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Eclair Seaetto
Eclair Default
Kanji/Kana エクレール=セーアエット
Rōmaji Eclair Seaetto
Nickname(s) Female Knight
Race Human
Title Knight
Age Unavailable
Gender Female
Eye Color Unavailable
Hair Color Strawberry-blonde
Blood Type
Family Unavailable
Status Alive
Occupation Knight of Melromarc
Lv. Unavailable
Country Melromarc
Affiliation The Sword Hero

女騎士 (Female Knight)

刀の勇者 (Blade of the Brave)

Hero of the Blade

Weapon katana
Media Debut
Manga Unavailable
Light Novel Volume 6, Chapter 5
Web Novel Chapter 137

Her appearance is that of a standard female knight from a game with blue eyes and strawberry-blond hair. She has a face that could rival Raphtalia’s in beauty, but she looks like she would fit the role of a Wicked Queen perfectly somehow. She is introduced in chapter 137 accompanied by other knights, one of whom is identified as part of the volunteer army that helped Naofumi during the third wave. She was often refereed by Iwatani Naofumi as the Female Knight.

Eclair is one of the few, out of the many of Melromarc, to not discriminate against demi-humans. She would question Naofumi's methods, such as how he extorted from bandits, which became ironic later as she did the same thing,

Eclair also seems to have an innocent side where she believes in Santa and had waited all night just to meet him.

Her appearance is that of a standard female knight from a game with blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair. She has a face that could rival Raphtalia’s in beauty, but she looks like she would fit the role of a Wicked Queen perfectly somehow.



  • Peerless Activity: Eclair builds up essence inside during the instant she attacks or avoids. So to speak, it’s similar to handling protection magic. Rishia excels at maintaining that activity for a long time. If Eclair tries to imitate her, she can probably only hold it for a minute.

Hengen Musou SkillsEdit

  • Multilayer Crumble Attack: A barrage of many defense penetrating attacks.
  • Heat Haze: Eclair becomes a blur while avoiding.

Eclair is the daughter of the person who used to be the lord of Naofumi’s land. Though she was away at the castle for a long time training to be a knight. She never spent much time there, so her memories of the place were vague.

Her father fought on the front lines during the first wave in order to let the people flee, and perished. Before he died, her father told her to, ‘Live nobly without any regrets’. Later, she and many others were stationed in that land, however, adventurers, and a portion of the knights and solders began hunting Demi-Humans. She objected to these people, and was imprisoned for standing up for the Demi-humans who were supposed to be living peacefully on that land. She considered the slave system to be a necessary evil. But, for people who were being devastated by the wave, people who, until that day were citizens they were supposed to protect, what meaning was there for knights to assault them!?

She was accused of having Demi-Human blood, and being a brainwashed follower of the Devil of the Shield. She was told that she was not a suitable individual for knighthood. So when the heroes were summoned and she was being treated as a prisoner, in a jail cell at the castle. Eventually, she was proclaimed innocent by the Queen and released. This was around the time the heroes were at Cal Mira Island.

Female Knight participated on the front lines of some of the fights against the Spirit Turtle.

She was asked to act as a martial arts instructor for the Naofumi's slaves in Rock Valley to prepare for the next wave. Later when Granny was appointed as the Battle Instructor and took some of the residents to the mountains for training, Eclair took a "vacation" to follow her so she can learn the Hengen Musou style under the instructor's tutelage. Being impressed by Eclair's enthusiasm to learn, the instructor taught her the sword basics of the style.

She joined Naofumi, Rishia, Atla and Gaelion on a mission to subdue bandits in the area, but was perplexed by Naofumi's actions in his robbing of the bandits' treasures due to her noble beliefs in justice. Eclair later stopped Naofumi from committing a serious error in killing Amaki Ren, who was afflicted with the Curse Series of Greed and Gluttony and became the bandits' current leader. She then took upon the responsibility to capture Ren herself by using her Hengen Musou techniques she recently learned.

After returning to the village with Ren, Eclair revealed to Naofumi she promised Raphtalia to prevent him from doing something bad while his right-hand ally is away on her training with Granny, to which Naofumi agreed reflectively on the events that happened in his attempted murder on Ren. She later acts as Ren's surveillance guard and trainer during his recuperation and adaption to Rock Valley's residence.

During the rebellion, Ecair joined Ren in protecting the neighbouring village against the brainwashed victims of Justice and the remnants of the Three Heroes Church. However, she became shocked at the Justice zombies' arguments that questioned to positions of humans and demi-slaves that her morale was affected and eventually withdrew herself into Melty's mansion over the course of the incident.

Due to the rebellion affecting her sense of ideals, Eclair believes that the incident taught her to be more realistic and that committing evil for the sake of the people in Rock Valley is just, especially by imitating Naofumi's conducts. This greatly worries Naofumi though as he thinks Eclair is growing in a weird direction that may turn into a tyrant if handled badly, so he leaves it to Ren to help prevent her from going down that path.


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