Abilities appeared in Itsuki's world 25 years ago. Various incidents and calamities occurred, and by researching into the cause, it was discovered that each human possessed various abilities. They’re also called PSI and ESP, I think. First, all the people with powers were each gathered into schools. There was one per prefecture. Though there were some exceptions. Powers are ranked from F to S, and classes are divided based on that rank. Of course, that also depends on the school.

The world didn't contain nothing but power users, there were also zeroes. In fact, there were more Zeroes than ESPers.


If the user set his or her aim, he or she could hit things much easier than normal humans. If needed, the user could also act as a sniper from afar. It has quite a bit of combat capabilities. It’s around the lower end.

100% Hit

The higher level of Accuracy. The users attacks hit no matter what. No matter which direction they were aimed, the attack would come flying right at the opponent. It’s a common ability among baseball players. Of course, it is heavily regulated.

Animal Friends

An ability that attracts animals to you naturally. The user would do fine as a veterinarian.

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