Fohl Default
Kanji/Kana フォウル
Rōmaji Fouru
Race Hakuko (White Tiger Demi-human)
Age Unavailable
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black/White
Blood Type

Tai Ran Ga Feon (Grandfather)

Lucia (Mother)

Atlas (Sister)

Aultcray Melromarc XXXII (Uncle)

Mirelia Q Melromarc (Aunt)

Malty Melromarc (Cousin)

Melty Melromarc (Cousin)

Status Alive
Occupation Unavailable
Affiliation The Shield Hero
Epithet 小手の勇者 (Gauntlet Hero)
Weapon Seven Star Gauntlet
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel
Web Novel Chapter 158


Foul is overprotective of his younger sister Atlas and feels that he is the only one with the able to protect her. He refuses to trust others but puts his sister before anything else and would anything for her


Fohl seems to be around 12 years old and appears to be healthy. His hair is black and white and with just a glance, Naofumi could grasp that he was of a higher quality than the other slaves. His ears are thick and roundish for a cat, and his tail has impressive black and white stripes.

While his pupils are blue, a portion of his iris had vertical stripes. The whites of his eyes give off an intimidating look and his savage facial expression spoke of his wild nature.

When he was bought by Naofumi his level was 32, despite his appearance is fairly young for a level 32.

After training with Granny, Fohl has grown somewhat. Fohl is approaching adulthood already, probably around 16 ~ 17 years. His looks are somewhat reminiscent of Trash.


Fohl's beast transform, is that of a splendid white tiger. He seems quite muscular, But this one seems powerful impression.

Naofumi was a little disappointed that he’s not a cub.


His grandfather was amazing. His parents were lost in the war when we were young, but they were also pretty influential. And there were a lot of servants who helped out.

Fohl and Atlas were sold into slavery, because Fohl couldn’t pay for Atlas's medical fees and they were also burdened with debt, since they couldn’t pay, household belongings were distributed, and they were sold into slavery. The debt disappeared when they were presented to Naofumi.


Fohl has high willpower and stats and also fights unarmed. Fohl’s advantage lies in the first blow. Fohl has been fighting long before he met Naofumi. Fohl uses his fist to break down defenses and damage opponents.



Hengen Musou Skills

  • 「Tiger Break」
    Fohl’s chi expands, and he points his arms and fists at his opponent. Every time Fohl’s fist comes into contact with his opponent, Chi pierces through their body. The released energy is in the shape of a tiger. It’s also attacking pressure points. It seems to combine skills to put ignoring defense as its main focus. While it may ignore defense, it can’t scale off of it. And his power flows all the way through and out of his opponent's body, forcing their own chi out. It’s an energy attack, like those in games, that would decrease the opponent’s energy gauge. The lights leave his opponent’s body return to his hand,.recycling the energy. c295
  • 「Tiger Blow」
    "description here" c296
  • 「Tiger Rush」
    Fohl unleashes a barrage of punches. Each and every hit lands on mark, and every time one hits, a strange sound reverberates through the air. A cloud of dust rises. Fohl finishes his attack, and jumps backwards out of the cloud. c296
  • Tiger Rampage

Seven Star Gauntlet Skills

  • 「Erst Rush V」
    "description here" c327
  • 「Instant Rush (エアスト・ラッシュ)」
    "description here"
  • 「Dragonic Inferno Fist (滅竜烈火拳)」
    "description here"


The Rising of the Shield Hero

Slave Supremacy Arc c131-203 Foulu and his sister Atlas were slaves owned by Zeltbull's Slave Merchant. When Naofumi was there he purchased them and in order to make Foulu more obedient and obtain a high class slave for cheap he used the Medicine of Miracles in an attempt to cure Atlas of her hereditary illness. Although he is still reluctant to join Naofumi he and his sister are purchased. c158

New 7 Deadly Sins c204-357

Towards the Legend Arc c357-378

Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero c379-385

The Valentine of Shield Hero c386-402

The White Day of Shield Hero c403-409

The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc c410-414

Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc c415-455

Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc c456-574

Loop 6 - Foburei Arc c575-current




  • Atora
  • Raphtalia: During the New Seven Sin Series incident, when Atlas went to Naofumi’s side, Fohl reluctantly followed her and became his subordinate. Raphatalia encouraged Fohl, and brought him over to her camp. The rebellious Fohl now is this obedient to Raphtalia, he now calls her Aneki, seeing her as an older sister and superior. Even though her real age is lower than his.