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Gaelion Manga

Zombie Dragon

Wk icon Gaelion

Kanji/Kana ガエリオン
Rōmaji Gaelion

Multiple Pure-Bred Dragons (former)

Flying Dragon

Age It's a long story.
Gender Male
Eye Color
Hair Color
Blood Type
Family Windia (Adopted Daughter)
Status Assimilated with Kogaelion
Lv. Unavailable
Country Unavailable
Affiliation The Shield Hero

竜帝 (Dragon Emperor)

Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel
Web Novel Chapter 43 & 162

Gaelion is both the dragon Naofumi receives from anonymous donor in 『Chapter 162』 as well as a Fragment of the Dragon Emperor (Wyndia's adoptive father). He is named by Wyndia after her late father, Gaelion. The Dragon killed by Ren was the Fragment of the Dragon Emperor that eventually turned into the Zombie Dragon in 『Chapter 43』. After his Zombie form was defeated, his core was fragmented into three parts. One was eaten by Filo while the another was was absorbed into Naofumi's shield and the last was kept to be used to enhance Naofumi's Barbarian Armor. During a transitional period caused by the need to modify the armor, the core was removed and the young Gaelion mindlessly consumes the piece of the core that then causes him to go on a rampage as the Wrath Dragon. Following the Wrath Dragon's disposal, the older Gaelion explains that he is a Fragment of the Dragon Emperor and his consciousness was stored within the core the young Gaelion consumed. Now both he and the young Gaelion will share his body. He also explains that their consciousnesses will inevitably merge as time passes.




The legendary King of Dragons. He was at war with the Filolial Queen Fitoria.

A long time ago, the Filolial Queen had forced the Dragon Emperor to scatter. That is why he didn’t die while all scattered about. Gaelion is the successor of a part of that Dragon Emperor from the past. The pure-bred fought among themselves, and the winner had the power to control its fragments. Like that, they gathered for several hundred years in hopes for revival. The battle of the struggling fragments turned into a death match of the same race. It came to a point where the next generation would lose its ability to breed. Gaelion was the weakest fragment left of the Dragon Emperor. It’s because he confirmed personally how weak he was that, to not get snatched away by the remainders of the Emperor, he lived near humans.

A group of Demi-Human Merchants were attacked while passing through Gaelion’s mountain range. But before he could do anything, a female Demi-Human came running to his cave with a baby in her hands. She collapsed at the entrance. The woman’s vision was getting hazy. She could not see who she was addressing, but still she smiled and held the baby up with the last of her strength. After being attacked she somehow made it there, she begged to save her child. And with shaking hands, the woman tries to hand the child over. Her eyesight is slowly leaving her. She didn’t realize that the one she is talking to wasn’t even human. Though hesitant, Gaelion agreed to care for her child with his life. Gaelion listened to the woman’s last wish. He picked up the child in his massive claws. With her dying breath she told her the child’s name was Windia. The only thing sustaining her life force was her desire to protect the baby.

The bandits that had attacked her earlier arrived. They were fools who simply gave chase without seeing where they were going. Gaelion released a breath attack, immediately reducing them to rotting ashes. Like this, Gaelion started raising the baby. With the help of the other monsters inhabiting the area, he looked after Windia, while protecting his land (side note: these monsters are Gaelion’s lovers). Because of that, Windia learned to treat monsters as family. Gaelion had many children, and having a Demi-Human among them didn’t hurt. Anyways, Gaelion awkwardly brought up Windia. He learned to treat her with love, but a dragon raising a Demi-Human was still difficult. Melromarc had always had a tradition of Human Absolutism, and Gaelion somehow wanted to give Windia human happiness.

