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Alternative Names:Edit

  • フォーブレイ (Four Bray)
  • Foburei


Faubley is the world's most powerful country and is reigned over by Trash’s brother who is 13 years his senior. It has had a long tradition of marrying the Four Summoned, the Seven Stars, and their children into their family and because of that, they’re known world-wide as the blood-line of Heroes. Faubley's king is a man who drowns himself in carnal pleasures. When he looks at women, he sees ‘simple toys of pleasure. He is ugly and stupid, but he at has the wisdom needed to keep his own power. Even though he’s rotten, it isn’t by luck that he’s managed to hold the throne for so long in a country plagued by power struggles. Because the legendary heroes are traditionally summoned by the most powerful countries hero summons were supposed to be performed in Faubley however Melromarc monopolized it and created tension with Faubley. After the failed coup d'etat, Witch was married off to the king for the sake of peace. She was proudly welcomed as the 10000th toy, but soon died like all of her 9999 predecessors. The residents of Faubley called Rat's monster research ‘an act that would even scare the gods’ and one of the Seven Star Heroes drove her out.

The legendary heroes are traditionally summoned by the most powerful countries, hero summons are supposed to be performed in Faubley. Whichever country succeeds in summoning them will get a big lead on other countries. However, the four legendary heroes did not respond to the summons. As a result of an investigation, it was found out that a holy relic was required to summon the four legendary heroes, and Melromarc unexpectedly summoned them.


This area’s been made with the knowledge of different worlds. The city scenery grows more and more modern as one progresses. It resembles steampunk. Various car-like things run on steam-based engines.

Faubley has asphalt roads and cars. They were quite old, but there were other vehicles apart from carriages. They were introduced by a past hero.


Faubley has gone through a long period of political upheaval. There is less of a difference in treatment between Demi-Humans and Humans here, than in many other countries.