that were created by her and the other heroes to the point of her finding and marrying said friend in most of those stories.

Glass is a beautiful girl with long hair and a face in no way inferior to Raphtalia's. She wears a jet black kimono with silver embroidery like those worn during a funeral. She has pale skin that is slightly translucent due to her racial characteristics as a Spiritual Being.

As the Vassal of the Fan, her power was equal to the other Vassals and Seven Star Heroes. She use a form of dance to unleash her skill.

As a Soul Person, Glass use a status called Energy as her power source. Energy is an attribute that constitutes Soul People's Vitality, Magic, Spirit, and Level. The more Energy she have, the more powerful she is, as Energy also influenced her Attack and Defense. She can execute skills by using Energy. If her Energy is low, she will get weaker.


  • 「Rinbu Rei no Kata ・Gyaku Shiki Setsugekka」

Glass unleashed a tornado from her iron fan. The tornado is capable of slicing Naofumi's Shield Prison when she fought him on the second Wave.

  • 「Circle Dance Rupture ・Tortoise Shell Crack」

A powerful thrust that ignores defense.

  • 「Rinbu Yabu No Kata ・ Kikkō wari」

Glass retracted her iron fan and released arrow-like projectiles to the enemies

  • 「Rinbu Mu: Musou」 (Circle Dance of Nothingness: Blank Mind)
  • 「Rinbu Mu: Renge」 (Circle Dance of Nothingness: Lotus Flower)
  • 「Rinbu Mu: Reido」 (Circle Dance of Nothingness: Absolute Zero)
  • 「Rinbu Mu: Mugetsu」 (Circle Dance of Nothingness: Moonless Sky)

Glass teleported and unleashed a consecutive stream of blows to the target

  • 「Rinbu Sen: Samidare」 (Flashing Circle Dance: Early Summer Rain)
  • 「Kenbu Kyoku: Mu Max」 (Sword Dance of the Strongest: Null Max)

Glass's strongest skill using her Fan of XZero

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She was mistaken as a disaster when she arrived before the four heroes.


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