But because of that, one day, Gaelion left Windia in the care of the other monsters, and went on a walk. A person wielding what appeared to be a magic sword, and his companions, appeared. Occasionally, some humans attack Gaelion’s lair in search of his treasure. Though he understood human language, there was no real reason for Gaelion to converse with these thieves. With the cry of a beast, Gaelion attacked those humans. But his opponents were too strong. The Humans had somehow obtained an anti-dragon sword, and every hit from it put Gaelion in great pain. Gaelion realized that his opponent was one of the summoned humans, “The Hero of the Sword.” The fight itself took around 30 minutes. The sword’s properties put Gaelion at a disadvantage, so he wanted to retreat. But in his cave was Windia, and the monsters caring for her. He realized the monsters would probably be fine. They were inhabitants of this mountain, and had the ability to run. But Windia was different. If this cowardly fragment of the Dragon Emperor were to run there, then she would probably confront the Hero and perish. He thought back to what his crime was. It was his very existence. Just by protecting his territory, he attracted greedy humans vying for his treasure. Gaelion felt great resentment. In the last moments of his life, Gaelion stared at the Hero of the Sword’s face. Those weren’t the eyes of one who was prepared to die fighting. He was killing him as if it were simply a job. While Gaelion was fighting with his life on the line, this man was simply doing a job. The irrationality made him think he was going insane. He thought of Windia’s troubled, crying face. Windia’s slightly lonely face when he went out. Windia’s happy face when he returned home. He could no longer see any of them. The Dragon Emperor fragments were immortal. But, when will he revive? There’s no guarantee he will ever see Windia again. If someone were to extract his core and use it, then revival would be impossible. And with those thoughts of anger and despair, Gaelion died.

Luckily, his core was not taken. From within the core of his lifeless body, he quietly waited for his resurrection. He waited, and waited, even when his body started to rot. Gaelion wished, if only someone came by to help take on his soul. But that wish never came true. After the Hero of the Sword killed him, the villagers came to his cave for his treasure. They slaughtered all the monsters there and sold Windia along with the eggs there. Eventually, he stopped thinking entirely, and his core’s instincts took over. He could no longer hear rhyme or reason. His body began moving against his will. Gaelion could no longer perceive the outside world or speak. And all that surrounded him was tainted earth. Windia and the others were most likely dead. When he finally regained his senses, he witnessed a Filo Rial eating his core. As expected of a Filo Rial’s body. Filo was able to contain his power and keep control of her body. It was the end. He no longer cared for reputation or pride. Just one hit was enough. He just wanted to give the Sword Hero some form of retribution. But the one he found was the hero of the Shield. He watched and waited for his opportunity from inside Naofumi’s shield. And when Naofumi conveniently obtained a Dragon’s egg, he tried to shift his conscious to. But he never expected to find Windia alive there. His luck was good.

Gaelion’s new goal in life was to gather the fragments and obtain the strength of the true Dragon Emperor. He wished to become strong. His vessel also wished for this. The waves of calamity was causing the fragments to gather. They were gathering to prepare for a large event. If he won fights against the other fragments, then he could gain more and more of the Emperor’s power. He made a deal with Naofumi that if he assisted him in becoming stronger, then he would grant upon him the knowledge of the Dragon Emperor. Which included forgotten knowledge on how to break the Lv. 100 cap.

Some part of Dragon Emperorer's core was then eaten by Filo and other part was used in Naofumi's Barbarian Armor. The core seems to resonate with Legendary Shield's Curse Series.

Gaelion is a single fragment of that Dragon Emperor, that’s why he can currently exist. Originally, he was going to look for a different retainer, but in that situation so he didn’t have control over his common sense.



  • 「Dragon Sanctuary」:
    A barrier like field is deployed around the area. It is a skill that blocks off the use of teleportation. c194
  • 「Dark Nova」
  • 「Dragon – Breath Seal」
  • 「Aqua Seal」:
    The power transferred from the water to Gaelion, becoming an embodiment of magic. This magic created a magic water membrane. It can be used to weaken the effects of fire attribute magics. It's probably useful when you want to go into fire. For practical uses, it seems like it could be used in place of air-conditioning when it's hot.
  • 「Mega Prominence Nova」



The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc c1-78

Cal Mira Island Arc c78-114

Spirit Turtle Arc c115-130

Slave Supremacy Arc c131-203

The older Gaelion explains his and the young Gaelion's combined existence to Naofumi. While the older Gaelion is in control of the body he says that his and the young Gaelion's minds will merge in the future and that even though he has no control over it happening the owner of the body, the young Gaelion doesn't mind it, but rather he desires it to happen. The older Gaelion explains why they flew away after consuming the dragon's core. He says that because of Naofumi's condensed rage Gaelion was set on an anger fueled quest to seek revenge against Witch which could have ended up with the destruction of the kingdom had it not been stopped so early. He also explains that he is a Fragment of the previous Dragon Emperor, incidentally the weakest. c185

New 7 Deadly Sins c204-357

Towards the Legend Arc c357-378

Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero c379-385

The Valentine of Shield Hero c386-402

The White Day of Shield Hero c403-409

The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc c410-414

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc c415-455

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc c456-574

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc c575-current