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"Allow me to introduce myself..... I am Fitoria, the Queen of the Filorials."

—Fitoria , Volume 4, Chapter 3


Fitoria Default

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Fitoria queen form

Kanji/Kana フィトリア
Rōmaji Fitoria
Race Filolial Queen
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color White
Blood Type
Status Alive
Affiliation Previous Legendary Hero
Shield Hero
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 24
Light Novel Volume 4, Chapter 3
Web Novel Chapter 65

She's far more concerned with the fate of the world. She's also indifferent to the affairs of the denizens of the world. The only people she ever only interacts with are the legendary heroes, she doesn't like to interact with the other denizens of the world since they have disappointed her time and again with their petty squabbles. Her concern for the world is so that she'd take extreme measures such as disposing of the legendary heroes should they be fighting among themselves or let the Guardian Beasts rampage throughout the world and fulfill their mission of gathering souls to close the waves.

She has silver hair with thin streaks of light blue, cut in a short bob with three tufts of hair standing up vertically from the crown of her head, like cowlicks. Her eyes are red and her face is small and well composed. She's dressed in a red and white gothic lolita-style dress. She's about the same height as Filo.


She can transform into human form and various stages of filorial growth at will. She can also change her size to be as large as a building, even as high enough to able to look the spirit tortoise in the eye.

Fitoria was raised by the previous Legendary Hero, she was task by the previous Hero to dispose of the next generation of Legendary Heroes if they can't get along and work together as a team, so the world can summon the next generation of heroes and so the cycle continues.

She mention that there were many fight between the Heroes before Naofumi and the other 3 heroes.

She was also task of protecting the first place the First Legendary Heroes protected.

She approached Naofumi's group and requests a duel with Filo. After the duel, she was satisfied with Filo's ability and chose her as her successor. She also unlocks all of Naofumi's Filolial Shield Series.


Due to Naofumi rasiing a worthy Filolial Queen, she believes that Naofumi can't be a bad person. Through Filo passing the test showed that she could trust Naofumi.