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Firo Default

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Filo Filolial Queen Form

Kanji/Kana フィーロ
Rōmaji Filo
Alias(es) God Bird
Devil bird
Race Filolial Queen
Title Filolial Queen
Gender Female
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Blood Type
Status Alive
Affiliation The Shield Hero
Epithet Divine Bird)
Weapon Karma Dog Claws (main)
Morning Star (sub)
Media Debut
Manga Chapter 8
Light Novel Volume 2, Chapter 3
Web Novel Chapter 24

Filo (ambiguously translated as Firo) is a Filolial purchased alongside Raphtalia during the outset of the story. She develops into a Queen due to her association with the Hero of the shield, and is a staunch ally to the hero, as the possessor of unique class-up effects. She also becomes particularly close to Second Princess Melty.

Filo was originally born from a monster egg which Naofumi purchased from the slave trader, which the trader used as a business front. Originally Filo had the appearance of a small pink Filolial chick ( much like an actual chick) and would sit on top of Naofumi's head when they were on the road,however, Filo grew very rapidly and within a few days was the size of a normal Filolial, this was thanks to Naofumi's monster tamer shield, which he unlocked from some egg shell's his shield had absorbed. Filo also has exceptionally fast legs, so much so in fact that she was able to beat a dragon in a foot race. Filo's growth however was not done at that point as a day later she had grown to exceed the size of a normal Filolial and upon interrogating the slave trader, he found that that she "Filolial Queen". Naofumi, wanting to know more about a Filolial Queen, offered to have the slave trader take care of Filo for a few days, but, shortly after leaving her, he was called back due to a ruckus she had caused. After Naofumi and the slave trader get into an argument, a strange voice was heard from the cage Filo was in, and much to everyone's surprise, Filo transformed herself into a small human girl with blonde hair and reached out for Naofumi.

Filo's personality has varied greatly throughout the story. Filo originally acted like any normal animal, prior to her transformation ability. She ate a lot, showed a great amount of affection toward Naofumi, and even convinced Naofumi to sleep in a stable with her because she was lonely, by pulling on his mantle. After Filo gained the ability to transform her personality became that of a spoiler child, she would refuse orders until she was fed, would throw fits when Naofumi wouldn't sleep in the same bed as her, and would randomly transform when she saw fit. Once Naofumi threatened to sell her (and with a little help from an advanced slave mark) Filo began to behave much more appropriately and since that point Naofumi has very little trouble with Filo, he could even begin to rely on her when a task needed to be completed. Filo since has worked hard to gain Naofumi's approval so that she won't be pushed aside if something should happen to her ( thought it is unlikely Naofumi would really ever do that, but used it as a threat to discipline her).

Filo has also shown to be very caring, she loves Naofumi very much and considers him " her property" and often reminds Raphtalia that she "won't lose to her." She also has shown a lot of affection toward Melty, the second princess and even so went so far as being unable to defeat an enemy because she thought the enemy looked like Melty.

Though intelligent, she is mostly airhead and not a good observant, especially to the things that she has zero interest. She will often daze of when others are talking of thing she has no interest of. Being a bird monster she is attracted to shinny objects, music and loves to sing. Filo also loves to swim.She collects all the shinny objects as her treasure though they really are just trash, she enjoys singing and learns song in every tavern by watching them, before joining them.She also sings lullaby for the new slaves of Rock Valley village, to make them sleep comfortable.

Filo is a bottomless pit for food and has poor table manners as she pigs out anything which contradict her appearance.She eats everything and anything, once she though that her own kind looks delicious and edible. But,she hates alcohol and rucolu fruit.In nature she hates dragons.

Filo is way too talkative. Filo can figure out and say exactly the things people are trying to hide.Her bluntness is mostly due to her naiveness which sometimes deepens the other person's wounds. She is good with magic and quickly learns them and also can judge other's level skill of magic.She can see through lies, this was shown during the party exchange when she revealed to Raphtalia the actions, lies and motives of Itsuki.

Filo is a good judge of character and was able to see through any one, this is shown many times such as, Filo refusing to let Raphtalia have Nafoumi(Knowing Raphtalia's feelings for him), Nafoumi's strange thought, Motoyatsu's intention and also Itsuki's personality.It was this trait of Filo that convinced Nafoumi to trust Melty, as Filo completely trust her.

She’s been reserved as of late, but from the start, she’s been overly intrusive.

Filo's Appearance has changed many times, depending on her form.

Beast/Monster Form- When Filo was born she was a small pink chick, she looked to be about the size of an average chick. After a day, and some leveling, she had grown to the size of a steamed bun. Filo's third appearance change would be that of a small baby ostrich, not large enough to ride on, but definitely larger then the prior 2 forms. Filo would then grow into her second to last beast transformation, which was the size of a normal ostrich, and she was now capable of being ridden it should also be noted that Filo's feather had started to turn into a much lighter shade of pink then prior forms, and were beginning to turn white. Filo's last and most current form is larger then an ostrich and resembles an Owl, her feathers are also almost completely white aside from a small ruffle on her abdomen and some feathers on her wings which still contain pink.

Filo has high basic attack and speed. She can also use ranged magic. Her specialty is crowd clearing. She can’t use pressure points or Hengen Musou, but she can use her natural overflowing power to subjugate her enemies. Looking at just speed, Filo is peerless. Her attacks are extremely quick and heavy. She can also accelerate herself to greater levels with Magic, making her a troublesome opponent. Filo is also big, when trying to dodge, her size is a disadvantage. Her battle experience and actual level are high, and she has gotten an understanding of both magic and Chi. Filo’s singing ability has reached magical levels. Filo’s new-found flight, has many weaknesses. By flying, she sacrifices a few of her abilities, because she uses magic to fly. So flying greatly diminishes her magic supply. What’s more, she can’t put as much power into her feet as when on land, so her kicking power decreases. The power in her beak and claws also decreases. Also, because she has to concentrate on flight, using magic like Quick and Spiral Strike is difficult.

Singing Abilities= Filo has experience singing in bars. Becoming quite famous by word of mouth. Filo’s definitely good at singing. If there’s music playing, she can make words and tunes to complement the song perfectly, and she’s got a nice sense of rhythm. She also likes dancing, and in human form, she’s a bishojo.



  • Iwatani Naofumi (Master)- Filo loves Naofumi very much and even when he made questionable decisions, she stood by him without even a second thought.
  • Kitamura Motoyasu- Filo hates Motoyasu very much, do to him calling her "lame" and " a fat bird".Filo kicks him the crouch every time they meet.After his female companion betrayed Motoyasu, he been trying to seek Filo's love much to the latters trauma of ruining away from him.


  • Raphtalia: Filo sees her as an elder sister, though she preferred being Filo's motherly figur, but lets it be. The idea of being called mother is because Nafoumi was raising Filo and in hopes of positioning herself as the better half of Nafoumi.
  • Melty Melromarc: She is the best friend of Filo. Being the same age group and Melty's interest in Filo deepened their relationship. They care foe each other.
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